Does Burger King Have Onion Rings?

Key Takeaways:

  • Onion rings are available at most Burger King locations.
  • They can be ordered as a side dish or as part of a combo meal.
  • Burger King onion rings are made from real onions, coated in a light crispy batter.
  • New menu items like the Fries n’ Rings combo make it easy to get onion rings.
  • Onion rings have been on the Burger King menu for decades as a popular side option.


Have you ever had a craving for crunchy, delicious onion rings? If so, you may be wondering if you can get this tasty side dish at Burger King restaurants. Onion rings are a classic accompaniment to burgers and other fast food items. With their crispy battered coating and savory onion flavor, onion rings make a great addition to any meal. Read on to find out if Burger King, one of America’s most popular fast food chains, offers this beloved appetizer on their menu!

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of onion rings at Burger King. It will evaluate if they are readily available at most locations, how onion rings can be ordered, key details about how they are prepared, and information on new menu offerings featuring this item. Understanding Burger King’s options for onion rings can help you satisfy your craving during your next visit. Discover everything you need to know about getting these batter-fried treats from the home of the Whopper!

Onion rings are a fan favorite side dish for good reason. Their satisfying crunch and bold, aromatic flavor make them hard to resist. Finding out if you can enjoy onion rings along with your customary burger and fries at a fast food chain like Burger King is valuable insight when you’re looking to indulge. This article will explore this topic in detail, providing useful facts so you know what to expect regarding onion rings from Burger King. Let’s get started!

Does Burger King have onion rings??

Yes, Burger King does offer onion rings! This tasty appetizer has been a staple on their menu for years. Onion rings can be found at most Burger King locations, making it easy to get your fix with your meal.

At Burger King, real onion slices are coated in a crisp, golden batter before being deep-fried to perfection. Each onion ring has a satisfying crunch on the outside while the onion inside remains tender and flavorful. Burger King’s onion rings are the ideal balance of textures!

Onion rings have remained a popular menu item at Burger King for decades, showing just how much guests love this classic side. Though options may vary by location, finding onion rings at a Burger King is easy in most cases.

In what sizes and styles can you get onion rings from Burger King?

Burger King offers onion rings in a few different sizes and portions to suit your tastes. Here are some of the common ways you can order onion rings:

  • Small onion ring side: A small serving of several onion rings. Great for adding a little crunch to your meal.
  • Medium onion ring side: A more generous portion of crispy onion rings if you want more than just a taste.
  • Large onion ring side: The biggest standalone side of onion rings on the menu. Perfect for serious onion ring fans!
  • Onion ring snacks: Available in some regions, these are mini onion ring bites sized for snacking.
  • Combo meals: Some combo meals like the Fries n’ Rings include onion rings.

So whether you want a little or a lot, you can get onion rings in portions both big and small at Burger King. Their side dishes offer the most flexibility and value.

How can you order onion rings from Burger King?

Ordering Burger King’s tasty onion rings is easy! Here are some of the ways you can get them with your meal:

  • Order them as a side: Simply request either a small, medium or large onion ring side with your order. This is the most direct way to substitute onion rings in place of french fries.
  • Add to a combo meal: Select a combo that comes with onion rings instead of fries, like the Fries n’ Rings pairing.
  • Make them part of your custom meal: Build your perfect meal and add onion rings as one of your sides.
  • Order just the rings: You can also purchase just an order of onion rings if you want them on their own.

With all of these options, getting your fix of Burger King’s crispy onion rings is super convenient. Just ask for them when placing your order!

What specials feature Burger King onion rings?

To make their onion rings even more enticing, Burger King occasionally offers special promotional items or discounts featuring this side dish:

  • Limited time combos: For example, the Fries n’ Rings combo available at select locations allows you to get both onion rings and french fries together.
  • Discounted sides: Sometimes onion ring side dishes are discounted to provide extra incentive to order.
  • Coupons: Coupons for free or discounted onion rings may be available through the app or promotions.
  • Regional specials: In some areas, unique onion ring sandwiches and other specials may appear.

So in addition to their regular onion ring offerings, be on the lookout for these seasonal onion ring deals and dishes too!

What are the Fries n’ Rings at Burger King?

One of the best new ways to enjoy Burger King onion rings is with the Fries n’ Rings combo. This pairing, available for a limited time at participating locations, lets you order both fresh french fries and crispy onion rings together.

The Fries n’ Rings combo offers the best of both worlds in one convenient basket. You get a medium side of Burger King’s famous french fries along with a small order of their hand-breaded onion rings. With this meal deal, you don’t have to choose between fries or rings – you can have both!

