How Much Do Male Strippers Cost?

Key Takeaways:

  • Male stripper rates vary based on location, duration of show, number of performers, extras.
  • Average cost for 1 performer is $175-$300 per hour in the US. International rates differ.
  • Typical strip shows last 30-60 minutes. Longer = higher cost.
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties usually $200-$1000+ per performer.
  • Extras like private shows, lap dances, photos/videos cost extra.
  • Hiring from an agency costs more than independent strippers.

Male strippers have become a popular fixture at bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, and ladies' nights out. But if you're thinking of booking some hunky entertainment, you may be wondering – how much do male strippers cost? Rates can vary quite a bit based on factors like location, show duration, number of performers, and additional services. This comprehensive guide will walk through typical costs, fee structures, and pricing considerations so you can plan your perfect male revue experience.

Knowing average male stripper rates and fee ranges is key for budgeting and setting expectations. While every agency and performer sets their own prices, this overview covers standard industry benchmarks for the United States and internationally. You'll also gain insight into additional costs for extras like private shows, personalized experiences, photos/videos, and travel fees. By understanding the full scope of pricing structures and options, you can make the most informed decisions when hiring male strippers.

With male revues rising in popularity for bachelorette parties, corporate events, birthdays, and girls' nights out, this breakdown provides valuable insights. Whether you're looking to surprise your best friend with a Magic Mike experience or want to book unforgettable entertainment for your Vegas trip, this guide has you covered. Read on to unlock the secrets behind male stripper costs and get the full picture of what goes into pricing.

Key Takeaways on Male Stripper Costs:

1. Average Hourly Rates for Male Strippers

  • In the US, rates average $175-$300 per hour per stripper. International prices vary.
  • Typical strip shows run 30 minutes to 1 hour. Longer shows cost more.
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties usually $200-$1000+ per stripper.
  • Hiring from an agency costs more than independent strippers.

2. Cost Factors Like Location, Number of Strippers

  • Major cities like LA, NYC, Vegas cost $300+ per stripper per hour.
  • Smaller metro areas average $150-$250 per stripper per hour.
  • Multiple strippers reduces per person cost but increases overall price.
  • Travel fees for strippers outside local area average $100+ each way.

3. Extra Fees for Private Dances, Photos/Videos

  • Private lap dances typically $20+ per song.
  • Private shows in back rooms run $100+ for 15-30 minutes.
  • Photos or videos with strippers cost $50+ per item.
  • Hotel room rental for private shows $150+.
  • Custom experiences (oils, costumes, etc) cost extra per stripper.

Average Costs for Male Strippers

The average cost for a male stripper typically ranges from $175 to $300 per hour in the United States. However, rates can vary considerably based on factors like location, number of performers hired, show length, and additional services. Here is a breakdown of standard fees:

Average Hourly Rates

For a solo male stripper performing a typical 30-60 minute show, average rates are:

  • Major cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City: $300+ per hour – Higher prices in big metro areas with demand
  • Mid-size cities and metro areas: $200-$300 per hour – Broad average price range in most US cities
  • Smaller towns and rural areas: $150-$250 per hour – Lower rates in less populated areas

Outside the US, prices differ. For example, in Australia male strippers average $250-$350 AUD per hour in major cities. In the UK, rates run £150-£250 per hour.

As a rule of thumb, stag and hen parties incur higher fees, averaging $200-$1000+ per stripper for a few hours. More on special event pricing later.

Duration Impacts Cost

Most male strip shows run 30 minutes to 1 hour. Standard rates are usually based on hourly, with a 1 hour minimum booking. Anything over an hour incurs additional prorated fees. For example, a 90 minute show for 1 stripper charging $250/hour would cost $375 total.

For short 15-20 minute strip showcases, some strippers offer discounted rates around $100-$150. However, most won't book for less than 30 minutes due to travel time and setup/cleanup.

Longer bookings of 2+ hours (like for full private parties) cost more per hour but often have package discounts factored in. An agency may quote $1000 total for 2 strippers over 3 hours instead of charging their full $300/hour rate.

Number of Performers

Hiring multiple male strippers splits their individual rates:

  • 2 strippers – Half the per person hourly rate ($125-$150 each for 2 at $250-300 total hourly)
  • 3 strippers – One third the rate ($85-$100 each for 3 at $250-$300 total)
  • 4+ strippers – Quarter of the hourly rate ($65-$75 each for 4 at $250-$300)

The overall booking price increases with more entertainers, but the per stripper cost lowers. Solo performer rates offer the most affordable option for shorter bookings under 1 hour. But for longer parties, multiple strippers maximize entertainment at reduced individual rates.


It's customary to tip male strippers 15%-25% of their total fee, similar to waiters or contractors. Better performances warrant bigger tips. Some strippers may subtly encourage bigger tips through extra attention or services. However, tipping ultimately remains voluntary.

What Impacts Male Stripper Costs?

