Should Mage Be Aldor or Scryer?

Key Takeaways:

  • Choosing Aldor or Scryer depends on the gear rewards and enchants that suit your playstyle.
  • Aldor offers gear better for casters like Mages and Warlocks, while Scryer gear suits melee classes more.
  • Aldor has an enchant with spell penetration, while Scryer has one with spell damage.
  • Aldor rewards align more with Mages focused on PvP and spellcasting.
  • Scryer rewards suit Mages who prioritize high damage for PvE content.
  • Consider your specialization and gear needs when picking a faction as a Mage.


World of Warcraft offers players many choices that can significantly impact their gameplay experience. One such choice is deciding between the Aldor and Scryer factions in Outland. This decision is especially crucial for Mages looking to maximize their potential. With different gear rewards and enchants offered, weighing the benefits of each faction is vital. This article will provide a comprehensive analysis of whether Mage players should align with Aldor or Scryer.

Understanding the unique perks of these two factions allows Mages to make an informed decision. The choice directly affects the gear and enchants you can obtain, which shape your effectiveness in various aspects of the game. Evaluating how the faction offerings synergize with different Mage specializations and playstyles is key. By equipping optimal gear and enchants for your needs, you can perform at your peak.

This guide will outline the notable rewards from the Aldor and Scryer. It will compare and contrast how their benefits impact a Mage, considering PvE, PvP, itemization, and more. Whether enhancing your spell damage or penetration is preferable requires consideration. Becoming exalted with the best faction for your goals will pay dividends through the gear, enchants, and recipes you unlock. The information provided here aims to empower Mages to make the optimal choice.

Evaluating Aldor vs. Scryer for Mages

What Gear Rewards Does Each Faction Offer?

The choice between Aldor and Scryer centers around their different gear offerings tailored to various classes and roles. Several notable reputation rewards stand out for Mages.


  • Flame-Strider Staff – A powerful caster staff well-itemized for Mages and Warlocks.
  • Avenger’s Blade – A one-handed sword suitable for melee classes.


  • Bloodmage Blade – A caster dagger useful for fire Mages.
  • Seer’s Blade – A melee-focused one-handed sword.

The rewards clearly cater to certain roles and class specializations. For Mages, Aldor’s staff provides an excellent caster weapon, while Scryer has less ideal gear. This makes Aldor more enticing for boosted spell damage.

How Do the Enchants Compare?

In addition to gear, the enchants offered by Aldor and Scryer differ in ways that impact Mages:


  • Enchant Weapon – Major Spellpower: Gives +40 spell damage
  • Enchant Gloves – Spell Strike: Adds spell penetration and critical strike rating


  • Enchant Weapon – Sunfire: Gives +50 spell damage
  • Enchant Gloves – Assault: Increases critical strike and attack power

For pure spellcasting, Aldor’s enchant edge in penetration helps overcome resistances while Scryer offers slightly more spell damage. Considering most endgame PvE encounters require stacking penetration, Aldor has the PvE enchant advantage. For PvP, penetration again proves useful against enemy resilience.

How Do the Class Spec Differences Play Out?

Looking deeper, the choice also depends on your Mage specialization and role:

Fire Mages

Scryer’s dagger and higher damage enchant synergize well with big critical strikes.

Frost/Arcane Mages

Aldor’s staff and penetration enchant boosts overall spell effectiveness. The stats suit PvP and control.

PvE Raiding

Aldor’s penetration enchant helps assure spells hit bosses. Scryer works for pure AoE and cleave.


Aldor’s penetration and spellstrike enchant cut through resilience for burst and control.

So for well-rounded play, Aldor generally aligns better for Mages. But for max, single-target damage, Scryer can fit Fire Mages who stack crit well.

Common Questions About Aldor vs Scryer for Mages

Which faction should I choose if I mostly do PvP as a Mage?

If PvP is your priority, choosing Aldor is likely the best option as a Mage. Aldor’s spell penetration enchant allows your spells to better overcome the resilience from enemy players. This means your critical spells will hit harder and your control effects will be more reliable. Scryer does offer slightly more spell damage, but penetration is generally more useful in PvP.

Is Aldor or Scryer better for frost mages?

For frost mages, Aldor is likely the better reputation faction choice. The spell penetration from Aldor’s glove enchant helps ensure your freezing and controlling spells consistently affect targets. Scryer does offer marginally more spell damage, but penetration works better for frost’s playstyle. Aldor’s caster staff is also ideal for boosting your frozen spells.

What if I’m a fire mage – should I pick Aldor or Scryer?

As a fire mage, your choice between Aldor and Scryer is less clear cut. Scryer’s bloodmage dagger and higher spell damage weapon enchant can allow for bigger critical strikes, which synergizes well with fire’s high crit gameplay. However, Aldor’s penetration can still be very useful for landing those hard-hitting fireballs and pyroblasts. So either option could work, just optimize your other gear based on your choice.

Is Aldor or Scryer better for leveling a mage?

When leveling a mage, Aldor is likely the better faction choice. Aldor’s caster staff is a powerful leveling weapon that will boost your damage from early Outland levels and beyond. The spell penetration enchant also helps ensure your spells hit reliably while questing and running dungeons. Scryer can work too, but overall Aldor’s rewards seem more universally beneficial while leveling up a new mage.

Can I reach exalted with both Aldor and Scryer as a mage?

It is possible, but extremely time consuming, to reach exalted reputation with both Aldor and Scryer as a mage. You would have to grind an immense amount of turn-in items and run dungeons extensively. It requires not only maxing out Aldor or Scryer first, but also doing a lengthy quest chain to reverse your rivalry with the other faction. Given the effort required, it is not recommended to attempt both exalted reputations unless you are exceptionally dedicated.

Should my race or spec impact whether I choose Aldor or Scryer?

Your Mage’s race or specialization does not need to factor into choosing between Aldor and Scryer. The benefits of each faction are broadly similar across races and specs. Minor factors like Scryer suiting fire mages slightly more exist, but the gear and enchants are still worthwhile for any Mage. Pick Aldor or Scryer based on your general playstyle and goals rather than your specific class traits.

Key Takeaways: Choosing What’s Best for You

  • For most Mages, Aldor offers the most well-rounded reputation rewards through gear, enchants, and recipes.
  • Scryer can be a strong option if maximizing high single-target spell damage is your top priority.
  • Aim to select the faction that provides you with gear and enchants that most closely align with your playstyle.
  • Reaching higher reputation levels sooner will let you access the key rewards faster for a boost.
  • Remember you cannot easily reverse your choice, so pick carefully based on your goals.

For Mages, choosing between Aldor and Scryer requires evaluating your playstyle priorities and specialization needs. While Aldor suits many Mage builds well, don’t just default to it if Scryer specifically caters to your gameplay aims. Whether it be spell penetration or pure spell damage you seek, aligning with the right faction can give your Mage the edge needed to succeed.


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