Can You Clean a Smoke Buddy?

Key Takeaways:

  • Yes, you can clean a Smoke Buddy to help extend its life and effectiveness. The key steps are using a damp paper towel, toothbrush, or pipe cleaner with mild detergent to wipe the inside and outside.
  • The filter cartridge itself is not cleanable or reusable and needs replacement when it stops working properly.
  • Regular cleaning helps remove smells and residue to keep the Smoke Buddy working optimally before replacing the filter.
  • Use only water, mild detergent, and paper towels/soft brushes. Avoid alcohol or harsh cleaners that could damage the plastic.
  • Proper maintenance and filter replacement are key for the Smoke Buddy to effectively neutralize and filter smoke and odors.


The Smoke Buddy is a popular personal air filter device used to help minimize smoke and odors from activities like smoking tobacco, cannabis, or vaping. Small and portable, this handy gadget works by having the user exhale into it, then passing the smoke through an activated carbon filter that removes many of the particles and smells. However, with repeated use, residue can build up both inside and outside the Smoke Buddy which can impact its effectiveness. Cleaning it regularly can help extend the usable lifespan before needing to replace the filter cartridge.

This comprehensive guide will analyze the best practices for properly cleaning and maintaining a Smoke Buddy. Covered in detail are the recommended cleaning materials and methods, steps to clean the interior and exterior, and key considerations to keep in mind regarding the filter and product care. Proper maintenance is essential for optimizing the Smoke Buddy’s ability to discreetly filter smoke, so the information provided here is designed to help users get the most out of their purchase. Read on to learn how to easily clean your Smoke Buddy and keep it working like new.

Step-By-Step Guide: How to Clean a Smoke Buddy

What items do you need to clean a Smoke Buddy?

To clean and maintain a Smoke Buddy personal air filter, you will want to have the following recommended supplies on hand:

  • Paper towels or soft cleaning cloths: For wiping and drying the interior and exterior. Paper towels work well for absorbency.
  • Toothbrush, pipe cleaner, or other small soft-bristle brush: For scrubbing inside the unit and mesh screen area. Must be gentle and non-abrasive.
  • Mild detergent or soap: Such as dish soap or hand soap, diluted in the water. Do not use harsh chemical cleaners.
  • Warm water: Tap water is fine. The warmth helps dissolve and wash away residue.
  • Dry towel or cloth: For a final wipe down to remove moisture.

Step 1: Cleaning the Interior

The first step is cleaning the inside of the Smoke Buddy. This is where residue from smoke/vapor buildup will accumulate over time and need removal.

Start by dampening a paper towel, soft cloth, or toothbrush with warm water mixed with a small amount of mild detergent or soap. Gently scrub and wipe down the interior surfaces, mesh screen, and other areas smoke passes through.

Be thorough, but take care not to apply excess pressure or scrubbing that could damage the plastic components. The warm soapy water will help cut through and dissolve sticky buildup.

Use dry paper towels to wipe up any excess moisture once the interior has been cleaned. Check that no lint or residue is left behind.

Step 2: Cleaning the Exterior

Next, use a fresh damp paper towel to wipe down the outer plastic shell of the Smoke Buddy. This will remove any smoke film or odors that have accumulated on the surface from handling and use.

Pay attention to crevices, the mouthpiece, and any areas where grime tends to collect. Wipe the entire outer housing until all visible dirt and residue have been removed.

Follow up with a dry paper towel or cloth to soak up any remaining moisture on the housing. Ensuring the exterior is clean keeps smells from lingering on the unit.

Step 3: Allow to Air Dry

After fully cleaning both the interior and exterior, leave the Smoke Buddy disassembled and allow adequate time for it to completely air dry before reassembling and using.

Do not re-insert the filter cartridge until the inside is fully dry, as moisture can damage the filter material. Drying time depends on humidity levels but should be at least a couple hours.

Once totally dry, the Smoke Buddy can be reassembled and will be fresh, residue-free, and ready for reliable smoke filtering.

