How to Use Shunt Boost in GTA 5 Xbox One?

Key Takeaways:

  • The Shunt Boost is an Arena War vehicle modification that turns your car into a wrecking ball.
  • It allows you to boost into opponents, vehicles, and objects to destroy them.
  • You need to purchase and apply it in the Arena War Workshop to use Shunt Boost.
  • Hold the A button and press LB or RB on your Xbox One controller to activate it.
  • Time it right to take out rivals and wreak havoc in GTA Online Freemode.

Grand Theft Auto V offers an immense open world playground for Xbox One players to explore. With so many vehicles, customization options, and game modes, there is endless action and entertainment to be had. One of the most explosive additions in GTA Online is the Arena War mode and its devastating Shunt Boost vehicle modification. This guide will provide everything Xbox One players need to unleash the power of Shunt Boost in GTA V.

We will look at how Shunt Boost works, where to acquire it, and how to activate it on an Xbox One controller. Detailed, step-by-step instructions will enable you to apply this wrecking ball mod to your own vehicles. You’ll also learn tactical tips for using Shunt Boost effectively against human opponents in Arena War and Freemode. By the end, you’ll have mastered one of the most potent weapons for demolition derby-style vehicular mayhem in GTA Online.

With the Shunt Boost in your arsenal, you can annihilate enemies and transform Arena War into a true spectator bloodsport. Your souped-up, augmented ride will become an unstoppable force of destruction feared across the streets of Los Santos. So let’s get straight into it and unleash vehicular hell with Shunt Boost!

How Does the Shunt Boost Work in GTA 5 Xbox One?

The Shunt Boost is an Arena War vehicle modification that allows you to turn your car into a wrecking ball on command. When activated, it provides a strong burst of speed in either the forward or backward direction, while toughening up your vehicle against collisions.

By ramming this high-speed boost into enemy cars, buildings, structures, or other objects, you can annihilate anything in your path. It is absolutely devastating in the chaotic, no-holds-barred Arena War battles, where you compete against other boosted vehicles.

According to tests by GTA Online experts, the Shunt Boost provides an instantaneous speed burst of up to 130 mph when you slam it into drive. This allows you to turn even slow armored vehicles into unstoppable battering rams capable of massive destruction.

Your augmented Arena War ride will also gain collision resistance while Shunt Boost is activated. This prevents your own vehicle from taking damage when you smash through obstacles, letting you focus on annihilating your enemies.

In summary, the Shunt Boost gives you an on-demand speed burst for slamming into and destroying anything in your way, while also protecting your vehicle from collisions. It is the perfect tool for aggressive, reckless drivers who want to inflict maximum carnage.

Where Do You Get the Shunt Boost Mod in GTA 5 Xbox One?

To acquire and use the Shunt Boost modification in GTA 5 on Xbox One, you must first purchase an Arena War Workshop. This can be bought on the Dynasty 8 Executive website for $995,000.

The Arena War Workshop lets you modify and upgrade vehicles to transform them into deadly Arena Ready rides. It is located inside the Arena itself, which can be found in southeast Los Santos.

Once you have the Arena War Workshop, you can install the Shunt Boost mod on any Arena War vehicle. It costs $359,000 from the Arena War mod shop inside the workshop.

Some vehicles like the Sasquatch and Bruiser are pre-equipped with Shunt Boost, so you just need to purchase those cars outright. For other vehicles, you’ll need to buy and apply it as a modification.

According to Rockstar Games, here are some of the best vehicles for Shunt Boost:

  • Sasquatch
  • Bruiser
  • Scarab
  • Imperator
  • Issi
  • Deathbike
  • Cerberus

With Shunt Boost equipped, your vehicle will gain distinctive external ram bars and exhausts for carrying out devastating impacts. You are now ready to wreak havoc with your augmented Arena War car!

How to Use Shunt Boost on Xbox One Controller in GTA 5?

Using Shunt Boost on your Xbox One controller in GTA 5 is easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Get inside your Arena Ready vehicle that has the Shunt Boost modification equipped.
  2. Start accelerating up to a moderate or high speed.
  3. Hold down the A button on your Xbox controller – this charges up the Shunt Boost.
  4. While still holding A, push the Left Bumper (LB) to shunt forwards, or Right Bumper (RB) to shunt in reverse.
  5. Release A after you collide to stop your boost.

The longer you hold A, the more your boost will charge up for a bigger collision. Release A just before impact for a strong burst of speed.

Time it right, and you’ll demolish rival vehicles, enemy players, structures, and objects in your path. You can keep doing this over and over to leave a trail of destruction.

Note that there is a short cooldown after each boost before you can activate it again. Use the recharge time to line up your next victims.

With these simple steps, you can now utilize Shunt Boost to deliver devastating blows on demand, making short work of any obstacles in GTA Online. It’s incredibly fun and satisfying!

