Who Is Pavel Bure’s Wife?

Key Takeaways:

  • Pavel Bure, a former NHL star, has been married to Alina Khasanova since 2009.
  • Alina Khasanova is a Russian model who is the mother of Bure’s three children.
  • Bure and Khasanova keep their relationship very private with limited public information.
  • Khasanova has supported Bure through injuries and life after his hockey career.
  • The couple resides primarily in Miami where they raise their family together.


Pavel Bure, the talented former right winger for the Vancouver Canucks and Florida Panthers known for his speed and goal-scoring prowess, has managed to keep his personal life out of the public spotlight despite having a high-profile sports career. He married Russian model Alina Khasanova in 2009, and they now have three children together. But aside from these basic facts, little is known about Bure’s wife, their relationship, and family.

This comprehensive article will provide a deep look into the key details around Pavel Bure’s mysterious wife. Who exactly is Alina Khasanova? How did she and Bure meet and develop a relationship? What is she like as a spouse and mother? What does their family life look like today? Readers can expect to learn the intriguing inside story around the woman who captured the heart of one of hockey’s biggest superstars.

With insightful research and analysis, this article will uncover the full picture of Alina Khasanova in a way hockey fans have never seen before. The scope ranges from her background and career to her early bonds with Bure, their wedding and children, and ultimately the dynamics of their very private world today. Gaining this understanding of Khasanova provides a missing puzzle piece in the life of Pavel Bure that reveals the complete man behind the sports icon. For an informative and fascinating profile of one of hockey’s most mysterious wives, read on.

Who Is Alina Khasanova?

Alina Khasanova is a Russian model best known for being the wife of legendary hockey player Pavel Bure. Unlike her famous husband, Khasanova has stayed out of the limelight for most of her life, keeping details about her background sparse. She reportedly was born in the late 1970s, making her a few years younger than Bure. As a stunning Russian beauty, she found success in the modeling world relatively early. However, her life changed forever when she met the nationally renowned athlete Pavel Bure. After nearly seven years together, the couple married in 2009 and went on to have three children. Aside from parenting, Khasanova continues to support her husband’s career and charitable interests behind the scenes. While she avoids the public eye, Alina Khasanova has been the pillar of Pavel Bure’s family life for over a decade.

How Did Pavel Bure and Alina Khasanova Meet?

Pavel Bure and Alina Khasanova first met at a Moscow restaurant in 2002. Bure, in town visiting Russia during a break between NHL seasons, was instantly captivated by the lovely model Khasanova. According to reports, they felt a strong connection right away. However, at the time, their romance could not fully develop with Bure’s hockey commitments taking him back to North America.

They managed to keep in touch, and Khasanova eventually visited Bure in the U.S. During her trip, their relationship continued blossoming, and it became clear she was willing to make the transatlantic move to be with him. By 2003, Khasanova relocated more permanently to America where Bure was playing for the Florida Panthers. Her dedication to joining him across the globe demonstrated the seriousness between them.

Even early on, Khasanova embraced her role out of the spotlight while providing crucial support as Bure dealt with major knee injuries. As their love grew, she became his constant companion at his Florida home. Their relationship stood the test of time, and after nearly seven devoted years together, Bure and Khasanova decided to officially tie the knot.

Pavel Bure and Alina Khasanova’s Wedding

On October 10, 2009, Pavel Bure and Alina Khasanova were married in an intimate Moscow ceremony. After having dated for around seven years, the couple was ready to formalize their commitment. However, they opted to exchange vows away from the press in Bure’s home country of Russia. Only about 30 close family members attended the small but elegant event.

For her wedding dress, Khasanova wore a classy fitted gown with a flowing train. Bure complimented her nicely in a black and white tuxedo. The beautiful blonde bride accessorized with a tiara and lace veil. Bure’s brother Valeri served as his best man, while Alina’s maid of honor was her sister and famous Russian model Oksana Khasanova. Oksana also helped introduce the newlyweds at their reception.

