How to Identify Tick Bites on Dogs? (Detailed Guide)

Here’s how to identify the bites of a tick on dogs.

  1. The area of the bug bite on the dog will show a small red bump resembling an insect bite.
  2. Tick bites shouldn’t cause your dog to scratch.
  3. The bites of ticks on your dog will disappear at their own pace within a couple of days. But, there’s always the possibility of getting sick no matter if the dog is on preventative medication for ticks and you’ve removed the tick.

What are the signs of tick bites causing illness in dogs?

  • It is your dog’s scratching at the old wound of a tick
  • The redness may continue to grow or worsen around the area of the bite of a tick.
  • Then, if you’re crying or oozing, it’s around a tick bite wound

They can spread disease to your pet, which vary in severity, including:

This disease can be cured by the use of preventative tick medications.

Discuss with your vet for suggestions.

How do you recognize the presence of ticks on a dog

It’s difficult to detect ticks on dogs who have dark or long fur, as ticks are tiny and dark-colored.

Adult ticks are about the sizes of the apple seed, while nymph ticks are as big as poppy seeds, and larvae are as big as particles of sand.

All ticks, regardless of which stage of their life are a mixture of black, brown or Tan.

There are ticks that be sporting one or more streaks of white or streaks on their backs.

While there are 15 tick species within the U.S., there are eight that most often infest dogs:

  1. American Dog Tick
  2. Brown Dog Tick
  3. Deer Tick or Black-Legged Tick
  4. Gulf Coast Tick
  5. Lone Star Tick
  6. Rocky Mountain Wood Tick
  7. Spinose Ear Tick
  8. Western Black-Legged Tick

For more information on ticks and images, visit this Companion Animal Parasite Councils (CAPC) list of ticks for dogs.

Where can you find ticks on dogs?

Look for ticks within your pet’s 6 “warm” areas:

  • Ears
  • Neck
  • Armpits
  • Face
  • Groin
  • Tail

What is the next step you should take after identifying ticks on your pet?

If the tick remains present, remove it by using tweezers, or special tweezers for the remove of ticks.

Take a look at Dogster’s step-by-step instructions in our guide How to Get rid of the tick.

When you’ve removed it:

  • Infuse the tick with an alcohol solution to destroy it and then you can save it for your veterinarian.
  • Infect the skin of the dog and tweezers using hydrogen peroxide or alcohol
  • Be on the lookout for infections on the website
  • Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to check your dog’s ticks for tick-borne disease.
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