Why Erkenci Kus Cancelled?

Key Takeaways:

  • Erkenci Kus was a popular Turkish romantic comedy series that ran for 2 seasons before being cancelled.
  • The exact reason for the cancellation is unclear, but low ratings and an elongated storyline likely contributed.
  • Rumors of behind-the-scenes tension between the lead actors may have also played a role.
  • The cancellation disappointed many fans who wanted more seasons with the beloved characters.
  • While disappointing, the cancellation after 2 seasons provided closure unlike sudden cancellations after only 1 season.


Erkenci Kus, also known as Early Bird or Daydreamer, was a Turkish romantic comedy series that aired from 2018-2019. The show became hugely popular not just in Turkey but internationally, gaining a devoted fanbase drawn to its lighthearted story and charismatic lead actors. However, despite its popularity, Erkenci Kus was cancelled after its second season, leaving many fans disappointed and wanting more. The exact reasons behind the cancellation remain unclear, though there is speculation about declining ratings, a drawn-out storyline, and rumored behind-the-scenes tension.

This article will provide a comprehensive evaluation of the possible factors that led to Erkenci Kus’ cancellation. It will analyze issues with ratings, the creative direction of the storyline, dynamics between the lead actors, and the overall rationale behind the decision to end the show prematurely. By exploring the various nuances at play, this article will help shed light on why this beloved romantic comedy unfortunately could not continue past two seasons. Gaining this understanding can provide closure for fans who hoped to see more of the story and characters.

The depth of analysis will showcase the multiple considerations that factor into determining a TV show’s future. Beyond just ratings, elements like plot direction, cast relations, fan perceptions, and market dynamics can influence whether a show continues or gets cancelled. For devoted fans of Erkenci Kus, this exploration will help explain an outcome they may have found disappointing or confusing. The comprehensiveness of the article will thoroughly cover the key points and potential issues at play to resolve lingering questions about the cancellation.

Declining Ratings For Second Season

The first major factor that likely contributed to Erkenci Kus’ cancellation was a decline in viewership ratings during its second season. The first season scored huge ratings when it aired in Turkey, averaging around 20 points. However, ratings dropped almost 20% for the second season, averaging only 15 points. This significant decline signaled diminishing audience interest that put the show’s future in jeopardy.

What explains the ratings drop-off between seasons? Some argue the storyline became stretched too thin, damping viewer enthusiasm. Others cite competition from new series that grabbed audiences. Regardless, the ratings decline was too sharp for producers to ignore and made cancellation a more tempting proposition. Though the totals were still decent, the downward trend was a troubling sign that viewers were losing interest in the show.

Could efforts have been made to boost ratings and save the show? Possibly, but reversing such a steep decline is difficult. Once audiences move on from a series it is an uphill battle to regain their engagement. For the network and producers, pulling the plug likely seemed a safer financial bet than trying to revive interest in a fading series. While disheartening for devoted fans, the significant ratings erosion between seasons was the clearest omen that Erkenci Kus would not continue.

Criticism Of Drawn Out Storyline

Another issue that emerged during Erkenci Kus’ run was criticism over its central storyline becoming excessively elongated. The show’s narrative centered on the romance between aspiring artist Sanem Aydin, played by Demet Özdemir, and wealthy CEO Can Divit, played by Can Yaman. Viewers initially enjoyed the ups and downs of this odd couple relationship. However, when their courtship continued encountering endless obstacles even after becoming a couple, many fans felt the story dragged on too long.

The common critique was that Erkenci Kus should have wrapped up the core storyline in one season. But the desire to capitalize on the show’s popularity led producers to stretch out the plot arc over two seasons. Adding in unnecessary drama and new characters to prolong the story gradually diminished viewer engagement. Fans grew frustrated that a charming romance they enjoyed was artificially extended just to churn out more episodes.

This fatigue with the show “overstaying its welcome” very likely played into the decision to bring Erkenci Kus to a conclusion. Critics charged that the series would have been better as a one-season story rather than padding out its central premise to continue into a second season. While fans surely enjoyed more of their favorite characters, the consensus was that creatively, Erkenci Kus had run its course and attained a natural narrative conclusion after the first season. Dragging out the storylines further just came across as contrived.

Rumors Of Behind-The-Scenes Tension

Beyond ratings and storyline issues, another speculation that swirled was whether off-screen tension between the two lead actors contributed to Erkenci Kus’ fate. Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir were a key part of the show’s success, with their electric on-screen chemistry gaining immense fan adoration. However, rumors circulated that behind the scenes, the two actors did not get along well.

