Where Is Miyagi Dojo?

Key Takeaways

  • Miyagi Dojo is a fictional dojo from the Karate Kid universe, not a real-life location.
  • It was built as a set at the Cobra Kai production studios in suburban Atlanta.
  • The show films in various locations around Atlanta, as well as Okinawa for some scenes.
  • Mr. Miyagi’s house in the original Karate Kid film was located in Canoga Park, Los Angeles.
  • The dojo represents the Miyagi-Do style of karate and teachings.
  • Its name honors the late Mr. Miyagi, Daniel’s mentor and father figure.


For fans of the popular Cobra Kai series, Miyagi Dojo represents an iconic location steeped in Karate Kid history and lore. As Daniel LaRusso works to reopen and restore it in the show, audiences may wonder: where is Miyagi Dojo located in real life? Does a functioning Miyagi Dojo exist or is it purely fictional? This comprehensive guide will analyze the fascinating origins, symbolism, and behind-the-scenes details regarding Miyagi Dojo. Readers will gain insight into how this meaningful setting was created for the original film as well as Cobra Kai.

Exploring the dojo’s background reveals not just trivia, but a deeper understanding of the Miyagi-Do karate style. Mr. Miyagi’s teachings emphasized balance, discipline, and character development over brute strength or aggression. As Daniel struggles to uphold these philosophies in a new generation, the revived Miyagi Dojo represents carrying on his mentor’s legacy. Whether you are a hardcore fan eager to learn more, or simply curious about this iconic Cobra Kai landmark, this article will uncover everything you need to know about Miyagi Dojo – past and present.

Miyagi Dojo’s Fictional Origins in the Karate Kid Films

To start from the beginning, it is important to note that Miyagi Dojo is not a real-life dojo, but a fictional setting created for the original Karate Kid films starring Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita. Mr. Miyagi, the beloved martial arts master and father figure to Daniel, did not operate a physical dojo in the movies. Instead, Miyagi trained Daniel through various unconventional exercises like waxing cars and painting fences at his home.

The dojo itself did not make an appearance until The Karate Kid Part II, set in Okinawa. In this film, Miyagi returns to his childhood village and brings Daniel to the original Miyagi family dojo. Though dilapidated, it represents Miyagi’s history and karate roots. This establishes the Miyagi dojo name and Miyagi-Do style of karate as linked to Mr. Miyagi’s own background.

In the climactic fight scene, Daniel faces his nemesis Chozen at a village shrine – not in the family dojo itself. So in the source films, the Miyagi dojo remains a symbolic, off-screen location rather than a primary setting.

Miyagi Dojo as a Physical Set for Cobra Kai

When developing the Cobra Kai series decades later, show creators Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg chose to make Miyagi Dojo a tangible location. In the show’s storyline, Daniel decides to reopen the dojo to preserve Miyagi’s legacy. Constructing an actual dojo set became necessary to film these scenes.

Unlike the Karate Kid films which were shot in Los Angeles, Cobra Kai films primarily in the Atlanta, Georgia area. The Miyagi Dojo set was custom-built at the Cobra Kai production studios, along with sets for the LaRusso home, Johnny’s apartment, and other locations.

In seasons 3 and 4, when the characters travel to Okinawa seeking Mr. Miyagi’s origins, those scenes were shot on location in Okinawa. While the village itself is real, a Miyagi ancestral dojo does not actually exist there. The show constructed a fictional dilapidated dojo set for those Okinawa sequences.

So while the on-screen Miyagi Dojo looks like an authentic building thanks to set design, it is simply one part of the Cobra Kai backlot and does not have a real-life address. The dojo exists in the Karate Kid universe, but only as a fictional creation for the films and show.

What the Miyagi Dojo Represents

More than just a building, Miyagi Dojo carries deep symbolic meaning in the Cobra Kai story. As Daniel struggles to balance his material success with staying true to Miyagi’s teachings, reopening the dojo becomes an act of honoring his mentor. The mere name Miyagi Dojo invokes the origins of Miyagi-Do karate and Daniel’s relationship with the man who taught him so much.

In this way, the dojo represents the core values and philosophy passed down from Mr. Miyagi:

  • Focusing on defense and discipline, not uncontrolled aggression
  • Building character and maturity through training
  • Striving for balance and ethos in life beyond just fighting skill
  • Showing respect towards others and authority figures

These tenets are central to Daniel’s motivation for restarting Miyagi Dojo – to provide guidance for a new generation, as Miyagi did for him. While its physical location is fictional, the heart of what Miyagi Dojo represents could not be more real for Daniel and his students.

The Significance of Mr. Miyagi’s House

While Miyagi Dojo itself was created for the movies, Mr. Miyagi’s actual house from The Karate Kid does have a real-world location. In the first film, Miyagi’s modest home in the hills of Canoga Park, Los Angeles is shown frequently on screen.

The address of this home is 20924 Gault Street, Canoga Park, CA. Fans sometimes make pilgrimages to view the exterior of what was Miyagi’s house in the film. However, only exterior establishing shots were filmed there – all dojo training scenes took place on studio sets.

So the only connection between the fictional Miyagi Dojo and any real-life location lies with Mr. Miyagi’s home address. The house represents Miyagi himself and Daniel’s formative memories training there under his guidance and wisdom. In that sense, it is a physical embodiment of everything Miyagi Dojo has come to symbolize as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Miyagi Dojo

Here are some common questions about Miyagi Dojo and its role in The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai:

What style of karate is taught at Miyagi Dojo?

Miyagi Dojo teaches Miyagi-Do, the fictional Okinawan style created by Mr. Miyagi and practiced in the films. It focuses on balance, discipline, and character development over brute strength.

Does Daniel own Miyagi Dojo in Cobra Kai?

Yes, Daniel decides to reopen the dojo in season 1 to teach Miyagi-Do to a new generation of students. He names it to honor his late mentor Mr. Miyagi.

Where did Mr. Miyagi learn karate?

In The Karate Kid Part II, Miyagi returns to his home village in Okinawa where his father taught him karate at the original Miyagi family dojo. These scenes were filmed on location in Okinawa.

Does Miyagi Dojo exist in real life?

No, Miyagi Dojo was constructed as a fictional set for the filming of Cobra Kai. It does not have a real-world address or location.

Was The Karate Kid filmed at Miyagi Dojo?

No, the training scenes in the original Karate Kid filmed on sets at studios in Los Angeles. The Miyagi Dojo set was specially built for Cobra Kai years later.

What does Miyagi Dojo represent?

More than a physical place, Miyagi Dojo represents the origins, philosophies, and legacy of Mr. Miyagi that Daniel aims to uphold and pass on.


As we have seen, Miyagi Dojo originated as a fictional, symbolic setting in The Karate Kid films. Thanks to Cobra Kai bringing the dojo to life, it is now viewed as an iconic Karate Kid landmark. Yet the dojo only exists on studio sets and locations for filming purposes. Beyond the physical place, it represents the profound impact Mr. Miyagi had on Daniel’s life by teaching him valuable lessons through karate training.

By reestablishing Miyagi Dojo, Daniel hopes to share those philosophies with a new generation of students seeking guidance and purpose. Though not real, what the dojo symbolizes is deeply meaningful. For Daniel, it is a way to keep Mr. Miyagi’s memory alive while passing on the wisdom he gained to others who need it. Through this, the principles Miyagi lived by will continue impacting lives and building character in new ways


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