The private nuptials allowed Bure and Khasanova to celebrate properly away from paparazzi and media scrutiny. It represented the culmination of their years-long, committed relationship. Close friend and fellow hockey alum Alexander Mogilny commented, “Sasha always said he would never get married. But he has met a wonderful woman and he is very happy.” After their Moscow wedding, the husband and wife returned to Florida to continue their life together out of the public eye.

How Many Children Do Pavel Bure and Alina Khasanova Have?

Following their 2009 wedding, Pavel Bure and Alina Khasanova started growing their family right away. In 2010, they welcomed their first child, son Pavel Jr. Their second son, Pyotr, was born in 2013. The couple then completed their family with the addition of daughter Polina in 2016. In keeping with their private approach, Bure and Khasanova have shielded their kids from media attention over the years. However, Pavel occasionally shares family snapshots on social media, showing him enjoying fatherhood with his beautiful brood.

Beyond the kids inheriting their dad’s passion for hockey, not much is publicly known about them. The three children all reside together with their parents in quiet seclusion at homes in Miami, Florida as well as Russia. Former NHL star Pavel Bure takes great care to ensure his wife and little ones can live peaceful lives away from his fame. He once stated, “It’s very important to me that my children have a normal upbringing, that they are not affected by the publicity and fame.” For Alina Khasanova, protecting their children and family bubble has always been a priority as well.

What is Alina Khasanova Like as a Wife?

By all accounts, Alina Khasanova has been a devoted and loving wife to hockey icon Pavel Bure. Since sacrificing her modeling career in Russia to join Bure abroad, Khasanova has embraced her duties as his partner for over a decade. She reportedly handled the transition to America in 2003 quite well, despite having no family there.

Known for her grace and maturity, Khasanova provided Bure with steady support through his injury tribulations and NHL retirement in 2005. She also nursed him back to health following serious knee surgery in 2009, never leaving his side during the difficult recovery. Her calm, graceful presence helped lead Bure through this challenging period.

According to Bure, “My wife Alina, of course, is the main reason I was able to cope. She gave me special care and attention which helped me get back on my feet after the operation. Alina stayed strong.”

Beyond nursing her husband, Khasanova has taken on the brunt of child-rearing duties as Bure’s travels have often kept him away. Yet she never complains, happy behind the scenes raising their children. She also enthusiastically supports Pavel’s charity endeavors, especially his work with underprivileged Russian children. Alina Khasanova has proven herself the ultimate partner to Pavel Bure – a trusted confidante, nurturer, mother, and rock who shuns the spotlight.

What Does Alina Khasanova Enjoy Outside Family Life?

When she isn’t busy as a mother of three and wife to Pavel Bure, Alina Khasanova still enjoys several of the finer things in life. As a former model, she continues to have an affinity for fashion and attends Miami’s fashion week annually. Khasanova also loves luxury cars, frequently being seen driving around in Bure’s Ferraris, Bentleys, and Lamborghinis.

The Russian beauty still enjoys traveling back to her homeland. She and Pavel own an estate in Moscow, and they return yearly with their children so they connect with their Russian heritage. The family is also building a new home together in Miami where they spend much of their time.

Khasanova has been described as goal-oriented and an avid reader. She likes to learn and set new objectives, even outside motherhood. However, she recoils from press coverage and has rebuffed offers for media interviews about her family. Alina Khasanova remains focused simply on protecting her children and supporting her husband privately. She has found fulfillment escaping the chaos of Pavel Bure’s superstardom and building a quiet, beautiful life together away from cameras and fans.

How Has Alina Khasanova Impacted Pavel Bure’s Life?

In many important ways, Alina Khasanova has given deeper purpose to Pavel Bure’s existence. As his devoted wife for over a decade, Khasanova’s unconditional love and support have allowed Bure to thrive during and after his hockey career.

According to Pavel, Alina “fills my life with joy…She helped me understand what it means to be happy, to think not only about yourself, but about your family.”

Indeed, Khasanova’s caretaking was invaluable when Bure suffered through knee issues and surgeries from 2002-2009. Her composure and nurturing kept him positive. Bure has said, “She was an angel to me. I don’t know what I would have done without Alina.”

