How Many Jobs Are Available in EDP Services?

Key Takeaways:

  • Based on various sources, there are hundreds of thousands to over 1 million EDP services jobs available in the US.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates there are currently 277,032 openings for Electronic Data Processing jobs.
  • EDP services offer diverse roles covering computer programming, systems analysis, IT support, software engineering, and more.
  • Many EDP jobs require specialized IT skills and certifications but also value soft skills.
  • Demand for EDP services continues to grow with technology’s central role in business.


Electronic Data Processing (EDP) services play a vital role in the modern economy by managing and harnessing digital information for organizations and businesses. But for job seekers, an important question is: how many EDP jobs exist? With technology’s growing prevalence across all industries, what is the actual demand for EDP services and related roles?

This article will comprehensively evaluate the availability of jobs in EDP services today. It will analyze the breadth of the EDP industry and the diversity of positions it encompasses. Key data sources will be examined to quantify the number of current openings in the field. The required skills, qualifications, and career trajectories for EDP roles will also be explored. By the end, readers will understand the extensive employment opportunities available in this critical domain along with how to pursue them.

With technology now essential for operations across sectors, qualified EDP personnel are in high demand. This article provides valuable insight for IT professionals and new entrants looking to capitalize on the array of lucrative, future-facing roles in EDP services. The detailed information here will help individuals effectively plan and advance their careers in this essential field.

Overview of EDP Services

EDP refers to the processing and management of digital information using computers and software for business purposes. It encompasses a wide range of IT services and roles needed to support critical organizational functions.

Some key responsibilities include:

  • Computer programming and software engineering
  • Data processing and analysis
  • Systems design, testing, implementation and maintenance
  • IT infrastructure and support services
  • Digital security and compliance
  • Technical writing and training

Essentially, nearly any position related to leveraging technology to manage data and systems falls under the umbrella of EDP services. It is an expansive industry requiring skills across IT domains.

How Many EDP Jobs Currently Exist??

Given the broad scope of EDP services, quantifying the precise number of available jobs is difficult. However, examining key sources provides a reliable estimate of the extensive employment opportunities.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are currently 277,032 job openings for EDP services in the United States. Additionally, one industry survey found over 1 million current openings related to EDP.

Other sources emphasize hundreds of thousands of available EDP jobs each year as technology investments continue rising. Global consulting firm Gartner predicts IT spending will surpass $4.5 trillion in 2022. This growth requires qualified personnel across EDP domains.

In summary, while the exact figure varies, expert projections point to several hundred thousand to over 1 million current EDP job opportunities in the US alone. The high demand highlights the indispensable role of EDP services.

What Are the Most In-Demand EDP Roles??

Given the range of responsibilities within EDP services, many specific roles are in high demand. According to BLS data and job site listings, current openings span:

Software Developers:

Develop, test and maintain software solutions. Median salary of $110,140.

Information Security Analysts:

Enhance organizational data and system security. Median salary of $102,600.

Computer Systems Analysts:

Study organization technology needs and design solutions. Median salary of $93,730.

Network Architects:

Design, build and maintain data networks. Median salary of $116,780.

Database Administrators:

Organize, analyze and secure organizational databases. Median salary of $98,860.

Technical Support Specialists:

Provide assistance to users of IT systems and hardware. Median salary of $55,510.

These represent just a sample of the diverse, well-compensated roles available within the high-demand EDP services industry.

What Skills Are Required for EDP Jobs?

While specific qualifications vary by role, certain core skills are essential for most EDP services positions.

Technical Expertise: Most EDP jobs require specialized training and hands-on knowledge of platforms like networking, programming, database management, analytics and more. Certifications are often expected as well.

Problem-Solving: Analyzing system issues and offering optimal technology solutions is key. Logic, critical thinking and troubleshooting abilities are vital.

Communication: Clearly explaining technical processes and solutions to colleagues and users is crucial. Strong verbal and written skills are needed.

Organization: Juggling multiple technology projects and tasks simultaneously is common. Excellent organizational abilities and attention to detail are essential.

Adaptability: The fast-paced IT domain requires the ability to rapidly learn new systems and protocols. Willingness to constantly upskill is critical.

Though technical proficiency is indispensable for EDP personnel, soft skills like communication, critical thinking and adaptability also offer major value. Specialized IT expertise combined with these capabilities maximize success in EDP roles.

What Are Typical Career Paths in EDP Services?

EDP services offer diverse career pathway options, including:

Entry-level roles: Help desk, IT support, junior programmers, associate analysts. Gain hands-on experience.

Specialization: Focus on a domain like networks, software development, data science. Become an expert.

Team/department leadership: Advance to supervise a group of analysts, developers, etc. Strategic planning role.

Senior-level positions: Architects, principal engineers, CTOs. Shape organization-wide IT strategy.

Consulting: Advise clients on optimizing IT systems and overcoming challenges as an independent contractor.

The myriad career trajectory possibilities within EDP services allow professionals to tailor their role based on interests and strengths while advancing their expertise over time.

How Can I Pursue a Career in EDP Services?

For those seeking to leverage the abundant EDP job opportunities, here are tips to begin:

  • Earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems or a related IT field. Master’s degrees also valued.
  • Obtain relevant certifications like CompTIA’s A+ and Network+ to validate technical skills.
  • Highlight IT knowledge, problem-solving abilities and communication skills on your resume.
  • Apply for competitive internships and entry-level roles to gain experience.
  • Participate in trainings and workshops to constantly build newer technical capabilities.
  • Assess which EDP domain aligns best with your strengths and interests to direct your career path.

The demand for qualified EDP personnel will continue rising. By developing the right blend of technical expertise and soft skills, professionals can take advantage of the numerous lucrative roles in this essential, future-facing field.


While difficult to quantify exactly, expert projections confirm there are hundreds of thousands to over 1 million current job openings in the high demand EDP services industry. Spanning everything from software development to IT support, EDP offers wide-ranging, well-compensated technology career paths. Although specialized technical skills are required, soft abilities like communication and adaptability also provide major value in EDP jobs. With technology only becoming more central to business operations, qualified EDP personnel will continue being in great demand. This creates abundant employment opportunities for IT professionals ready to leverage and enhance their expertise in the essential EDP services domain.


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