Does Medora Musical Sell Alcohol?

The Medora Musical is a popular musical variety show held in an outdoor amphitheater in Medora, North Dakota. With entertaining musical numbers, comedy skits, and breathtaking scenery, it attracts thousands of visitors every summer. A common question many have before attending is – does Medora Musical sell alcohol?

Alcohol Availability at Medora Musical

The availability of alcoholic beverages at the Medora Musical is not explicitly stated on their website or informational materials. However, there are some clues that suggest alcohol may be available for purchase:

  • The Medora C-Store, located next to the amphitheater, is listed as one of the local liquor stores in Medora. It carries a variety of beer, wine, and liquor.
  • North Dakota state laws allow for the sale of packaged alcoholic beverages between 11 AM – 1 AM daily.
  • Many outdoor amphitheaters and performance venues sell beer and wine to patrons during shows.

So while not definitively confirmed, there is a good possibility that alcoholic beverages are sold at the Medora Musical, likely at the adjoining C-Store. But the best way to find out is to contact them directly.

Contacting Medora Musical About Alcohol Sales

To get a definitive answer on whether alcohol is sold at the Medora Musical, the best approach is to reach out to them directly:

  • Call the box office at (701) 623-4100 – the friendly staff can let you know if beer, wine or other alcohol is available on-site.
  • Email them at with your inquiry about purchasing alcohol during the show.
  • Check their FAQ page – many venues address common questions like this on their websites, so browse Medora Musical’s FAQ to see if alcohol sales are noted.
  • Stop by the on-site box office when you arrive at the amphitheater – the staff can confirm if they sell alcohol and what options are available.

Getting in touch with the Medora Musical box office is the best way to find out their specific alcohol policy. As venues sometimes change policies, contacting them directly ensures you get the most up-to-date information.

North Dakota’s Alcohol Laws

To better understand the likelihood of alcohol sales at the Medora Musical, it helps to look at North Dakota’s laws governing alcohol sales:

  • For on-sale liquor licenses (like bars and restaurants), alcohol can be served between 11 AM – 1 AM daily.
  • Off-sale liquor licenses (like liquor stores) allow sales of packaged alcohol from 11 AM – 1 AM Monday through Saturday.
  • For beer and wine only off-sale licenses, sales are permitted from 11 AM – 1 AM daily.

So Medora businesses like the C-Store next to the amphitheater are legally able to sell packaged beer, wine and liquor during daytime and evening hours – prime times for the Medora Musical performances.

Knowing these statewide alcohol sales laws lend support to the idea that the venue would be permitted to sell alcoholic beverages with the proper liquor license. But again, directly contacting the Medora Musical organizers is the only way to know their specific on-site alcohol policy.

Alcohol at Other Outdoor Venues

Looking at whether other similar outdoor amphitheaters and performance venues sell alcohol can also provide some clues around the Medora Musical’s policy.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre – Morrison, CO

The iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado hosts concerts and events in a dramatic outdoor setting. Alcohol is available for purchase:

  • Beer sales open when gates open
  • Wine and spirits begin sales when the opener starts performing

Drinks are served in plastic cups and attendees are limited to buying a maximum of 4 at a time.

Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts – Vienna, VA

Wolf Trap National Park features performing arts shows at its outdoor Filene Center auditorium. Food and beverages are sold during events:

  • Beer, wine, and cocktails are available at concessions stands
  • Attendees can bring up to 2 factory-sealed bottles of wine into the venue

Drinks are served in plastic cups. Coolers and outside alcohol are prohibited.

Chautauqua Institution – Chautauqua, NY

The historic Chautauqua Institution hosts lectures, concerts, and performances in an outdoor amphitheater during summertime. Its alcohol policy is:

  • Beer and wine are available for purchase from vendors and concession stands
  • No outside alcohol or glass containers are allowed

So the policies at these popular outdoor venues demonstrate how it’s common practice to allow limited alcohol sales. With beer and wine being the most widely available options. And practical restrictions like plastic cups, bottle limits, and no outside alcohol brought in.

Again, the only way to confirm if the Medora Musical runs similar alcohol concessions is to check with them directly. But policies at comparable amphitheaters suggest it’s a strong possibility.

Benefits of Allowing Alcohol Sales

There are some clear benefits for an outdoor venue like the Medora Musical to allow alcohol sales within set guidelines:

  • Added Revenue – Beer, wine and cocktail sales can generate significant additional income for the venue. Even limited offerings would provide a revenue boost.
  • Enhanced Experience – For some attendees, enjoying a drink can be part of the overall evening’s enjoyment. Responsible alcohol service can be part of a positive experience.
  • Safety – Allowing alcohol purchased on-site promotes responsible consumption and limits issues that can arise from outside alcohol being brought in.

Again, all indicators point to alcohol likely being available in some capacity at the Medora Musical. But this will need to be weighed against any public safety or liability concerns. Their alcohol policy can adapt over time to achieve the right balance.

Bringing Your Own Alcohol

Since the Medora Musical takes place at an open-air amphitheater in a state park, some visitors may wonder if they can bring their own alcohol to enjoy during the performance.

However, it’s highly unlikely outside alcohol is allowed:

  • Almost all event venues prohibit outside beverages from being brought in, especially alcohol. This allows them to control sales and consumption.
  • Drinking in public spaces often requires a special permit or license. The Medora Musical likely holds any licences needed for on-site alcohol sales and consumption.
  • North Dakota state parks do not allow alcohol without proper local permits. Bringing your own alcohol onto the premises would probably violate park rules.

While the Medora Musical may sell alcoholic beverages on-site, guests should not plan on bringing their own alcohol into the venue. Be sure to check all venue policies in advance so you’re aware of the rules before arriving. Consuming alcohol irresponsibly could lead to removal from the venue.

Enjoy the Show Responsibly

The Medora Musical provides a fabulous evening of family-friendly entertainment in a beautiful outdoor setting. To ensure everyone enjoys the show:

  • Drink Responsibly – If alcohol is served, indulge wisely and monitor your consumption. Don’t let overdrinking mar the show.
  • Act Responsibly – Be respectful of cast, staff, and fellow attendees by not engaging in disruptive behavior.
  • Plan Ahead – Use ride share services or designate a sober driver to safely get home after the show.
  • Follow All Venue Rules – Abide by the Medora Musical’s policies to maintain a secure, enjoyable environment for all.

By being a responsible audience member, you’ll delight in the Medora Musical’s magical atmosphere that much more. Taking a few sensible precautions will let you relax and take in the enchanting Badlands setting and talented performers.

So does Medora Musical sell alcohol? The answer is to reach out to them directly to find out their current beverage policy and options. But information on liquor laws, typical amphitheater practices, and responsible enjoyment all point to possible limited alcohol sales. Contact the Medora Musical box office to confirm so you can best plan your visit.


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