Are Clydesdale Bank Branches Open?

Clydesdale Bank is one of the longest-standing banks in the United Kingdom, with roots tracing back over 180 years. Over this extensive period, the bank has established a widespread branch network across Scotland and Northern England. This leads many to wonder – with the rise of online and mobile banking, are Clydesdale Bank branches still open for customers to visit in person?

Understanding Clydesdale Bank’s Branch Network

Clydesdale Bank currently operates over 80 branches in locations including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, and Newcastle. The bank’s website provides a branch locator tool that allows you to find your nearest branch, view its opening hours and available facilities.

So it’s clear that Clydesdale Bank still maintains a physical branch network that customers can visit. However, it’s always advisable to check opening hours for your local branch before visiting. Hours can vary between locations and may change over time.

The branch locator shows most Clydesdale branches are open standard hours of 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. Some larger branches also open on Saturdays from 9am-4pm. It’s worth noting opening hours have been reduced in some branches recently, often closing at 4pm instead of 5pm.

So the short answer is – yes, Clydesdale Bank branches remain open, but it’s best to verify times for your local branch. Don’t assume all branches keep exactly the same hours.

What Services Are Available at Branches?

Clydesdale Bank branches provide full-service banking for personal and business customers. Services available at branches include:

  • Opening accounts – you can open current accounts, savings accounts, ISAs and more in person.
  • Making deposits/withdrawals – branches have counter services to deposit and withdraw cash.
  • Currency exchange – most branches offer currency exchange services.
  • Making payments – pay bills, transfer money and make other payments at the counter.
  • Applying for loans/overdrafts – speak to advisors about credit products and lending.
  • Financial planning – receive retirement planning or investment advice from advisors.

So branches continue to offer a wide range of banking services. You can accomplish day-to-day transactions or have financial conversations in person at a branch.

Many Clydesdale branches now provide self-service banking zones. These allow customers to deposit cheques, check balances and withdraw cash independently using smart ATMs. Self-service frees up counter staff to focus on more complex customer needs.

How Do Branches Complement Online Banking?

While Clydesdale Bank branches remain open, the bank emphasises using online and mobile banking for convenient access. Customers are encouraged to manage everyday banking needs through the bank’s website or mobile apps.

Key online banking services include:

  • Checking balances and statements
  • Viewing transactions
  • Making payments and transfers
  • Setting up standing orders
  • Opening additional accounts
  • Managing cards

Mobile banking provides similar account management capabilities through the Clydesdale Bank apps for iPhone and Android. Apps allow photo cheque deposits, location-based branch finding and touch ID logins.

So online and mobile solutions fulfil basic day-to-day needs. Branches complement these by providing personal service for bigger life moments and financial decisions. Customers can still visit a branch for:

  • Large cash withdrawals/deposits
  • Complex account management
  • Financial planning and guidance
  • Applying for mortgages
  • Setting up savings accounts

Branches remain a point of face-to-face contact for significant banking needs. However, technology now covers most routine transactions.

Have Any Clydesdale Branches Closed Recently?

Clydesdale Bank has consolidated some of its branch network over the last 5-10 years. This reflects changing customer banking patterns and the rise of digital channels.

Some branch closures announced in recent years include:

  • 9 branches in 2017 following the bank’s merger with Yorkshire Bank
  • 24 branches in 2020 after reassessing demand and usage
  • 5 branches in early 2021 based on changing footfall

Additionally, many branches have reduced opening hours, such as closing at 4pm instead of 5pm.

However, branch closures have so far been selective. They focused on locations with multiple branches nearby or where customer usage has fallen. The bank still runs over 80 branches, keeping its network largely intact.

Before closing any branch, Clydesdale Bank consults customers and reviews usage data. On announcing closures, they point affected customers to next nearest branches. The bank aims to balance branch presence with customer needs and behaviours.

When Are In-Person Branches Worth Visiting?

While Clydesdale Bank pushes digital banking for convenience, branches remain useful for specific purposes. Customers may want to visit a branch when:

  • Opening a new account – get assistance completing paperwork and verification
  • Handling large cash transactions – branches accommodate large withdrawals/deposits
  • Seeking financial advice – speak with advisors face-to-face about products
  • Applying for a mortgage – have an initial meeting with a mortgage specialist
  • Resolving issues – bank staff can assist with resolving complex account issues
  • Needing accessibility support – branches provide services for customers with disabilities

Branches offer a human touch for major banking moments. You can have questions answered and get help completing complex transactions in person.

Elderly customers sometimes prefer visiting branches for more personal service. Branches also support customers who struggle using phones/computers for accessibility reasons.

So branches remain worthwhile for significant financial interactions. Everyday transactions are often quicker through online/mobile banking. But branches provide the human element for major decisions.

Locating Your Nearest Clydesdale Bank Branch

To find your closest Clydesdale Bank, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Branch Locator” near the top menu.
  3. Enter your town/postcode on the branch finder page.
  4. Click “Find Branches”.
  5. The branch finder will display your nearest Clydesdale Banks, with addresses, distance and opening hours.
  6. Click a branch listing to see available services and facilities.
  7. Check the opening hours match the time/day you wish to visit.
  8. Consider calling your branch ahead of visiting to avoid wasted trips.

This branch locator tool provides an up-to-date guide to your closest branches and their opening status. You can even filter results by accessibility needs.

Following these steps means you can quickly confirm Clydesdale Bank branches that are open near you before making the trip. Don’t forget opening hours can vary.

Contacting Clydesdale Bank for Branch Information

If you need further help finding or contacting your nearest Clydesdale Bank, you can reach them in a few convenient ways:

  • Call – Telephone banking on 0800 096 9393 is available 7am-11pm, 7 days a week.
  • Online Banking – Securely message the bank via online/mobile banking.
  • Email – Email for general enquiries.
  • Twitter – Tweet @clydesdalebank to have questions answered.
  • Webchat – Chat with advisors directly through their website.

The bank’s customer service teams can verify branch locations, hours and services. They can also help you address any account issues without visiting a branch.

The Future of Clydesdale Bank Branches

It’s clear Clydesdale Bank is adapting its branch network in response to falling footfall and the adoption of digital banking. While some locations have closed, many branches remain open and essential for certain banking needs.

In future, it’s likely the bank will continue to refine its physical network to meet changing demand. More routine transactions will shift online, but branches will remain to provide face-to-face expertise around key financial moments. omni-channel approach delivers convenience through technology while retaining human connection.

The recent introduction of smart ATMs and self-service zones also points to branches adapting to enable more streamlined visits. Quieter branches may reduce hours as customer traffic declines.

However, Clydesdale Bank stresses branches continue to play an important advisory role. Physical locations will remain vital for complex needs even as digital takes over day-to-day transactions.

So in summary – Clydesdale Bank branches are certainly open, though some have reduced hours. Check your local branch status through the locator tool before visiting. And remember branches offer added value for significant financial interactions, complementing the convenience of online/mobile banking.


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