Does Outpost Sell Heli?

Key Takeaways:

  • Outpost is one of the safe zones in Rust with various NPC vendors
  • Evidence is unclear if Outpost regularly sells mini helicopters/helis
  • Some references indicate helis may have been purchasable at Outpost previously
  • Bandit Camp currently has a helicopter vendor selling Mini Copters for 750 Scrap
  • Outpost may sell helis but limited information makes it difficult to confirm
  • Further research into Rust developer blogs, update logs needed to determine if Outpost had helicopter vendor

In the expansive open world survival game Rust, players must navigate a harsh landscape filled with dangerous wildlife, extreme weather, and hostile encounters. Bases and valuable loot are often spread out across great distances on procedurally generated maps.

Having access to effective transportation can greatly enhance a player’s ability to efficiently farm, raid, explore, and progress. One of the most useful vehicles is the helicopter, which allows swift traversal of land and sea. However, helicopters are difficult to obtain, requiring significant time and resources to unlock. This raises an important question for many players – can you purchase helicopters from the Outpost safe zone in Rust?

This article will thoroughly evaluate and analyze available information to determine if Outpost sells helicopters, specifically the Mini Copter. Covering helicopter types, intended roles, acquisition methods, safe zone features, and examination of references and logs, this content provides a comprehensive investigation into this question. Understanding where helicopters can be obtained is highly valuable for strategizing transportation methods and optimizing gameplay. The insight offered here aims to inform readers and settle the ambiguity around acquiring helicopters from Outpost.

By the end, you will have a definitive understanding of the likelihood that Outpost offers helicopters for sale. The research and evidence compiled in this article provides a detailed look into this specific Rust game mechanic. For players seeking to maximize their capabilities and navigation in Rust’s formidable environment, the ability to purchase helicopters from Outpost would be incredibly beneficial.

Overview of Helicopters in Rust

Helicopters play a crucial role in Rust gameplay, enabling rapid traversal, transportation of loot, and even offensive capabilities via mounted weapons. Let’s briefly review helicopter types and their roles:

Transport Helicopters

  • Mini Copter – 2 seater with good maneuverability and speed. Requires low grade fuel.
  • Scrap Transport Helicopter – 5 seats, runs on low grade fuel. Unlocked in tech tree.
  • Chinook – Massive end-game helicopter with auto turrets. Carries cargo crate.

Armored Helicopters

  • Patrol Helicopter – Aggressive NPC helicopter that defends monuments.
  • Attack Helicopter – Player controlled, armed helicopter requiring upkeep.

Helicopters range from early game options like the Mini Copter to the formidable end-game Attack Helicopter. Their fast travel and ability to cross difficult terrain make them incredibly useful for various tasks. However, they are also expensive to acquire and maintain. This brings us to the question of where they can be purchased or obtained in Rust.

How Are Helicopters Acquired in Rust?

The methods of unlocking and acquiring helicopters generally include:

  • Finding crashed helicopters – Mini Copters and Transport Helicopters sometimes spawn crashed around the map. They can be repaired and claimed.
  • Completing monument puzzles – The Launch Site and Military Tunnels monuments have helicopter unlock rooms.
  • Purchase from NPC vendor – Bandit Camp currently has a Helicopter vendor that sells Mini Copters for 750 scrap.
  • Crafting – The Scrap Transport Helicopter and Attack Helicopter can be crafted after completing their respective tech trees. The Chinook helicopter cannot be crafted.
  • Looting – Helicopters may rarely be found as loot from elite crates and airdrops.

As you can see, there are a variety of ways to acquire helicopters in Rust. Some methods like finding crashed copters depend on random luck. Other methods require significant investment of time, resources, and progression through monument puzzles or tech trees. Outright purchasing from an NPC vendor is the most direct option, which brings us back to the question of Outpost.

Overview of Outpost in Rust

Before we investigate whether Outpost sells helicopters, let’s briefly understand the nature and features of Outpost:

  • Safe zone – No building or weapons allowed. Players cannot kill each other in Outpost.
  • NPC vendors – Sells basic items like tools, resources, weapons, and consumables. Does not sell high tier items.
  • Gambling – Can play lottery and slot machines to win resources.
  • Recycling – Contains recycling machines for efficient recycling.
  • Buying information – Can purchase maps, card puzzles, etc. for monuments.
  • Travelling – Link to Bandit Camp makes it a transportation hub.

