Can’t Find Kirk Remmer? Here’s What You Need To Know

Kirk Remmer is an elusive character in the 2017 video game Prey. Many players have struggled to locate him due to a notorious glitch that prevents him from spawning properly. If you’re wondering where to find Kirk Remmer or how to fix this pesky issue, you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive guide will provide everything you need to know about tracking down Kirk Remmer in Prey.

An Introduction to Kirk Remmer and the Prey Game

Kirk Remmer is a human character aboard the Talos I space station in Prey. He works as a technician in the Life Support department. Players can find audio logs left behind by Kirk that provide insights into his personality and the events transpiring on Talos I.

Prey is a first-person action-adventure game developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It takes place in an alternate timeline in the year 2032 aboard the Talos I space station. As Morgan Yu, the protagonist, players must battle an outbreak of hostile aliens called the Typhon while uncovering the station’s secrets.

From the start, locating Kirk Remmer proves troublesome for many Prey gamers. Even seasoned players struggle to pinpoint his location due to a glitch that prevents Kirk from appearing altogether. This guide will explore all known methods and workarounds to track down the elusive Kirk Remmer.

The Kirk Remmer Glitch Explained

A notorious glitch in Prey causes Kirk Remmer to not spawn on the Talos I station. As a result, players cannot interact with or locate Kirk during gameplay. This glitch only affects the PC version of Prey and appears tied to specific hardware configurations.

On consoles like PS4 and Xbox One, Kirk Remmer should spawn without issues. But on PC, the glitch prevents the game from properly loading Kirk’s character model. Players can still find his phantom remains and hear his audio logs, but Kirk himself remains invisible and undetectable.

Several factors likely contribute to the Kirk Remmer glitch:

  • Outdated drivers – Old graphics card drivers seem linked to the glitch. Updating to the latest drivers may allow Kirk to spawn.
  • Hardware compatibility – Certain PC configurations have more difficulty running Prey, increasing odds of glitches. Newer rigs fare better.
  • Game file corruption – If game files become corrupted, assets like Kirk may fail to load properly. Verifying game file integrity can help.

While frustrating, this glitch only affects a side-mission involving Kirk Remmer. It does not break Prey’s main quest. Still, completing Kirk’s errand provides handy rewards, so players understandably want to find him!

Potential Spawn Locations for Kirk Remmer

When Kirk Remmer spawns properly in Prey, he can appear in two locations:

1. Escape Pod Bay

This is the most common place players report finding Kirk Remmer’s remains. In the Escape Pod Bay region of Life Support, Kirk’s phantom corpse may appear inside a small maintenance room along the wall.

Interacting with the remains provides the objective to locate Kirk’s hidden weapon cache. This sparks the side-mission involving Kirk, though he himself still does not appear.

2. Cargo Bay

Some players claim Kirk can be found alive in a corridor near the Cargo Bay in the Life Support section. However, this occurs very rarely, likely only when the glitch fails to trigger.

In this location, Kirk walks along a hallway overlooking the Cargo Bay area. Speaking to him here will also start his side-mission. But again, the glitch typically prevents Kirk from spawning in this location.

So while Kirk can spawn in either the Escape Pod Bay or Cargo Bay, the glitch will usually stop him from appearing at all. Next, we’ll cover methods players have used to work around this issue.

Potential Fixes and Workarounds for the Kirk Remmer Glitch

Despite much trial and error, no guaranteed fix exists for the Kirk Remmer glitch. However, some players have managed to sporadically get Kirk to spawn using the following methods:

Update Graphics Drivers

As mentioned earlier, outdated GPU drivers seem connected to the Kirk Remmer glitch. Updating to the newest graphics drivers can potentially resolve the issue and cause Kirk to appear.

NVIDIA and AMD regularly release optimized Prey drivers. Check their websites for the latest driver versions for your graphics card.

Adjust Graphics Settings

Tinkering with in-game graphic options may also help spawn Kirk. Try lowering quality settings to reduce hardware strain. Enabling V-sync reportedly helps some users. Experiment to see if any changes allow Kirk to appear.

