What Episode Does Blackfire Come in Titans?

Key Takeaways:

  • Blackfire is introduced in the fourth episode of Titans season 3, titled “Blackfire.”
  • The episode premiered on August 19, 2021 on HBO Max.
  • Blackfire is the younger sister of Starfire and seeks revenge against her.
  • Her appearance shakes up the dynamics and relationships within the Titans team.
  • The episode provides origin background for Blackfire and depicts her confrontation with Starfire.


The third season of the popular DC superhero series Titans on HBO Max introduced several new characters into the show’s mythology. One highly anticipated addition was Blackfire, the dangerous and vengeful younger sister of the Titans member Starfire. Blackfire’s arrival was teased in the trailers leading up to the season premiere, generating excitement among fans familiar with her from the Teen Titans comics.

This article will comprehensively evaluate the episode when Blackfire first appears in Titans season 3. It will analyze the episode’s release date, plotlines involving Blackfire, her interactions with Starfire and the other Titans, and the origins revealed about her character. The depth of background provided and the ways her introduction shakes up the Titans dynamics will be explored. Readers will gain valuable insight into how Blackfire is portrayed in the live-action Titans series.

Understanding Blackfire’s first episode is important for fans to fully appreciate her motivations and threat level in the show’s narrative. The information will enrich viewers’ understanding of Starfire’s own backstory as well. This article will deliver a thorough, well-researched breakdown of Blackfire’s inaugural episode to educate Titans viewers on this iconic character’s television debut.

What Is the Episode Title and Release Date for Blackfire’s First Appearance in Titans Season 3?

Blackfire first appears in the fourth episode of Titans season 3, aptly titled “Blackfire.” The episode premiered on August 19, 2021 on the HBO Max streaming platform, as part of the show’s weekly release schedule. This marked the introduction of one of the most significant adversaries the Titans team would face in the season.

What Is Blackfire’s Connection to Starfire, and Why Does She Seek Revenge?

Blackfire, also known by her real name Komand’r, is established as the younger sister of Titans member Starfire, whose real name is Koriand’r. However, the sisters have a very strained relationship, stemming from a traumatic past on their home planet. It is revealed that Blackfire was denied the throne of their planet due to a genetic quirk that robbed her of her natural Tamaranean abilities. She harbors deep resentment against Starfire for then being granted the crown instead.

After attempting to overthrow Starfire and failing, Blackfire was banished from her planet completely. Her appearance in the Titans season 3 episode shows her following Starfire to Earth to seek vengeance for her banishment. She blames Starfire for the loss of her crown, status, and exile from their homeworld. Her desire for revenge is the driving force behind her debut episode’s events.

How Does Blackfire’s Arrival Disrupt the Titans?

Blackfire’s arrival on Earth immediately causes friction and suspicion within the Titans team. Especially once she ingratiates herself with Starfire, causing the other Titans to distrust her motives. Her presence leads Starfire to reveal more about her background as royalty, which surprises her teammates. Blackfire also easily charms the other Titans, particularly Beast Boy, leading to jealousy from Starfire.

The episode shows Blackfire deliberately manipulating the relationships between the Titans members, seeming to feed off creating drama and in-fighting. Her behavior while interacting with each Titan demonstrates her devious personality. In particular, she exploits Robin’s trauma to gain his trust. Overall, having Blackfire in their midst tests the bonds between the Titans and threatens the team’s unity.

What Backstory Is Revealed About Blackfire in This Episode?

The episode delves extensively into Blackfire’s origins on her home planet of Tamaran. Through flashbacks and narration from Starfire, viewers learn about Blackfire’s upbringing as a princess alongside Starfire. As mentioned, she was unable to absorb ultraviolet radiation naturally like most Tamaraneans. This genetic quirk robbed her of the flight, strength and energy bolt abilities that her sister Starfire possesses.

Being denied the royal throne because of her lack of powers engendered deep-seated resentment in Blackfire. Her schemes to overthrow Starfire failed, resulting in her banishment from Tamaran. The backstory establishes Blackfire’s motivation and provides context for her antagonism toward Starfire. It also demonstrates that despite her lack of abilities, Blackfire is cunning, power-hungry and manipulative in pursuing her vengeful quest.

How Does Blackfire Confront Starfire in the Episode?

Most of the episode builds toward an explosive confrontation between the sisters, where Blackfire unleashes her fury at Starfire. After secretly contacting the authorities on their home planet, Blackfire arranges for Starfire to be arrested for treason over an old dispute. This betrayal confirms to the Titans that Blackfire is not an ally.

Starfire escapes custody and engages in a brawl with Blackfire aboard a spaceship. During the fight, Blackfire openly vents her rage and jealousy over Starfire’s privileges and status as queen. But Starfire refuses to kill her sister, instead leaving Blackfire to be transported back to Tamaran for imprisonment. The animosity between the siblings is now out in the open, establishing Blackfire as a nemesis.

What Is the Significance of Blackfire’s Introduction for Starfire’s Character Arc in Season 3?

Blackfire’s arrival catalyzes important character development for Starfire over the course of Titans season 3. The presence of her vengeful sister forces Starfire to confront unresolved issues from her past life as a royal on Tamaran. Wrestling with Blackfire’s antagonism makes Starfire reflect on her own identity and what she values most.

By choosing mercy over vengeance with Blackfire, Starfire shows growth in putting her found family with the Titans over her birth family ties. Her interactions with Blackfire ultimately strengthen Starfire’s relationships with her adoptive home on Earth in the Titans team. In this way, bringing Blackfire into the narrative serves as an impactful catalyst for Starfire’s maturation.

How Does Blackfire’s Debut Episode Set Up Her Future Arc in Titans Season 3?

As an inaugural episode, the introduction of Blackfire effectively plants the seeds for her overarching role in Titans season 3. Blackfire is established as a disruptive force who can physically and psychologically threaten the Titans. Her past history with Starfire and burning quest for revenge is clearly conveyed to the audience.

The episode also demonstrates Blackfire’s cunning and ends with her still at large, after she escapes imprisonment on Tamaran. This means she remains poised to return and cause more havoc. Her vendetta with Starfire is left unresolved. So Blackfire’s first appearance effectively sets up an ongoing adversarial arc across the rest of the season.


The fourth episode of Titans season 3, titled “Blackfire,” provides the live-action debut for this long-anticipated character. It explores her status as Starfire’s exiled, embittered sister who returns seeking retribution. The revelation of Blackfire’s background history, her destabilizing impact on the Titans, and climactic confrontation with Starfire deliver a gripping inaugural episode.

By the end, Blackfire is firmly established as a compelling, dangerous antagonist. Her vengeful motivations against her sister are clear. The episode lays the groundwork for Blackfire’s continuing presence throughout the season as a nemesis for the Titans team. For fans eager to see this iconic Teen Titans character brought to live-action, the episode provides a satisfying and promising introduction.


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