Step 4: Replace Filter When Needed

It is important to note that the filter cartridge itself is not cleanable, as the activated carbon material inside is not reusable once saturated.

The filter should be replaced whenever it is no longer effectively neutralizing smoke/odors after a cleaning, typically every 3-6 months with regular use. Replacing a spent filter is necessary for the Smoke Buddy to continue working properly.

Cleaning Frequency

For optimal performance, the Smoke Buddy should be cleaned approximately once per month or whenever performance seems decreased. More frequent cleaning may be needed with heavy usage.

Regular cleaning coupled with proper filter replacement when required will provide the best smoke filtering and keep the Smoke Buddy working like new.

What Not to Do When Cleaning

There are a few important guidelines to avoid when cleaning and maintaining your Smoke Buddy:

  • Do not immerse in water or use running water to clean, as moisture damage can occur.
  • Avoid using rubbing alcohol, chemical cleaners, bleach, or abrasive brushes. Harsh products could degrade the plastic.
  • Do not try to scrub or clean the disposable filter cartridge itself. The activated carbon inside is not reusable.
  • Do not operate the Smoke Buddy if still wet inside after cleaning. Always allow adequate drying time.

By following the proper cleaning methods using mild soap and water with soft brushes, your Smoke Buddy can last for many months of optimal performance.

FAQs About Cleaning a Smoke Buddy

How do I clean Smoke Buddy residue or buildup?

Use a damp paper towel, soft cloth, or small toothbrush with warm water and mild detergent to gently wipe away any residue or buildup inside the Smoke Buddy. Thorough cleaning removes stuck-on gunk and improves airflow.

Why does my Smoke Buddy smell bad?

Unpleasant smells coming from your Smoke Buddy are a sign that a cleaning is due. Smoke, vapor, and odor residues accumulating over time can make smells linger. A good cleaning or replacing the filter removes bad Smoke Buddy odors.

How do I get smoke smell out of my Smoke Buddy?

To remove smoke odors from a Smoke Buddy, carefully clean the interior with a slightly soapy paper towel or soft-bristle brush. Wipe all surfaces to eliminate smoke film and residues that hold smells. A thorough cleaning leaves it smelling fresh.

How do you clean a Smoke Buddy Gold?

The Gold model can be cleaned the same way as the original Smoke Buddy. Use a damp paper towel and mild detergent to wipe out the interior and exterior plastic shell. Allow to fully dry before replacing the filter and using again.

Can I wash Smoke Buddy parts in the sink?

No, you should not place any Smoke Buddy pieces or the whole unit under running water or in a sink. The moisture can damage the plastic casing and filter. Instead, use a damp towel with soap to spot clean.

How long does a Smoke Buddy filter last?

With regular cleaning, the replaceable Smoke Buddy filter typically lasts 3-6 months before needing replacement, depending on frequency of use. If smoke/odors are no longer being effectively neutralized, the filter needs changing.

Where can I buy replacement Smoke Buddy filters?

Replacement filter cartridges can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website Amazon and some local smoke shops also carry replacement Smoke Buddy filters.

Will rubbing alcohol damage my Smoke Buddy?

Yes, alcohol and chemical-based cleaners could degrade or crack the Smoke Buddy’s plastic housing. Stick to mild soap and water with soft paper towels or brushes for safe, effective cleaning.


Regular cleaning and maintenance are simple but essential steps to keep a Smoke Buddy personal air filter working properly for smooth, discreet smoke filtering. While the filter itself is disposable and not cleanable, the plastic housing should be cleaned periodically to remove residue buildup and neutralize odors that develop over time and use.

By using the recommended cleaning materials of soft cloths, warm soapy water, and gentle scrub brushes, the interior and exterior can be wiped down to maintain performance and extend the product’s lifespan. Avoid soaking the unit and enable adequate drying time. With the proper care, a Smoke Buddy can provide reliable discreet filtering for many months before filter replacement is required.


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