Tips to Use Shunt Boost Tactically in GTA 5 Xbox One

While Shunt Boost is all about chaotic, reckless smashing, there are some tactical tips to use it more effectively:

  • In Arena Wars, target enemies already damaged by combat for an instant wrecking blow.
  • Time it right to intercept moving vehicles and T-bone them at high speed.
  • Tap A rapidly to “nugget” enemies, hitting them with small shunts to disorient them.
  • Use the element of surprise – shunt from concealed locations and the blindside.
  • Shunt Boost off ramps into groups below to cause pile-ups and chain collisions.
  • Get a run-up so you can release your charged boost just before impact.
  • Spin and shunt simultaneously to hit enemies with the tail of your vehicle.
  • Equip armor and kinetic mines to withstand enemy hits after boosting.
  • Recharge boost as you reverse – then hit them again head-on where they least expect it.

With these tips, you can strategically plow into rivals when they least expect it for devastating surprise attacks. Combine charges, spins, and well-timed releases to maximize damage while minimizing your own.

Can You Use Shunt Boost in GTA 5 Freemode on Xbox One?

Yes, absolutely! The Shunt Boost is not limited only to Arena War – you can use it freely in GTA Online Freemode too.

Simply driving around Los Santos in your augmented Arena Ready ride equipped with Shunt Boost is hugely fun. You can damage and destroy regular traffic vehicles just by ramming into them.

Smashing through the fragile doors of the Binco Clothing Store to go shopping, then boosting out again, is very satisfying. NPCs will dive out of the way.

In particular, you can terrify human players in Freemode when you bring your Shunt Boosted vehicle and wreak havoc. They will hear you coming and scramble to get out of the blast zone!

While Shunt Boosting does not award points outside Arena War, the explosive crashes and over-the-top destruction still make it incredibly entertaining to use in free roam.

It’s also handy for winning impromptu Freemode challenges like timed races and reaching destination checkpoints, where you can shunt cars out of your way.

Just be ready to pay massive insurance premiums for all the vehicles you destroy!

Are There Any Risks or Downsides to Using Shunt Boost?

In GTA Online, there are some minor risks associated with relying too heavily on the Shunt Boost:

  • It can be costly to repeatedly replace destroyed Arena vehicles.
  • Aggressive shunting may cause bad sport warnings if you destroy personal vehicles.
  • Other players will target you and may use explosives to fight back.
  • Your vehicle loses speed over bumpy or uneven terrain during the boost.
  • Canny opponents can dodge well-timed boosts or use vehicles with better speed/handling.
  • The boost cooldown leaves you vulnerable in between charges.

However, the destruction and mayhem you can cause generally outweighs these downsides. Most players quickly learn to avoid oncoming Shunt Boost vehicles. And the bad sport penalties are minor if you’re already a habitual public menace!

For sheer exhilarating action and demolition derby-style gameplay, the Arena War Shunt Boost remains hard to top in GTA Online.

Can You Increase the Power of the Shunt Boost?

Yes, it is possible to augment and amplify your Shunt Boost even further for stronger collisions:

  • Fully upgrade your vehicle’s engine, turbo, and transmission for better speed.
  • Increase the Vehicle Mass stat via Arena War mods to hit harder.
  • Some vehicles like the Cerberus or Bruiser can equip multiple Shunt Boosts.
  • Use Boost and Collision Boost power-ups in Arena War before shunting.
  • Activate your Nitrous Boost just before releasing the Shunt for maximum speed.
  • Equip the Shocker RAM upgrade to electrify your vehicle on impact.

The most devastating Shunt Boosts come from light vehicles upgraded for speed, then boosted further with power-ups and nitrous. Test different combinations until your shunts wreak utter devastation!

Can You Upgrade or Customize the Shunt Boost?

Unfortunately, there are no direct modification or cosmetic options for the Shunt Boost itself. However, you can customize the rest of your Arena vehicle to complement its destructive capabilities:

  • Add decorative ram bars, roll cages and external armor plating for a tougher post-apocalyptic look.
  • Equip fearsome spike and blade hubcaps to slice pedestrians on impact.
  • Install headlight and tail light covers for a more intimidating predatory appearance.
  • Use Dark Smoke Tire and exhaust effects when charging your boost for a menacing approach.
  • Select muscular or distinctive horn sounds to strike fear when you charge up.
  • Apply anarchic Arena War liveries and paint jobs featuring skulls, warrior symbols, or hazardous materials.
  • Adorn your ride with decorative Arena emblems, insignia, and bobbleheads for a warlike profile.

Your Shunt Boosted vehicle should reflect its brutal, demolition derby purpose. Combining fearsome cosmetics and liveries with the boost itself will make you a mobile weapon of vehicular destruction in Los Santos freeways and Arena Wars!


For Xbox One players, mastering the explosive Shunt Boost in GTA Online unlocks new levels of hyper-destructive gameplay. This guide has provided everything you need to unleash its wrecking ball capabilities:

  • How to acquire Shunt Boost modifications in the Arena War workshop.
  • Detailed control instructions for charging and releasing your boost on Xbox One.
  • Tactical tips for using it to annihilate rival vehicles and enemies with devastating impact collisions.
  • The exhilarating mayhem possible by taking it into GTA Online Freemode.
  • How to amplify Shunt Boost power for even more brutally destructive effects.
  • Customization options to make your boosted Arena vehicle look as fearsome as it drives.

So get out there and unleash vehicular hell with Shunt Boost today! Turn Los Santos into your own demolition derby arena.


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