How Do I Cancel an Amazon Gift Card Order??

Key Takeaways

  • Contact Amazon customer service to cancel unredeemed gift card orders.
  • Use “Your Orders” page to cancel unshipped physical gift cards.
  • On mobile app, tap “Cancel Items” and confirm cancellation.
  • Select a cancellation reason from the drop-down menu.
  • Act quickly as gift cards can’t be cancelled once sent or claim code revealed.
  • Cancelling prevents gift card order from being fulfilled and charged.

What options do I have for cancelling an Amazon gift card order??

The options for cancelling an Amazon gift card order depend primarily on whether the gift card has already been redeemed, shipped or claimed.

If the gift card order is still unredeemed and unshipped:

  • You can cancel the order yourself through your Amazon account, either on the website or in the mobile app. This prevents the order from being fulfilled and the card from being shipped or claim code emailed.
  • You can contact Amazon customer service via phone, chat or email to request cancellation of the order. An agent can cancel the order in your account.

If the gift card has already been redeemed, shipped or claim code revealed:

  • The order cannot be cancelled. Any available balance remains on the redeemed gift card.
  • You would need to request a refund for an unredeemed balance on the gift card by contacting Amazon customer service.

The ability to cancel the order yourself is only available if the gift card order is still completely untouched. Once it ships out or any actions are taken to claim or redeem the card, you have to go through customer service. Acting quickly is important to be able to independently cancel the order.

When should I cancel an Amazon gift card order??

You may want to cancel an Amazon gift card order for a few potential reasons:

  • You ordered the wrong type, denomination or quantity of gift cards.
  • You no longer need the gift card you purchased, whether for yourself or to give as a gift.
  • There was an accidental or unintended order of one or more gift cards.
  • You changed your mind about giving or using that particular gift card.
  • You found and prefer a different gift card option after placing the order.

Essentially, cancelling makes the most sense if you determine the Amazon gift card order was made incorrectly or is no longer needed or preferred. This prevents you from being charged for gift cards you will not use or give away. It is best to catch the cancellation before the order is processed and gift cards leave Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

How do I cancel an unredeemed Amazon gift card order on the website?

If your gift card order is still completely unprocessed, you can cancel it yourself directly on the Amazon website by following these steps:

  1. Open Amazon in your preferred web browser on your computer.
  2. Hover over the “Accounts & Lists” button at the top right and select “Your Orders” from the dropdown menu.
  3. You will be taken to your full order history page. Find the gift card order you wish to cancel in the list.
  4. To the right of the order, click the yellow “Cancel items” button.
  5. Check the box next to each gift card item in the order you want to cancel.
  6. Select a cancellation reason from the drop-down menu at the bottom if you wish.
  7. Click the “Cancel checked items” button to confirm.
  8. The selected gift cards will immediately be cancelled and prevented from being processed, delivered or charged.

By going through these simple steps on the Amazon website, you can quickly cancel one or more untouched gift cards from a particular order yourself. This works as long as the cards have not yet been redeemed, claimed or shipped out.

How can I cancel an unshipped Amazon gift card order in the mobile app?

The process for cancelling an Amazon gift card order in the Amazon mobile app is very similar. As long as the gift cards have not been sent out or claimed yet, you can cancel the order through the app by:

  1. Opening the Amazon app on your iPhone, Android or other mobile device.
  2. Tapping the hamburger menu icon in the upper left corner to open the side navigation pane.
  3. Selecting “Your Orders” from the menu to go to your order history.
  4. Finding the gift card order you want to cancel in the list.
  5. Tapping the “Cancel items” button next to the order.
  6. Selecting the checkbox beside each gift card in the order to cancel.
  7. Choosing a cancellation reason from the drop-down menu if desired.
  8. Confirming the checked cards to cancel by tapping “Cancel checked items.”

Following these steps in the Amazon mobile shopping app allows you to easily cancel one or more gift cards from an order that has not yet been processed and still has a cancel option available. Act quickly as the ability to cancel yourself disappears once the order ships.

Can I cancel an Amazon gift card order after the claim code is revealed?

Unfortunately, Amazon gift card orders can no longer be cancelled once the claim code for an electronic gift card has been revealed to the purchaser or recipient. This is considered the same as activating and redeeming the gift card.

Even if the gift card balance has not been used, merely viewing the claim code associates that card number with your account and renders it non-refundable and non-cancellable per Amazon’s policy. The order also cannot be cancelled after that point.

If you revealed the gift card claim code but have not actually redeemed or spent the balance, you can contact Amazon customer service to request a refund of the unredeemed funds. But cancelling and reversing the order entirely is not possible anymore.

What happens when I cancel an Amazon gift card order?

When you successfully cancel an Amazon gift card order, here is what happens:

  • The cancellation prevents the gift card(s) in the order from being issued or fulfilled.
  • Your payment or form of payment for the order is not charged or is refunded if already charged initially.
  • The gift card order is removed from your Amazon order history and marked as cancelled.
  • Any promotional or discounted pricing tied to the gift card order is forfeited.
  • You will need to replace the order if you still want those gift cards.

Essentially, cancelling an untouched gift card order reverses and voids the transaction. The cards will not be delivered, codes not emailed, and your account not billed. It will be as if the order was never placed.

However, cancelling is permanent and any limited-time discounts or promotions cannot be recovered. You would have to place a new order at the current pricing.

Can I cancel just part of an Amazon gift card order?

On both the website and mobile app, Amazon allows you to selectively cancel just a portion of a gift card order, as long as the cards are still in an unredeemed and unclaimed state.

When cancelling an order, you can choose to:

  • Cancel the entire gift card order.
  • Cancel specific individual gift card(s) from the order.

