How Can I Increase My Snapchat Score?

Key Takeaways:

  • Send more individual snaps and build streaks to increase your score.
  • Add new friends and open all snaps you receive.
  • Use Snapchat features like filters, lenses, and stories.
  • Interact frequently and regularly to boost your score.
  • Avoid sending snaps in group chats which don't help your score.


Snapchat has grown tremendously in popularity over the past few years, with over 265 million daily active users. The platform is best known for its disappearing messages and fun filters that allow users to enhance their photos and videos. One aspect of Snapchat that many users are curious about is their Snapchat score.

Your Snapchat score is a number that represents your activity and engagement on the app. It takes into account factors like how many snaps you've sent and received, your friend count, the stories you've posted, and more. While Snapchat keeps the exact algorithm private, having a higher score generally signifies that you use the app actively and frequently. For some users, increasing their Snapchat score becomes a fun game or goal.

This comprehensive guide will analyze the various ways you can effectively increase your Snapchat score. From sending more snaps to adding friends, you'll learn actionable tips to boost your score and engage more on Snapchat. With consistent effort over time, you can watch your score steadily climb. Having an elevated score demonstrates your Snapchat prowess and brings a sense of accomplishment.

The in-depth information provided here will help you understand exactly how your actions translate into a higher Snapchat score. You'll be able to set goals tailored to your habits and preferences on the app. Whether you're looking to beat your friends' scores or simply become more involved, this article outlines the best practices you need to succeed. Read on to become a Snapchat scoring expert!

How Is Snapchat Score Calculated?

Before diving into specific tactics, it's helpful to understand what goes into your Snapchat score. As mentioned above, Snapchat keeps the exact formula and weighting confidential. However, research from avid Snapchat users and some official company posts give us insight into the general components:

  • Snaps sent – Sending snaps, especially to multiple users, plays a big role in boosting your score.
  • Snaps received – When you receive a snap, your score goes up. So interacting frequently can help.
  • Stories posted – Uploading content to your Story adds points to your score.
  • Feature use – Using lenses, filters, stickers, and other creative tools also contributes to your score.
  • Friends added – Each new friend boosts your score, so expanding your network helps.
  • Streaks – Maintaining streaks (daily snaps) with friends earns you points over time.
  • Active days – Simply using Snapchat regularly and frequently is key for your score.

As you can see, active engagement through features and with friends is crucial for your Snapchat number. While the specifics are vague, maximizing these behaviors will inevitably increase your score over time.

What Are The Benefits Of A High Snapchat Score?

Before diving into score-boosting strategies, you may be wondering why a high Snapchat score even matters. Here are some of the key benefits that motivate users to increase their number:

  • Bragging rights – For some, a high score provides a sense of pride and social status on the app. It shows you use Snapchat frequently.
  • Unlocking features – Snapchat has hinted certain features may unlock at milestone scores like 100,000 or 1 million.
  • Looking popular – Users with high scores often appear more popular and in-the-know on social media.
  • Building credibility – Influencers, celebs, and public figures boost credibility with high engagement.
  • Motivating competition – Trying to beat friends' scores introduces fun competition.
  • Understanding the app – Increasing your score helps you better understand Snapchat's algorithm.
  • Setting goals – It gives you goals and milestones to reach when using the app.

While Snapchat is focused on fun engagement over scores, many users enjoy the side goal of boosting their number!

How To Check Your Snapchat Score

Before getting into how to increase your Snapchat score, it's important to know how to even find it! Here are simple steps to checking your current Snapchat score:

  1. Open your Snapchat app and tap your Bitmoji or profile icon in the top left corner.
  2. From your profile screen, tap the gear icon to access your settings.
  3. Scroll down on your settings until you see a section labeled “Score.” This displays your current number.

Your score should update in real time as you use Snapchat. Checking it often lets you track your progress! You can also swipe down while on the Camera screen to see your current score.

Tips To Increase Your Snapchat Score

Now that you understand the basics, let's get into specific techniques and strategies you can use to boost your Snapchat score:

1. Send more individual snaps

One of the simplest ways to increase your score is sending more snaps! But there are a few tricks to make your snaps effective:

  • Send snaps to each friend individually rather than in group chats. Snaps sent in groups don't count.
  • Add captions and drawings to make snaps more interactive. This may boost your points.
  • Send snaps that provoke responses to keep the conversation going back and forth.
  • Respond to all snaps you receive to maximize your interactions.
  • Tailor your snaps for each friend based on your relationship and past chats.
  • Take advantage of features like lenses when sending snaps to mix things up.