Verify Game File Integrity

Using Steam’s ‘Verify Integrity of Game Files’ option checks Prey’s files and redownloads any corrupted data. This can fix glitched assets like Kirk Remmer. Right click Prey in your Steam library and select Properties > Local Files > Verify.

Start New Game Save

For some players, Kirk only spawns properly in a brand new game save. If you’ve already progressed far into Prey, creating a fresh save file can potentially fix Kirk related issues.

Use Console Commands (PC Only)

On PC, the console in Prey allows spawning characters through command codes. Inputting ResetKirkRemmer may force Kirk’s model to load. Other codes like Map TalosI Lobby also teleport you to Kirk’s general location.

Note: Using console commands can disable achievements. But if you just want to find Kirk, it may be worth it.

Install Mods (PC Only)

PC mods exist that claim to fix the Kirk Remmer glitch. These mods tweak game files to adjust spawn mechanics. Look for mods like ‘Kirk Remmer Spawn Fix’ on sites like NexusMods. Proceed with caution, as mods can cause other issues.

Wait for Patch

Unfortunately, no official fix for the Kirk Remmer glitch exists yet. However, the developers at Arkane Studios are likely aware of the issue. Patience may be required until an eventual patch solves the problem.

What to Do If Kirk Remmer Won’t Spawn

Exhausting the methods above should spawn Kirk Remmer in most cases. But if he still fails to appear, all hope is not lost! Here are steps to take if the glitch simply cannot be resolved:

  • Abort mission – If Kirk won’t spawn, his side-mission becomes incompletable. Feel free to abandon it and continue Prey’s main story.
  • Grab his Audio Logs – While you can’t find Kirk directly, you can still collect his audio logs scattered around Talos I. These provide backstory details.
  • Get rewards elsewhere – Kirk’s mission rewards are handy but not essential. You can find Neuromods, weapons, and ammo through other means.
  • Watch playthroughs – Search YouTube for videos of Kirk’s mission to see how it plays out. You’ll at least experience it vicariously.
  • Share glitch details – Posting about your glitch experience on forums helps developers pinpoint the issue. Share hardware details like GPU, OS, drivers etc.
  • Try again later – Kirk may spawn properly in a future playthrough. Don’t let the glitch ruin Prey, just carry on and try locating Kirk again later!

While having Kirk Remmer glitch out is frustrating, don’t let it spoil the incredible experience Prey offers overall. With luck and patience, Kirk should eventually flicker into existence. Just keep on enjoying Prey until a real fix brings the rogue technician out of hiding!

Frequently Asked Questions About Kirk Remmer

Who is Kirk Remmer in Prey?

Kirk Remmer is a human technician aboard the Talos I space station. He works in the Life Support division but has gone mysteriously missing when the player arrives.

Why can’t I find Kirk Remmer?

A known glitch prevents Kirk Remmer from spawning for many PC players. On console versions, he should appear normally.

Where is Kirk Remmer located in Prey?

When not glitched, Kirk can spawn in the Escape Pod Bay or Cargo Bay sections of Life Support on Talos I. But the glitch usually stops him from appearing.

How do I fix the Kirk Remmer glitch?

No guaranteed fix exists yet, but updating drivers, verifying game files, tweaking settings, and using mods may help Kirk spawn for some users.

Can I complete Kirk Remmer’s mission if he won’t spawn?

Unfortunately no. His side-mission cannot be progressed if Kirk himself fails to appear in the game.

Is Kirk Remmer required to beat Prey?

No, Kirk is tied to an optional side-mission. Glitching him does not prevent completing Prey’s main story.

What rewards do you get from Kirk Remmer?

Completing Kirk’s errand nets you useful items like Neuromods, exotic materials, and the Q-Beam weapon. But these are not essential for finishing Prey.

So in summary, Kirk Remmer is an elusive NPC in Prey who has a pesky habit of not spawning due to a glitch. While his rewards are nice, skipping his mission won’t ruin the overall experience of this fantastic game. With some luck and workarounds, Kirk may still appear – but if not, just focus on enjoying everything else Prey has to offer!


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