Several key factors determine male stripper rates and fees for your event. Being aware of these cost variables helps set realistic budgets and expectations.


Like many entertainment services, location significantly impacts pricing. In big metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City and Miami, abundant demand pushes rates higher for male strippers – $300+ per hour. These talent-rich markets have more competitors, allowing top strippers to command premium prices.

In midsize cities like Atlanta, Dallas, or Washington DC, hourly fees moderate to $200-$300 on average. There's still robust demand without excessively high costs.

Smaller towns and rural areas often have few local options, so hourly rates can dip as low as $150-$200. But slim pickings also mean less qualified talent.

Overseas male stripper prices also fluctuate by city. London, Sydney, and Toronto average higher international rates of $250-$350+ per hour for top talent. However, rural European or Asian parties may pay less than $100/hour.

Bottom line – big cities mean higher prices but more choice for high caliber strippers. Suburban or rural events may save on stripper costs but have fewer performer options.

Duration of Show

As previously highlighted, most male strip shows run 30 minutes to 1 hour. Pricing is generally based on hourly rates. A client hiring one stripper for a 45 minute party at a $200/hour rate would pay $150 total.

Longer bookings of 2-3 hours have tiered hourly rates so costs don't multiply excessively:

  • 1st hour – Full hourly rate
  • 2nd hour – 75% of hourly rate
  • 3rd hour – Half of hourly rate

Short 15-20 minute striptease showcases cost less than half the hourly rate, around $100-$150. But most strippers only book for 30+ minutes due to travel and setup.

Bottom line – plan your perfect stripper party duration in advance so expected costs align. Shorter events are cheaper per hour but may have minimums.

Number of Performers

Booking multiple male strippers reduces the per person cost due to splitting the overall rate:

  • Solo stripper – Pay full hourly rate, like $250/hour
  • 2 strippers – Each pays half rate, like $125/hour each
  • 3 strippers – Each pays one third rate, like $85/hour each
  • 4+ strippers – Each pays one quarter rate, like $65/hour each

While the total price increases with more entertainers, the individual stripper cost decreases. One solo stripper costs the most overall for short bookings under an hour. But longer parties can maximize entertainment at reduced per stripper rates by hiring 3-4 performers.

Keep in mind that more than 2-3 strippers often provides diminishing returns. After the initial novelty, additional performers don't double the fun. Also factor in the available space to determine optimal strippers needed.

Type of Event

Male strippers charge premium rates for special events like bachelor/bachelorette parties. For raunchy Stag or Hen nights, fees can run $200-$500+ per hour compared to regular club/party rates closer to $150-$250 per hour.

Why the price jump? Big one-time events like milestone birthdays or pre-wedding bashes promise huge tips and revenue potential. Many strippers exclusively book private events since public appearances pay less reliably. Custom packages with add-ons also boost costs.

On the lower end, corporate gigs, holiday parties, or public events may pay just $100-$150 per hour. Performances are more constrained versus rowdy private parties. Strippers also can't hustle additional services like private dances as easily.

In summary, private bachelor/bachelorette parties incur the highest rates due to huge profit potential. But public or corporate events compensate much less given more rules and less earning opportunity.

Travel Fees

For strippers located outside your local area, factor in travel costs averaging $100+ each way for transportation and lodging. Long distance trips like flying strippers from LA to Miami can run $500+ each way.

Many strippers set radius limits around their home base, like 50-100 miles. Beyond these boundaries, add-on travel fees apply. Clients wanting more remote entertainment must cover these expenses.

To avoid travel upcharges, always hire male strippers based locally if possible. Strippers native to your party area charge standard local rates without premium transport costs factored in.

Agency vs Independent

Booking male strippers through an agency costs 20%-30% more versus hiring independent local strippers directly. Agencies charge commissions and fees for arranging bookings, managing logistics, and providing vetted talent. But for convenience, their extra costs may be worthwhile.

Independent strippers bypass agency middlemen and directly contract services at lower rates. But solos also handle all their own scheduling, promotions, screening, and arrangements. Without agencies handling the legwork behind the scenes, more effort falls on clients hiring indie strippers to coordinate successful events.

For newbies unsure how to book strippers, agencies simplify planning with their turnkey services. But experienced party hosts comfortable making direct arrangements can save substantially hiring independent strippers.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Costs

Wild bachelor and bachelorette (stag and hen) parties drive male stripper rates into the stratosphere. For these blowout one-time events, strippers earn big bucks providing naughty pre-wedding entertainment. What factors into intense pricing surges for these special bashes?

Higher Base Rates

For start, male strippers charge premium base rates for private bachelor/bachelorette events, often doubling their standard fees. A stripper normally charging $200/hour for a regular gig may bill $500/hour for exclusive private parties. These milestone celebrations promise huge profit potential, so strippers jack up prices accordingly.

