How To Reset Ford F150 Screen?

Key Takeaways:

  • Holding the “Seek Up” and “Power” buttons together for 5 seconds can reset the F-150 screen
  • Allow the screen to go black and reboot after holding the buttons
  • Turn the screen back on by holding the “Power” button after reboot
  • Updating the software may help if the reset steps don’t work
  • Check fuses and wiring if the screen doesn’t turn on at all

Touch screens have become a staple feature in most modern vehicles, providing drivers with intuitive access to entertainment, navigation, vehicle information and more. The Ford F-150 is one popular truck model that comes equipped with a handy touch screen display in many trims. However, like any electronic device, the touch screen can sometimes malfunction or encounter issues that require a reset. Knowing how to properly reset the touch screen in your Ford F-150 can help restore functionality and get you back on the road.

This article will provide a comprehensive, step-by-step overview of how to correctly reset the touch screen in a Ford F-150. We’ll cover the basic reset procedure, troubleshooting tips if the basics don’t work, and advice for diagnosing wiring or fuse problems. Whether your touch screen is frozen, glitchy, or completely unresponsive, this guide will help you get your high-tech display back up and running. With the right information and techniques, you can reset your F-150’s touch screen and avoid an unnecessary trip to the dealership.

Resetting the touch screen is an easy do-it-yourself fix that can quickly resolve a number of issues. Learning this simple procedure will save you time, money, and the headache of operating your truck without this important interface. The clear, detailed instructions in this article provide everything you need to know. In just a few simple steps, you’ll have your touch screen reset and functioning like normal again.

Step-by-Step Guide to Resetting the Touch Screen in a Ford F-150

Step 1: Hold the “Seek Up” and “Power” Buttons Simultaneously

The first step in resetting your Ford F-150’s touch screen is locating the correct buttons. You’ll need to find the “Seek Up” button which controls the radio tuning and the “Power” button which controls the screen’s power. These buttons are located on the dashboard near the display screen.

Hold down the “Seek Up” and “Power” buttons at the same time continuously for approximately 5 seconds. If the buttons are held properly for this duration, the touch screen will begin a reset sequence.

Step 2: Wait for the Screen to Go Black and Reboot

After 5 continuous seconds of holding the two buttons, release them. The touch screen will go black and remain off briefly as the system initiates a reboot. This black screen indicates the reset is in progress – do not press any other buttons or interfere with the process during this step.

It is normal for the black screen to persist for 30 seconds or longer as the system reboots. Be patient and let the process complete fully before moving on.

Step 3: Turn the Screen Back On

Once the touch screen has finished rebooting, it will not automatically turn back on. To get the display functioning again, press the “Power” button on the dashboard for a few seconds.

The Ford logo should illuminate on the screen as it powers up. Within a minute, the system will load up and the touch screen will be reset and ready to use. Verify that the display is responsive and functioning normally.

Troubleshooting Tips if the Basic Reset Does Not Work

In some cases, the basic reset process may not fully resolve issues with the F-150’s touch screen system. Here are some tips for troubleshooting if you are still experiencing problems after attempting the reset:

  • Update Software: Check for any available software updates for the touch screen from Ford and install them. Updates can fix bugs and glitches that cause freezing or other abnormal behavior.
  • Reset Again: Repeat the reset process in case it did not fully complete the first time. Hold the buttons for a full 7-10 seconds during Step 1 to ensure the system resets.
  • Disconnect Battery: Unhook the battery cables for 1 minute to give a “hard reset” to the truck’s electrical system.
  • Dealership Diagnostic: For persistent or intermittent issues, have the touch screen inspected and diagnosed by a Ford dealership technician. They have specialized tools to test components.

Diagnosing Fuse and Wiring Problems

If your F-150’s touch screen is completely dark or unresponsive, there may be an underlying electrical problem. Here’s how to check the wiring and fuses:

  • Inspect Fuses: Check the fuse box diagram to locate the correct fuse(s) for the touch screen system. Test them for continuity and replace blown fuses.
  • Check Wiring: Look for damaged wiring harnesses connected to the touch screen control module. Repair or replace any corroded or severed wires.
  • Test Voltage: Using a voltmeter, verify 12V power and ground connections to the touch screen are intact.
  • Dealership Diagnosis: If wiring and fuses are okay, have a Ford technician inspect the truck to pinpoint the source of the electrical failure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Resetting a Ford F-150 Touch Screen

How do you hard reset a Ford F-150 touch screen?

You can hard reset the F-150 touch screen by holding the “Seek Up” and “Power” buttons simultaneously for 7-10 seconds until the screen goes completely black. This forces the system to fully reboot and reset.

Why does the touch screen keep freezing in my F-150?

Common causes for a frozen touch screen include software glitches, corrupted files, overheating issues, and faulty components. Resetting can resolve software-related freezing. Hardware problems requirerepair by a technician.

My F-150 touch screen is stuck on the Ford logo – how do I fix this?

If the touch screen gets stuck on the Ford logo during boot up, it usually indicates a problem with the system software or boot files. Performing a reset procedure may clear up this stuck startup screen.

How do I reset the touch screen if my F-150 battery died?

Once you recharge or replace the dead battery, follow the normal reset process outlined in this article. The battery dying itself typically won’t cause touch screen issues unless electrical components were damaged.

Is it safe to reset the touch screen while driving my F-150?

No, only attempt to reset the touch screen when safely parked. The reboot process requires 10 seconds or longer, taking your eyes and attention away from the road.

My F-150 radio works but the touch screen is black – what should I check?

If the radio functions but the screen is dark, verify the display settings are not turned down or off. Try resetting the touch screen. If it remains black, test the fuses and wiring that specifically power the display.

Can aftermarket cameras or accessories cause Ford F-150 touch screen problems?

Yes, faulty wiring or incompatible aftermarket accessories connected to the truck’s electrical system can sometimes disrupt the touch screen operation. Remove addons to isolate the issue.

How can I prevent issues with the touch screen in my Ford F-150?

Avoid excessive heat buildup, operate the touch screen gently, keep the system software updated, and have the truck serviced at the recommended intervals to minimize technical problems with the display.


In summary, knowing how to reset the touch screen in your Ford F-150 correctly is important for restoring functionality when issues arise. By holding the “Seek Up” and “Power” buttons together for 5-10 seconds, waiting for the system to reboot, and turning the display back on, you can reset the touch screen through a simple process. Updating software, disconnecting the battery, or having your truck serviced may be necessary if basic resets aren’t working. And if the screen fails to illuminate at all, you’ll need to diagnose fuse and wiring problems. With the procedures and tips covered in this article, you now have the key knowledge to get your F-150’s touch screen back up and running in no time


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