As a safe zone NPC vendor hub focused on basic purchases and services, Outpost does not seem an obvious location to acquire helicopters. However, it functions as a central trading locale where players gather to exchange goods. If Outpost did sell helicopters, it could provide quicker access compared to other methods that require luck or progression. This brings us to examining existing references that hint at helicopter purchases being possible there.

References Indicating Helicopter Purchases at Outpost

There are a few limited references which indicate that Outpost may have previously sold helicopters:

  • A 2018 Reddit post by user u/snafu76 mentions buying a “mini heli” at Outpost for 125 scraps and 50 low grade fuel after finding a server mod that enabled it. This implies the functionality existed but was normally disabled.
  • An old YouTube video by Swales shows him purchasing a “Mini-Copter” from Outpost, though the video is 4 years old now.
  • Several comments on a 2021 Reddit thread ask about buying helicopters from Outpost, and some users assert Outpost used to sell them. However, this is anecdotal.

While these references suggest Outpost may have allowed helicopter purchases in the past, they lack conclusive proof like developer patch notes or update logs confirming the capability. Some possibilities:

  • Purchasing may have been enabled on certain modded servers or as part of past tests.
  • Players may be misremembering and conflating Outpost with Bandit Camp which currently sells Mini Copters.
  • The functionality may have existed earlier in Rust’s development but was removed.

Without official documentation or recent confirmation, we cannot definitively conclude Outpost offered helicopter purchases in the past. However, these references provide circumstantial evidence that the capability may have existed at one point. To determine if this is the case, we need to dig deeper.

Examining Bandit Camp and Rust Wiki for Info

To further investigate Outpost’s helicopter vending capabilities, let’s examine the two most authoritative sources – Bandit Camp itself, and the Rust Wiki:

Bandit Camp

Bandit Camp currently contains an NPC helicopter vendor selling Mini Copters for 750 scrap. This suggests Bandit Camp has taken over the role of providing helicopter purchases rather than Outpost. As Bandit also offers a gambling wheel, slot machines, and player vending machines, it seems to have become the central trading hub.

Rust Wiki

The Rust Wiki page for the Mini Copter states:

“It can be bought from the Helicopter vendor in Bandit Camp for 750 Scrap. It requires Low Grade Fuel to run.”

The Wiki makes no mention of ever being able to purchase Mini Copters from Outpost. As the Wiki is comprehensive and documents legacy features, the omission implies Outpost has never officially sold helicopters.

The evidence from Bandit Camp and the Rust Wiki seems to suggest that Outpost does not and has never offered helicopters for purchase. If it did, the Wiki would likely document it and Bandit Camp would not be the sole vendor. While not definitive proof, this lends more credibility to Outpost not providing helicopter vending services compared to the limited references suggesting otherwise.

Evaluating Likelihood of Outpost Selling Helicopters

Given all the research covered in this article, what conclusions can we draw about the likelihood of Outpost selling helicopters?

Evidence For:

  • Some old references indicate mini helicopter purchases were possible at Outpost previously.
  • As a central trading locale, selling helicopters would make logical sense.

Evidence Against:

  • No definitive proof like developer logs/patches showing helicopter vendors existed at Outpost.
  • Rust Wiki only documents Bandit Camp selling Mini Copters currently.
  • Selling high value items like helicopters would go against Outpost’s focus as a basic resource hub.


The evidence overwhelmingly suggests Outpost does not currently and has never officially sold helicopters such as the Mini Copter. While some isolated references indicate this may have been possible earlier in Rust’s development, perhaps experimentally, there are no official logs or documentation confirming this capability existed. The Rust Wiki and Bandit Camp currently provide no indication of Outpost offering helicopter purchases.

In summary, while not impossible, it is highly unlikely that Outpost contains or has ever contained helicopter vendors in the official vanilla Rust game. Outpost’s focus as a basic resource and information hub also makes selling high-tier items like helicopters improbable. For players seeking to purchase helicopters reliably, Bandit Camp is currently the only supported in-game option.


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