To do this, you simply uncheck any gift cards in the order that you wish to keep and leave the ones you want to cancel selected. When you confirm, only the checked cards will be cancelled and removed from the order.

This provides more flexibility to fine tune an order without having to cancel and replace the whole thing. You can cancel just what is unwanted or incorrect and retain what is still needed.

What if I want to exchange an Amazon gift card for a different one?

If you want to essentially exchange an Amazon gift card you ordered for a different type of gift card, such as for a higher or lower denomination or different design, you have a couple options:

1. Cancel the original gift card order, then place a new order for the desired replacement card(s). This ensures you are only charged for the new card. However, it does not retain any limited-time discounts that applied to the original order.

2. Contact Amazon customer service. Explain that you want to exchange your unredeemed gift card for a different one. They may be able to cancel the original card and immediately place a new order for the desired replacement gift card. This may allow limited-time promotional pricing to carry over.

3. Keep the original card and place a separate order for the additional desired card. Though you’d have two gift cards, you can consolidate balances by using Amazon’s Gift Card Balance Transfer feature. This retains any discounts applied to the original card.

Evaluate the advantages and limitations of each approach to determine if exchanging via cancellation, customer service request, or separate order makes the most sense for your situation. Act before redeeming to maximize options.

Can I get a refund for an Amazon gift card order I cancelled?

When you cancel an Amazon gift card order that has not yet been redeemed or shipped, you are not issued an actual refund because there is no charge to refund. Cancelling simply voids the order and no payment or billing ever takes place.

However, if your original gift card order was placed using an Amazon Gift Card that had funds deducted at the time, cancelling the new gift card order will redeposit the amount that was initially removed back onto your existing gift card. This restores your prior gift card balance.

The cancellation effectively serves as a refund in this case by cancelling out the hold placed on your Amazon account balance. Outside of that scenario, no other refund is typically granted since nothing was paid yet. The order reversal prevents any payment.

Can I cancel an Amazon gift card order after it has shipped?

Unfortunately Amazon does not allow gift card orders to be cancelled once the physical gift card has shipped out from their fulfillment center. Even if the card is still in transit to you, the order is considered fulfilled at that point.

However, you can reject the package at delivery or return it unopened after receiving it. Contact Amazon customer service to explain that you refused an unwanted gift card shipment. They will cancel associated charges and can issue a refund if needed.

This may incur fees for return shipping but lets you avoid activating or redeeming the unwanted gift card. Don’t open the package or view any included claim code to retain the refund option. Contact Amazon ASAP before the return/refund window closes.

What should I do if I accidentally redeemed an unwanted Amazon gift card?

If you made a mistake and redeemed an Amazon gift card from an order you intended to cancel, unfortunately the order cannot be cancelled anymore. Redeeming it associates the gift card number with your account.

However, if you have not yet spent any of the available balance, you can contact Amazon customer service right away and request a refund of the unspent gift card balance. Explain it was redeemed by mistake.

While they may accommodate a one-time refund of an unused gift card balance, the original order and transaction are unable to be cancelled or reversed once redemption occurs. Be very careful when redeeming gift cards to avoid this scenario.

Can I cancel an unwanted Amazon Gift Card reload I purchased?

Reloading funds onto an existing Amazon Gift Card is handled similar to a new gift card order. As long as the reload transaction is still pending or unredeemed, you can cancel the order through Your Account, preventing the reload from going through.

However, once the reload processes fully and adds funds onto your available Amazon Gift Card balance, it can no longer be cancelled. You would have to request a refund of any unspent reload amount by contacting Amazon customer service, subject to their policies.

Be sure to only reload gift card amounts you are certain about, as cancelling or removing a processed reload is difficult. Alternatively, you can spend the reloaded amount or transfer it to someone else’s account.

What options exist for regifting an unwanted Amazon gift card?

If you want to get rid of an unwanted Amazon gift card that is already redeemed and can’t be cancelled, consider these options:

  • Use Amazon’s Gift Card Trade-In program to exchange it for an Amazon eGift Card at a discount.
  • Sell to a third party gift card exchange site for cash, though you’ll get a lower percentage of the balance.
  • Regift it to someone else so they can benefit from the full value.
  • Donate the card to a charitable organization that can make use of the funds.
  • Use it yourself to purchase Amazon products and services you were going to buy anyway.
  • Request account credit if within Amazon’s policies to recoup some value.

Regifting or exchanging an unwanted but already redeemed gift card allows you to recoup some of its remaining value, even if not the full amount. Explore which option best fits your needs.

Can I recover a cancelled Amazon gift card order?

Once an eligible Amazon gift card order is cancelled, it cannot be recovered or reinstated. The only way to essentially get the order back is to fully replace the order by purchasing the gift card(s) again.

However, any limited-time discounts, bundled pricing, or promotional offers that applied to the original cancelled order are permanently lost. The new order will reflect only the current standard gift card pricing and terms at the time of replacement.

This is why it is usually better to selectively cancel only the specific unwanted gift cards from an order, while retaining any others you still want under the original pricing. Fully cancelling the order requires forfeiting any special offers applied to it. Carefully consider if replacing a completely cancelled gift card order makes sense.

Key Takeaways

  • Contact Amazon quickly to cancel unprocessed gift cards from an order.
  • Use Your Orders to cancel directly on Amazon’s website or mobile app.
  • Select only unwanted gift cards in an order to cancel a portion.
  • Redeeming or shipping prevents cancellation of an order.
  • Refunds only apply to unused gift card balances by request.
  • Lost discounts and promotions usually can’t be recovered.


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