Are Boneyard Bars Worth It?

Rogue Fitness’ boneyard bars have become a popular option for home gyms and CrossFit boxes looking to equip their spaces with high-quality equipment on a budget. But what exactly are boneyard bars, and are they really worth the investment compared to Rogue’s regular barbell offerings?

What Are Boneyard Bars?

Boneyard bars are essentially brand new Rogue barbells that have minor cosmetic defects or blemishes. These bars may have scratch marks, discoloration, or knurling imperfections that prevent Rogue from selling them as first-quality products.

However, the boneyard bars are functionally and structurally identical to Rogue’s regular barbells. According to Rogue, the boneyard bars often test as well as, or better than, many companies’ first-run barbells. The only difference is their appearance.

By selling these cosmetically imperfect barbells at a discounted price, Rogue provides an affordable way for athletes to equip their home gyms and boxes with high-performance Rogue barbells.

Why Are Boneyard Bars Cheaper?

Boneyard bars are generally 20-30% cheaper than Rogue’s first-quality barbells. This discounted pricing reflects only the bars’ minor cosmetic flaws, not their performance.

For example, the Rogue Ohio Bar, one of Rogue’s most popular barbells, retails for $325. The boneyard version of the same bar costs $260 – a savings of $65.

Other Rogue boneyard bars see similar discounts. The boneyard Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar is priced at $325, while the first-quality version is $395 – a $70 difference.

This reduced pricing allows athletes to get a high-end, American-made barbell at a more affordable cost, just because it may have some scratches or discoloration. Rogue stands behind the quality and performance of all their boneyard bars.

Are Boneyard Bars the Same Quality?

According to Rogue, their boneyard bars are guaranteed to perform at the same level as their first-quality counterparts. The company quality-tests all boneyard bars before approving them for sale.

Additionally, Rogue offers the same warranties on boneyard bars as first-quality bars – meaning they stand behind them completely. Most Rogue barbells have lifetime warranties.

The only difference between a boneyard bar and a first-quality bar is the appearance. Rogue promises that all boneyard bars meet their high standards for performance and durability.

Many Rogue athletes and home gym owners rave about the quality of their boneyard bars and say they perform exceptionally well during training. Rogue would not sell any barbells – first-quality or boneyard – that did not live up to their standards.

What Types of Boneyard Bars Does Rogue Offer?

Rogue offers boneyard versions of nearly all their barbell models, including:

  • Rogue Ohio Bar: Rogue’s classic multi-purpose barbell. Available in stainless steel or black zinc finishes.
  • Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar: Designed for deadlifts and heavy pulling with 27MM shaft and aggressive knurling.
  • Rogue Euro Olympic WL Bar: For Olympic weightlifting. Whippy bar with bearings for highly responsive performance.
  • Rogue Bella Bar: 15KG women’s bar with a 25MM shaft and bronze bushings.
  • Rogue Westside Power Bar: Legendary powerlifting bar made famous by Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell. Very stiff bar for heavy squats, bench, and deadlifts.
  • Rogue Axle Bar: 2-inch diameter straight steel axle bar. For strongman training and building grip strength.

Rogue also offers boneyard versions of their specialty barbells like the Rogue Curl Bar, Rogue Multi-Grip Bar, and Rogue Safety Squat Bar. They provide an affordable way to incorporate specialty bars into your home gym.

What Do the Blemishes on Boneyard Bars Look Like?

The cosmetic defects on Rogue’s boneyard bars can vary. Some common issues include:

  • Scratch marks on the shaft
  • Discolored areas due to oxidation
  • Slight blemishes in the finish
  • Imperfections in the knurl pattern
  • Damage to end caps

However, it’s important to note that most boneyard bar imperfections are relatively minor. You likely would not notice them during a workout. The bars may not look brand-new, but their performance will be on par with Rogue’s first-quality bars.

Before purchasing a boneyard bar, be sure to carefully inspect all the photos on the product page so you know exactly what kind of cosmetic damage to expect. Rogue provides detailed pictures of each boneyard barbell for sale.

Are Boneyard Bars Worth It for Home Gyms?

For many home gym owners and athletes, Rogue’s boneyard bars provide an excellent value. Here are some of the key benefits of choosing a boneyard bar:

Cost Savings: You can save $65 to $100+ by opting for a boneyard bar over a first-quality Rogue bar. This adds up quickly when outfitting a full home gym.

High Quality: The boneyard bars are structurally and functionally identical to Rogue’s first-run bars. You still get a top-tier barbell.

Trusted Brand: Rogue is one of the most trusted names in strength equipment. Their boneyard bars are guaranteed to perform flawlessly.

Variety: Rogue offers boneyard versions of all their bar models. You can find a boneyard bar perfectly suited to your training needs.

Easy to Repair: Minor knurl or finish imperfections can be repaired or touched up by Rogue if needed.

However, boneyard bars may not be ideal for anyone wanting a barbell with a pristine, brand-new appearance. While the blemishes do not affect performance, some athletes want their equipment to look perfect.

The Bottom Line on Boneyard Bars

Based on Rogue’s stellar reputation and the rave reviews from boneyard bar owners, these cosmetically imperfect barbells provide tremendous value. They perform just as well as Rogue’s first-quality bars at a more budget-friendly price point.

For anyone equipping a garage gym, CrossFit box, or training space on a budget, Rogue’s boneyard bars should be strongly considered. The moderate cosmetic flaws allow you to get a high-end barbell at a reasonable price. Just be sure to inspect the bar’s imperfections first to ensure you are satisfied with its appearance.

Overall, Rogue’s boneyard bars offer outstanding performance, quality, and durability at an affordable cost for most home gym owners. If you can live with some minor scratches or discoloration, you can equip your training space with an American-made Rogue barbell and save money in the process


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