What Is the Tuition at Pingree School?

Key Takeaways:

  • The tuition at Pingree School for 2022-2023 is $53,800 for the comprehensive fee.
  • Additional estimated costs like books and materials are $750 per year.
  • 40% of families receive financial aid, with a total of $5 million awarded annually.
  • Non-tuition costs like bus transportation are also covered by financial aid.
  • The average financial aid award is reported as $31,000 by Niche.


Selecting the right private school for your child is an important decision that involves weighing many factors. A key consideration for most families is the cost of tuition and fees. This can vary widely depending on the school. As you evaluate options, you’ll want to take a close look at the total costs, financial assistance available, and what is included in the tuition rate. This article will provide everything you need to know about the tuition and fees at Pingree School, a top private school located in Massachusetts.

By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of Pingree’s tuition costs, what is covered, additional expenses, and the financial aid and assistance provided. With these details, you can determine if Pingree is affordable based on your family’s financial situation. The information provided here aims to increase transparency around private school costs and make your decision an informed one.

What Is the Base Tuition at Pingree School?

For the 2022-2023 academic year, the tuition rate to attend Pingree School is $53,800. This is an all-inclusive comprehensive fee that covers the majority of costs for the school year.

According to the school’s website, the comprehensive fee includes items such as:

  • Academic courses and instruction
  • Use of technology, library, and other facilities
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Textbook lending
  • Student activities and clubs
  • Transportation for school-sponsored trips
  • Athletic teams and physical education
  • Health services

This $53,800 fee is the full cost of attendance and accounts for the main expenses at Pingree School. It is an annual rate charged for the full school year.

What Additional Costs Are There?

While the comprehensive fee covers most major expenses, families should also budget for some additional costs at Pingree School.

The main extras not included are:

  • Books and academic materials – These are estimated at around $750 for the school year. Students may need to purchase specific textbooks, notebooks, supplies, etc.
  • School uniform – Pingree requires school uniforms that must be purchased. Costs can vary.
  • Transportation – Pingree does not provide regular school bus transportation. Daily transportation costs are the responsibility of families.
  • Incidentals – Other variable minor costs like field trip fees or expenses for extracurricular activities.

So in total, families can expect to pay $750-$1000 more than the tuition rate to cover these additional academic, uniform, and transportation costs.

What Percentage of Students Receive Financial Aid?

Pingree School makes financial aid and assistance available to ensure the school is accessible to admitted students regardless of economic circumstances.

According to statistics provided by the school:

  • 40% of enrolled students receive some amount of financial aid
  • The total grant amount awarded is $5 million per year

This demonstrates that financial aid is widely available, with over one-third of families qualifying for tuition assistance based on their financial profile. On average, grant awards made up 15% of the total comprehensive fee in recent years.

How Much Financial Aid Is Provided on Average?

While the exact financial aid award depends on each family’s unique situation, here are some details on typical grant amounts:

  • For students receiving aid in 2021-2022, the average Pingree grant was $31,000 per student.
  • The median grant amount was $30,000.
  • Most grant awards ranged from $10,000 to $40,000.
  • Some exceptional cases received awards covering up to 80% of costs.

According to third-party sites like Niche, the average financial aid package for Pingree School is $31,000. This indicates that while the published tuition rate may seem high, a significant portion of families receive large discounts in practice.

What Expenses Does Financial Aid Cover Besides Tuition?

An important advantage of Pingree’s financial aid policy is that it extends beyond just the tuition fee. Financial assistance can also be applied to:

  • Transportation – Grants help subsidize the annual bus service cost of $2,650 plus a $350 bus deposit.
  • Books and supplies – Awards help cover these essential academic expenses.
  • Incidentals – Assistance with expenses like field trips, sports uniforms, etc. is available.

Therefore, Pingree School ensures financial aid reduces the total cost of attendance for families with economic constraints, not just the tuition rate. This makes the school accessible to bright students from all backgrounds.

What Are the Qualifications to Receive Financial Aid from Pingree?

Pingree School has a need-blind admission policy – admission decisions are made irrespective of a student’s financial situation. Once admitted, families can apply for financial aid.

Here are the main criteria used to determine financial aid eligibility and award amounts:

  • Financial need – Household income, expenses, assets, debts, etc. are considered to evaluate capacity to pay the full tuition.
  • Family circumstances – Factors like single parenthood, dependents, medical costs are accounted for.
  • Student merit – Academic and extracurricular achievements influence aid grants.
  • Availability of school funds – Neediest students get priority for financial assistance.

Families are required to submit detailed financial documentation that is reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the financial aid committee. The aid application process opens in December for the next academic year.

How Does Pingree School Compare to Other Private Schools in Terms of Tuition and Financial Aid?

Relative to other top private schools in the area, Pingree has the following tuition and financial aid profile:

  • The $53,800 comprehensive fee is higher than local public schools but competitive with private schools.
  • Their average financial aid grant of $31,000 is generous.
  • The 40% of students receiving aid is above-average for financial assistance availability.
  • Coverage of non-tuition costs makes it more affordable than other schools.

For example, according to Niche, similar elite private schools charge:

  • Choate Rosemary Hall: $61,860 tuition with 38% receiving aid averaging $51,000
  • Phillips Academy: $63,200 tuition with 47% receiving aid averaging $53,000
  • Concord Academy: $56,000 tuition with 43% receiving aid averaging $44,000

So Pingree School stands out for its balance of a mid-range tuition rate and substantial financial assistance for families in need.

How Can Families Evaluate If Pingree School Is Affordable for Them?

Determining affordability will depend on your household’s unique financial situation. Here are some steps families can take:

  • Estimate total costs – Tuition, extra fees, books, transportation, etc.
  • Determine potential aid – Use estimators or consult the school on possible grant amount.
  • Compare to budget – Consider expenses saved from current private or public school.
  • Account for future years – Project costs for additional years or siblings.
  • Research scholarships – For high academic achievers or other cases.

The school also encourages reaching out for individual guidance on costs and aid opportunities. Being transparent about your financial constraints allows Pingree to provide tailored advice.

While the tuition may initially seem daunting, the generous financial assistance makes Pingree accessible for many families in practice. The school aims to ensure all qualified, motivated students can attend irrespective of background.


The tuition and associated expenses are undoubtedly key factors weighing on the decision to enroll in an elite private school like Pingree. By comprehensively understanding the $53,800 comprehensive fee, typical financial aid grants, additional costs, and affordability based on your situation, families can determine if the school aligns with both their child’s needs and household finances.

Pingree School stands apart for its balance of academic excellence, student experience, and accessibility. The school’s substantial financial aid program, covering tuition and other costs, opens the doors to deserving students from diverse economic backgrounds. With the insights provided in this article, parents can make an informed choice about whether Pingree is the right fit for their bright young student.


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