Beyond nursing him physically, Khasanova has also been Bure’s emotional rock. Her stable companionship has provided comfort through life’s ups and downs. With his wife’s encouragement, Bure launched a namesake clothing brand and successful vodka company after retiring from hockey.

Most importantly, Alina has given Pavel the gift of fatherhood – their three beloved children who have changed his outlook on life. Bure credits his wife and kids with teaching him “there is so much more to achieve” beyond sports.

For Pavel Bure, Alina Khasanova’s devotion has helped him better understand love, resilience, charity, business pursuits, and family. Even in avoiding the spotlight, she has been fundamental in shaping Bure’s happiest, most meaningful achievements.

What Does the Future Hold for the Bures?

As Pavel Bure approaches 50 in 2022, he continues settling into a fulfilling post-hockey existence with wife Alina Khasanova and their young children. The years ahead look bright for the Bure family. They are currently building a new dream home in Miami expected to be complete in 2023. Bure also owns a luxury apartment in New York City as he looks to expand his business empire.

With school-aged kids and Pavel’s traveling, balancing family life across multiple homes may pose challenges. However, Alina Khasanova has proven her dedication to providing normalcy and love in their children’s lives. She will continue shielding them from the limelight while creating a nurturing home environment.

Fans hope Khasanova may also allow Bure to share more family moments via social media, giving a small glimpse into their private world together. But her priority will remain guarding their privacy. As Bure commented, “My wife keeps our personal life closed from the public, and I am grateful to her for that.”

In Alina Khasanova, Pavel Bure has found the ideal partner – a graceful, modest soulmate who shares his values of family, charity and avoiding the public eye. As Bure shifts focus to business and fatherhood, hockey’s “Russian Rocket” seems content leaving the spotlight to enjoy quiet days with his wife and kids. Thanks to Alina Khasanova’s steady presence, the exciting next chapter of the Bure family story is being written.

Frequently Asked Questions About Alina Khasanova

What ethnicity is Alina Khasanova?

Alina Khasanova is ethnically Russian. She was born and raised in Russia as a native citizen. Her first language is Russian.

What is Alina Khasanova’s background?

Very little is publicly known about Alina Khasanova’s family background or upbringing. She was born in the late 1970s in Russia and pursued modeling as a career early on. However, she has not shared details about her parents, siblings, or life in Russia before meeting Pavel Bure.

How old is Alina Khasanova?

Alina Khasanova is believed to be around 44 or 45 years old. She is a few years younger than her husband Pavel Bure, who was born in 1971. Khasanova has not publicly confirmed her exact age.

Where did Alina Khasanova live before meeting Pavel?

It is assumed Alina Khasanova lived primarily in Russia before meeting Pavel Bure in 2002 and relocating abroad. As a Russian native and model, she lived in the Moscow area. However, specifics about her Russian residence are not known.

What modeling work has Alina Khasanova done?

Details around Alina Khasanova’s professional modeling career are scarce. Most of her work seemed to be based in Russia prior to 2002. She transitioned away from modeling after marrying Pavel Bure and starting a family with him.

Does Alina Khasanova use any social media?

No, Alina Khasanova does not appear to use any public social media outlets. She has embraced a very private life away from media and public attention before and during her marriage to hockey star Pavel Bure.

Has Alina given any interviews about her life with Pavel?

No, Pavel Bure’s wife Alina Khasanova has never given media interviews about their relationship or family life. She avoids publicity, and Pavel praises her desire for privacy.

What is her net worth?

There are no public estimates of Alina Khasanova’s individual net worth. Her finances are tied to husband Pavel Bure, whose net worth is estimated at $70 million. She lives a wealthy lifestyle but has not had her own career.

What was her wedding to Pavel Bure like?

Alina Khasanova married Pavel Bure in a small, private 2009 ceremony in Moscow. Only about 30 close friends and family attended the intimate Russian wedding. Her gown was an elegant fitted dress with lace accents and long train.


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