Some industry insiders claimed Yaman and Özdemir had a romantic past that ended on bad terms. This created strains between the former couple when they re-united on-set, negatively impacting the work environment. There were also murmurs that Yaman’s rising fame and major opportunities made him eager to move on from the show. While both actors denied any rift, the rumors never fully went away.

It is unclear whether these alleged backstage tensions directly led to the cancellation. But the discord would have diminished the enthusiasm of continuing together for another season. Having the lead actors at odds and eager to part ways likely factored into assessing that ending the show was the wise course. Even if the rumors were untrue, they still shed light on how off-screen dynamics can influence the fate of a series. This remains speculative, but gives an added perspective on the various forces possibly at play.

Providing Closure To The Story

While the cancellation after just two seasons was disappointing for fans, in some ways concluding on a premature note may have been better than an abrupt halt after only one year. Had Erkenci Kus ended after its first season at the height of popularity, the story would have been left on a major cliffhanger with no closure. Many viewers feel shows cancelled unexpectedly after single seasons are the worst, leaving loose ends and unresolved arcs.

So in that sense, getting one more season to wrap up hanging plotlines was a bit of a blessing for Erkenci Kus fans. The second season finale provided more definitive closure – though rushed – on the central romance and character journeys. A third season renewal that ended suddenly would have been an even more frustrating outcome for fans invested in the relationships and outcomes.

While an ideal scenario would have been several more seasons, the two-season run at least allowed Erkenci Kus to end on its own terms. The plot threads and character arcs could progress toward some semblance of resolution rather than leaving viewers wondering. Ending after Season 1 would have cut the story off in media res without letting it evolve to a natural conclusion. So within the framework of the show prematurely ending, completing the second season offered fans some modicum of narrative payoff.

Lingering Popularity And Impact

Despite its truncated run, Erkenci Kus remains very popular with fans even after its cancellation. It continues earning strong ratings in syndicated reruns and international distribution. The light, fun tone and beautiful Istanbul setting gave the show an enduring, comfort viewing appeal. Can Yaman in particular continues ascending as a huge star both in Turkey and abroad. And the show’s soundtrack created massive hits for singer Sezgin Aksu.

Erkenci Kus also emerges as one of the Turkish television exports that helped build global fan fervor for the country’s dizi (series) industry. For international viewers, it served as an addictively enjoyable gateway into exploring more Turkish pop culture. While its time ended prematurely, the show’s lingering impact is a testament to its special quality that won over so many hearts across the world.


The cancellation of Erkenci Kus as a surprise hit left many questions for disappointed fans who hoped to see the journey continue. But examining factors like declining ratings, storyline fatigue, cast relations, and industry timing provides possible explanations. While the loss of a beloved show is always difficult, the two-season run delivered more closure than an abrupt single-season ending. For those inspired by its optimism and colorful romance, Erkenci Kus remains a fixture of Turkish and international pop culture. Its premature end mirrors the story’s theme of appreciating each moment’s fleeting value – encouraging fans to cherish the time they did get to spend with these characters in a world that brought them joy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ?

What were the ratings like for Erkenci Kus?

The first season of Erkenci Kus averaged around 20 rating points in Turkey. But the second season saw a steep decline to an average of only 15 points, about a 20% drop. This signified declining viewer interest that likely was a factor in the cancellation.

Did fans feel Erkenci Kus was stretched out too long?

Many fans critique that Erkenci Kus should have wrapped up the central love story in one season instead of prolonging it into a second season. Extending the plot and adding new characters and drama was seen as just padding to capitalize on the show’s popularity.

Were there rumors of issues between the lead actors?

Some industry gossip indicated the lead actors Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir did not get along behind the scenes due to a past romance gone bad. This alleged tension may have contributed to a feeling that cancelling was the best path forward.

How was the cancellation after Season 2 better than ending after Season 1?

Ending after two seasons allowed Erkenci Kus to tie up hanging storylines and provide more closure than cutting things off after Season 1 at the height of popularity. Abruptly ending after one season with no resolution would have been more frustrating for fans.

Why does Erkenci Kus remain so popular even after being cancelled?

The show’s optimism, beautiful setting, and charismatic actors gave Erkenci Kus an enduring comfort viewing appeal. It also expanded Turkish dizi fandom worldwide as an addictively enjoyable gateway into Turkish pop culture. These qualities continue driving its popularity in reruns.


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