According to a study by sensor tower, the average Snapchat user sends about 34 snaps per day. To increase your score quickly, aim to steadily send more snaps than your current average.

2. Build up your Snapstreaks

Snapstreaks are one of the best tools to increase your score since they encourage daily interaction. Here are some tips for building long-lasting streaks:

  • Prioritize sending snaps to preserve streaks over other friends. The longer your streak, the more points you earn.
  • Keep your streaks list organized so you know who to snap each day.
  • If you'll be unable to snap someone, ask a friend to help maintain your streak.
  • Use reminders to make sure you snap streak friends at the same time each day.
  • Send personalized snaps to streak friends instead of mass snaps to show you care.
  • Be willing to put in effort to keep streaks going, since broken streaks set you back.

According to Snapchat, the average user has 3.5 Snapstreaks at a time. Push yourself to maintain long streaks with more friends simultaneously.

3. Add new Snapchat friends

Adding new Snapchat friends is an easy way to give your score an immediate boost. Here are some ways to find and add new friends:

  • Browse friend suggestions Snapchat provides based on your contacts and interests.
  • Search for popular celebrities, influencers, and public figures to add.
  • Join Snapchat groups and forums online to find like-minded people to add.
  • Ask your real-life friends for their Snapchat usernames to grow your network.
  • Scan Snapcodes in public places or events to add new local Snapchatters.
  • Follow brands and companies you're interested in for entertainment and deals.

Don't spam add friends indiscriminately, as this can seem bot-like. But steadily connecting with 10-20 new friends per week can significantly boost your score over time.

4. Open all snaps and respond promptly

When you receive a snap, simply opening it causes your score to increase. So be sure to open all snaps as soon as possible. Then, respond promptly to continue the conversation.

  • Turn on notifications so you never miss a received snap.
  • View snaps immediately when you have free time and aren't distracted.
  • Favor quick text or photo replies over long conversations you can't commit to.
  • If a snap requires more attention, like a video, wait till you can watch fully and respond.
  • Let your friends know you're making an effort to be very responsive on Snapchat.

The more frequently you open and respond to snaps, the faster your score will grow through those micro-interactions that accumulate.

5. Post content and stories frequently

Posting to your Snapchat Story adds significant points to your score. To maximize your Story presence:

  • Share a mix of photo and video content to diversify what you post.
  • Take advantage of creative tools like stickers, text, drawings, and more to enhance your stories.
  • Re-share interesting Stories from friends or Discover channels to fill gaps between your own content.
  • Post consistently at peak times when most friends will see it, typically evenings and weekends.
  • Use relevant Snapchat events like holidays, trends, or location-based Contexts to fuel timely content ideas.
  • Don't overthink it! Even casual behind-the-scenes glimpses into your day work great.

Posting daily Stories consistently over time rather than sporadic large bursts is key. You want to make posting frequently a habit.

6. Use lenses, filters, and other creative tools

Snapchat incentivizes using the fun creative tools available in the app, so take advantage of them. Here are some ways to work them into your Snaps:

  • Browse new featured lenses daily and use ones relevant to holidays or events.
  • Check the lens explorer for trending lenses to stay up to date on what's popular.
  • Frequently change up filters on your photos and videos to find your favorites.
  • Use stickers and drawings to annotate your Snaps in a fun way.
  • Take advantage of Snapchat's augmented reality lenses to transform selfies.

Don't get stuck in a rut using the same features repeatedly. Exploring all the options boosts your score by showing versatility.

7. Use Snapchat actively and daily

At its core, regularly using Snapchat in an engaged way is what will increase your score. Here are tips for being active:

  • Make Snapchat part of your daily social media routine. For example, check it during your morning coffee or commute.
  • Set reminders to use Snapchat at certain times if you have a tendency to forget.
  • Carve out specific Snapchat time in situations where you usually have downtime, like waiting in line.
  • Respond to Snap notifications instantly since the longer you wait, the less likely you are to respond.
  • Treat Snapchat interactions as priority over less personal social networks.
  • Let friends know you're trying to use Snapchat more so they can support you.