For anyone who can’t decide between their two favorite sides, the Fries n’ Rings combo is the perfect solution. It allows you to enjoy Burger King’s signature fries and their tasty onion rings all in one order. Plus, it is offered at a great value price.

So next time you are craving these classic side dishes, try the Fries n’ Rings pairing and enjoy double the satisfaction! It is currently available at participating Burger King locations across the United States.

How are Burger King’s onion rings prepared?

To achieve their signature taste and texture, Burger King onion rings go through a careful cooking process:

  • Slicing whole onions – Vidalia or other sweet onions are sliced into thick rounds to make each ring.
  • Batter dip – The raw onion slices are dipped into a light, seasoned batter. The batter helps seal in moisture and adds crispy texture.
  • Breadcrumb coating – After batter, onion rings are coated with breadcrumbs for extra crispiness and crunch.
  • Deep frying – Burger King onion rings are fried in hot oil at the perfect temperature to cook and brown them.
  • Seasoning – Out of the fryer, they are sprinkled with a dash of salt for an extra pop of flavor.

So each onion ring gets carefully prepared for a delicate, crispy coating surrounding a sweet, tender onion center. This process results in the irresistible Burger King onion rings fans love!

Why are onion rings a popular appetizer and side dish?

There are many reasons why onion rings are a beloved menu item at restaurants and fast food chains like Burger King:

  • Satisfying crunch – The crispy, crunchy batter coating gives onion rings a very appealing texture.
  • Savory, sweet flavor – Onions have a delicious taste that is enhanced by frying. The sweetness contrasts with the saltiness of the batter.
  • Fun, shareable snack – Onion rings are tasty finger food that make a great snack or appetizer to share with friends.
  • Nostalgic factor – They remind many people of fun times at restaurants, fairs, or fast food joints growing up.
  • Pair well with burgers – The savory flavor and crispiness complements burgers and sandwiches for a tasty combo.

So with their crave-worthy crunch, flavor, and nostalgia, it’s easy to see why onion rings have been a menu staple for decades, including at Burger King.

How long has Burger King been serving onion rings?

Burger King onion rings have been around for quite a while! Onion rings first appeared on Burger King menus back in the late 1970s. They quickly became a popular side dish option next to french fries.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Fun Meal kids packages at Burger King would often include options featuring onion rings. Their longevity on the menu shows that Burger King guests have been enjoying these tasty oniony treats for over 40 years!

Though the preparation and promotion of onion rings has evolved over time, their availability at Burger King has remained steady due to popular demand. So super fans have been able to get their fix of Burger King onion rings for decades. Next time you grab a burger, continue this longstanding tradition by ordering some crispy onion rings on the side!

How do Burger King’s onion rings compare to other major fast food chains?

Burger King’s onion rings stack up nicely against other top fast food destinations for this side dish:

  • McDonalds – Their onion rings have a poofy, breaded coating that lacks crunch. Burger King’s batter coating is more crispy.
  • Wendy’s – Wendy’s features thick-cut onion rings, but they often have soggy spots with less consistent crispiness throughout.
  • Sonic Drive-In – Sonic’s onion rings come in big beer-batter portions, but the batter texture leans oily. Burger King onion rings are lighter.
  • Arby’s – Arby’s has curly fry-shaped fried onion pieces rather than actual onion rings.

So when it comes to the ideal balance of crispy, crunchy batter and tender, flavorful onion, Burger King is tough to beat in terms of fast food onion ring excellence!

Do Burger King onion rings have any nutritional benefits?

While onion rings should still be enjoyed in moderation as an indulgent treat, the onions in Burger King onion rings do provide some nutritional value:

  • Vitamin C – Onions contain good amounts of immune-boosting vitamin C. A small onion ring order provides 5-10% of your daily vitamin C needs.
  • Fiber – A serving of several onion rings offers around 2-3 grams of fiber for digestive health.
  • Anti-inflammatory compounds – Onions contain antioxidants like quercetin that may help reduce inflammation in the body.

Additionally, onion rings provide small amounts of beneficial minerals like manganese, copper, and iron. So don’t feel too guilty satisfying your onion ring craving at Burger King! Just be mindful of portion sizes and indulge in moderation as part of an overall healthy diet.


For onion ring lovers, Burger King is definitely a great place to get your fix! Crispy battered onion rings have been a staple on their menu for decades. You can order them as a side, in combo meals, or even enjoy new limited-time specials like their Fries n’ Rings pairing. Though preparation methods have evolved, Burger King’s commitment to providing the ideal balance of crunchy batter and sweet, savory onion in their rings has stayed consistent. So next time you are at Burger King, feel free to indulge in a satisfying serving of their classic onion rings! Pair them with your juicy Whopper or chicken sandwich for the perfect crunch and flavor combo.


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