Longer Bookings = More Money

Rowdy Stag and Hen nights usually book strippers for extended performances of 2-4 hours to keep the party going. This maximizes the stripper's total payout versus quicker 30-60 minute public appearances.

Big Tipping Potential

Beyond base rates, intoxicated bachelor/bachelorette party guests tend to tip very generously in the party spirit. Male strippers can easily earn hundreds in tips performing at just one wild private event.

Custom Packages

Special add-ons like oils, costumes, personalized dances, photos/videos also let strippers earn extra. Private party packages can include custom stripper games, contests, even sex toys to boost revenue.

All combined, a savvy male stripper can pull in $1000+ for a single bachelor party or bachelorette event. Some ‘extras' may even venture into prostitution behind closed doors. Compared to public events or hourly gig work, these exclusive bashes prove extremely lucrative if strippers can book them.

For all these reasons, expect to pay a premium for male strippers at Bachelor or Bachelorette parties. To estimate costs, double or triple the average hourly rate per stripper, factoring extended booking time of 2-4 hours. Plan to budget at least $200-$1000+ per performer for Stag/Hen events.

Add-Ons and Extras

Beyond base stripper appearance fees, various add-ons can enhance the male revue experience. But these extras also tack on additional costs. Typical offerings include:

Private Lap Dances

Strippers can provide private lap dances for special guests, usually the bachelor/bachelorette or birthday boy/girl celebrating. Lap dance rates run $20+ per song (3-5 minutes). Some strippers charge per half hour or hour for unlimited private dances.

Private Back Room Shows

For more risque experiences like full monty stripteases, strippers entertain in private back rooms away from main guests. Rates run $100+ for 15-30 minutes. Venue rental fees also apply if not already on site.

Photos and Videos

Recording memorable moments with the strippers through photos or videos costs extra, averaging $50+ per item. Polaroids tend to be cheaper than professional digital pics or video. Some strippers decline photo/video services to protect privacy.

Hotel Room Rental

If arranging a private in-room show, hotel room rental averages $150+ for a few hours. Some strippers include room costs in their packages. Or clients can book their own suite and have strippers come to them.

Custom Packages

Special costumes, props, oils, and options like theme stripper games or contests range $50-$200+ per add-on. Strippers also upcharge for customized performances like drag shows.

Travel Fees

For strippers outside your local area, factor in travel costs averaging $100+ each way for transportation, gas, lodging. Long distance trips like flying strippers from LA to Miami can run $500+ each way.

Ideally get price quotes on any special add-ons or custom options directly from your stripper ahead of time to avoid surprise charges. Also clarify if gratuity/tips are included or extra. The more unique your stripper experience, the higher the price tag will grow.

Key Things to Know About Stripper Costs

Some final best practice tips on understanding stripper rates:

  • Get quotes in writing – Always get complete cost breakdowns in writing before booking to prevent billing disputes later.
  • Ask about minimums – Many strippers require minimum booking lengths like 30 minutes to account for travel.
  • Factor in gratuity – Don't forget to budget another 15%-25% on total cost for tips, customary for service pros.
  • Clarify what's included – Ask what exact services, duration, etc are covered in the quoted rate. Any extras will add fees.
  • Avoid door fee surprises – Some strippers cover their own appearance fees but venues charge entry/hosting fees collected at the door upon arrival.
  • Consider group size – Make sure your venue and audience size can accommodate the number of strippers booked to make their efforts worthwhile.
  • Use reputable services – Vet all agencies or independent strippers thoroughly through reviews, references, licenses, etc to avoid problems or scams.

Frequently Asked Questions About Male Stripper Rates:

How much should I budget for a male stripper at a bachelorette party?

For bachelorette parties, budget $200-$500 per hour for each male stripper. The average cost is $300+ per hour given the exclusive private event. Also factor in longer booking times of 2-4 hours to keep the party going. Extras like private dances, photos/videos also add costs.

What is the going rate for male strippers on average?

In the US, average male stripper rates range $175-$300 per hour depending on location, number hired, and duration. Major metro areas like LA or NYC are higher at $300+. Smaller cities average $200-$250 per hour per stripper. Brief 15-20 minute shows may cost just $100-$150.

How much do male strippers make per hour or night?

Male strippers take home $150-$300+ per hour on average, depending on regional rates and demand. Bachelor parties and other private events pay the most – potentially $500+ per hour. Public appearances may only generate $100-$200 per hour. For a full night's work, strippers can make $1000+.

Is it rude not to tip male strippers?

It is customary but not required to tip male strippers, similar to waiters. The standard tip rate is 15%-25% of their total fee. For a 1 hour, $200 booking, a $30-$50 tip is appropriate. Better performances warrant bigger tips, which strippers may encourage through extra attention.

Do you pay male strippers up front?

Reputable agencies and independent strippers often require deposits or upfront payment in full to secure their services. Never pay in full until receiving a written contract covering all services, fees, inclusions, etc.


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