Does the Stromberg Have a Boost in GTA Online?

The Stromberg is one of the most unique and versatile vehicles added to GTA Online. As a submarine car, it offers great capabilities both on land and in the water. However, one aspect that often gets questioned is whether the Stromberg has a speed boost ability.

What is the Stromberg?

The Stromberg is a two-seater sports car featured in GTA Online as part of The Doomsday Heist update. Made by Dewbauchee, the Stromberg takes direct inspiration from the Lotus Esprit submarine car from the James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me.

Much like the movie car, the Stromberg can seamlessly transition between driving on land and submerging into water. The sleek exterior gives no indication that this vehicle doubles up as a submarine.

Key Features and Stats

  • Driving on Land – When on land, the Stromberg handles much like a standard sports car with decent speed and acceleration. The top speed is 108 mph.
  • Submarine Abilities – The key highlight is the submarine mode engaged when driven into deep water. It can remain submerged indefinitely and is armed with machine guns and missiles.
  • Armor and Durability – The armored exterior can take several explosions before being destroyed. It can take 5 homing rockets before blowing up.
  • Price – The Stromberg costs $3,185,340 from Warstock Cache & Carry.

So in summary, the Stromberg is a multipurpose vehicle blending the abilities of a sports car and a submarine into one very unique package. Now let’s address the key question of this article.

Does the Stromberg Have a Boost?

No, the Stromberg does not have a speed boost ability either on land or in water.

Unlike some other weaponized vehicles, the Stromberg lacks any form of boost to gain sudden bursts of speed. This absence of a boost feature is one of the most prominent weaknesses of the Stromberg.

How Does Lack of Boost Affect Performance?

The lack of speed boost affects the Stromberg’s performance in the following ways:

  • Slow Acceleration – Without a boost, acceleration from 0-60 mph is quite slow and pedal to the metal driving is required to reach top speeds.
  • Painfully Slow Underwater – The most detrimental effect is felt when submerged. The submarine mode’s top speed underwater is just 3 mph, making crossing even small distances a painfully sluggish process.
  • Poor Evasiveness – In combat situations, the inability to get sudden boosts of speed impacts evasive maneuvers when trying to avoid homing rockets fired by Oppressor MK2s and other threats.

So in summary, the absence of any speed boost capability hurts the Stromberg’s performance both on land and underwater. It’s a glaring omission in an otherwise versatile vehicle.

How Does It Compare to the Toreador?

The Toreador is another submarine car added later to GTA Online. Unlike the Stromberg, the Toreador does have a boost ability. Let’s compare the two vehicles:

  • Boost Ability – The Toreador has a boost that works both on land and underwater. This gives it better acceleration and evasive abilities.
  • Faster Submarine Speed – Underwater, the Toreador has a higher top speed of 17 mph due to the boost. The Stromberg maxes out at just 3 mph.
  • Weapons – Both vehicles have front machine guns. The Toreador has less missile capacity but makes up for it with a deadly booster rocket.
  • Price – The Toreador costs $3.6 million making it slightly more expensive than the Stromberg.

So in terms of abilities, the Toreador has a clear edge over the Stromberg thanks to its speed boost perk. The higher price tag is justified given the boosted performance.

Which One is Better Overall?

The Toreador is considered the better submarine car mainly due to its boost ability giving it better performance on land and underwater. The Stromberg, while slightly cheaper, feels too slow and cumbersome in comparison.

The Toreador’s boost gives it better acceleration off the line and allows more evasive driving. Underwater, the speed boost makes a huge difference as well in making seafloor travel less of a painfully lethargic affair.

Why Doesn’t the Stromberg Have a Boost?

Since the Stromberg takes cues from the Lotus Esprit S1 featured in The Spy Who Loved Me movie, it was designed without a boost to match that vehicle. However, the lack of boost does stand out as a questionable design choice:

  • Missed Opportunity – Having boost capability would have made the Stromberg a much more versatile and usable vehicle without affecting balance. The Toreador proves amphibious cars can have boost.
  • The Movie car Didn’t Need Boost – The moviecar wasn’t meant for high speed chases or evasive maneuvers. So the boost wasn’t needed in that context. But boost helps greatly in GTA gameplay.
  • Technical Limitations? – Some suggest Rockstar possibly avoided boost to avoid technical issues with underwater boosting when the Stromberg was released. The Toreador disproves those concerns.

Overall, there seems to be no good reason to deprive the Stromberg of boost capability. It’s the car’s most glaring limitation and an opportunity missed by Rockstar.

How to Use the Stromberg Effectively?

Despite lacking boost, the Stromberg remains a versatile and weaponized vehicle when used strategically:

  • Use it as a Submarine – The Stromberg shines best underwater. Use it for deep sea diving, exploration, and stealthy approaches. The Sean’s missions highlight the submarine skills.
  • Pick Fights Carefully – Avoid direct PvP fights against OP vehicles like the Oppressor Mk2. Instead rely on ambush tactics and evasion.
  • It’s Durable – The heavy armor means the Stromberg can take some heavy blows before getting disabled. Use the armor to your advantage.
  • Focus on Land Speed – Don’t expect much from underwater movement. But the 108 mph top speed on land is decent for a weaponized vehicle.
  • For Solo use Mostly – Lack of passenger weaponry puts duo teams at a disadvantage. It’s better suited for sole operators.

The Stromberg remains a unique vehicle with some advantages despite its lack of boost. Learn to embrace its strengths while working around the lack of speed burst ability.

Is the Stromberg Worth Buying?

The Stromberg is worth buying if:

  • You appreciate unique vehicles with a movie history and submarine abilities
  • Want an armored vehicle that can defend itself against missiles
  • Primarily intend to use it underwater as a submarine

However, it has limited appeal if:

  • You prefer faster and more agile sports cars
  • Dislike driving slow vehicles without boost abilities
  • Want a good all-rounder vehicle for land and sea

Overall, the Stromberg has some clear caveats like the lack of boost and slow underwater speed. But its distinctive style and submarine capabilities still make it appealing for some buyers, especially James Bond fans.

Verdict: Boost Would Have Made the Stromberg Far More Versatile

In conclusion, the lack of any speed boost function hurts the versatility and performance of the Stromberg noticeably. A boost capability akin to the Toreador would have made it a far more well-rounded and usable vehicle both on land and underwater.

The Stromberg still retains some unique skills, especially underwater. But the painfully sluggish submarine handling leaves much to be desired. That is the cost of remaining faithful to its movie inspiration which didn’t require high-speed antics.

Nonetheless, the Stromberg occupies a special niche thanks to its film legacy. With its flashy looks and submarine skills, it stands out in the GTA Online exotic car roster. Just don’t expect to set any land speed records without that much-needed boost.


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