Regularly using Snapchat builds habits so it becomes second nature. Don't let your account go inactive for long stretches.

8. Take advantage of other score opportunities

Finally, here are some additional score boosting opportunities to take advantage of:

  • Play Snapchat games with friends or by yourself when bored. This adds to your score.
  • Join Snapchat communities and make friends at local Snapchat meetups.
  • Add charity organizations' Snapcodes at events to simultaneously support causes.
  • Utilize Snap Map location sharing when doing activities or traveling.
  • Join Snapchat subscriber lists of brands you like for deals and entertainment.
  • Check for Snapchat account verification opportunities if you are notable.
  • Connect Snapchat to other apps and social networks for cross-promotion.

Look for any special initiatives Snapchat promotes or trends among users that can help your score. Take part in them.

What Not To Do

There are also some common score-boosting mistakes to avoid:

  • Spam adding friends – This can get your account flagged. Focus on quality connections.
  • Sending mass snaps – Personalized interactions work better to earn points.
  • Using third-party apps – These often claim to boost scores but violate Snapchat's terms.
  • Buying score services – Any service offering to sell score increases is likely a scam.
  • Inflating streaks – Having friends snap each other to artificially inflate scores will get you banned.

The key is increasing your score gradually through genuine Snapchat engagement. There are no shortcuts or hacking your score safely.

Frequently Asked Questions About Increasing Snapchat Score

Here are answers to some common questions about upping your Snapchat game:

How quickly can you increase your Snapchat score?

There's no exact science to how fast your score increases. It depends on your activity level and consistency using score-boosting tactics. Most users see a steady increase of 200-400 points per day from active usage. With concerted effort, you could potentially gain 1000+ points on an extremely active day. But focus on sustainable habits over quick bursts.

Does sending chat messages also increase your Snapchat score?

Unfortunately direct Snapchat texts don't count towards your Snapchat score. Only the Snap media content like photos, videos, and stories contribute to your number. So while chatting is great for connecting with friends, prioritize sending frequent photo and video snaps.

Can you increase your score while sleeping?

Your Snapscore only goes up through active usage, so there is no way to increase your score while sleeping or inactive. You need to be awake and actively sending snaps, content, and using Snapchat features to benefit your score.

Why did my Snapchat score go down?

It's very rare for Snapchat scores to decrease, but it can happen. Reasons may include Snapchat banning score inflation attempts, removing inactive friends, or penalizing users for violating terms of service. Your score can also occasionally glitch or freeze due to an app bug, so check again later.

Is there a maximum Snapchat score cap?

According to Snapchat, there is technically no limit to how high your Snapchat score can go. Top scorers currently have scores in the 30 – 50 million range. With Snapchat's continued growth, even 100 million scores could be achievable one day with enough daily dedication!

Final Tips for Maximizing Your Score

Here are some final summary tips for getting the most out of your Snapchat and earning a high score:

  • Commit to actively using Snapchat daily, even when it feels tedious. Consistency is crucial.
  • Analyze your current habits to identify areas with the most potential for growth. Set goals around those.
  • Engage in a wide variety of activities like adding friends, sending different types of content, using diverse features, etc.
  • Make a timeline of milestones up to your ultimate goal score and celebrate when hitting them.
  • Remember that genuinely connecting with friends should remain the priority over stressing your score.
  • Have fun! Approaching score building as an enjoyable bonus rather than a chore makes it sustainable.

With the right mindset and commitment to daily engagement, you can become a Snapchat pro with an impressive score to match!

The Value of An Elevated Snapchat Score

While Snapchat emphasizes enjoying organic connections over scores, a higher number can enrich your overall experience. As you raise your Snapchat score, you'll likely become more immersed in Snapchat culture. Sending more Snaps gives you opportunities to get creative. Adding friends expands your social circle. Maintaining streaks leads to deeper bonds. All of these score-raising behaviors enhance your Snapchat satisfaction.

By learning techniques to boost your score, you'll incidentally become a power Snapchatter. Your increased presence also shows your friends how much their Snapchat connection means to you. Snapchat scores ultimately represent time shared between friends. So be proud of your number as a reflection of the memories made on Snapchat. Just have fun with your friends, and your soaring score will follow!


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