How Much Does an Abortion Cost in Missouri?

Abortion is a complex and sensitive topic that raises many questions for those considering or seeking this procedure. One common concern is how much an abortion costs in specific states and regions. For residents of Missouri looking into abortion services, the exact costs are not clearly stated online. However, some estimates can be made based on available information.

Average National Abortion Costs

According to Planned Parenthood, the average cost of a first-trimester surgical abortion at 10 weeks is between $300 to $950. This cost varies depending on the stage of pregnancy, ranging from:

  • $300 to $800 during the first trimester (3-12 weeks)
  • $500 to $10,000 during the second trimester (13-24 weeks)

Medication abortions up to 10 weeks using the abortion pill can cost between $300 to $800 on average.

These national averages give a general idea of typical abortion costs, but do not reflect specifics for Missouri.

Missouri Abortion Costs

Unfortunately, clear data on exact abortion costs in Missouri is not readily available online. Some key points:

  • Specific abortion costs are not provided in search results for Missouri providers like Planned Parenthood. Their website states “We aim to make services affordable to all patients. Please call us to learn more about costs.”
  • Second-trimester abortions are likely more expensive in Missouri similar to national averages, but exact figures are not given.
  • Abortion services later than 22 weeks are not available in Missouri except in medical emergencies.
  • Medication abortion up to 10 weeks may cost within the $300 to $800 national range, but this is an estimate.

Overall, those looking into abortion services in Missouri should contact providers directly to learn accurate pricing. Costs can vary between facilities based on factors like location, physician fees, type of abortion, anesthesia, lab tests, ultrasound, aftercare, and length of appointment.

Are There Financial Help Options in Missouri?

Paying for an abortion in Missouri can be challenging given the lack of insurance coverage and high out-of-pocket costs. However, there are some resources that may provide financial assistance:

  • The National Network of Abortion Funds offers referrals and funding to women seeking abortions through member organizations. Their abortion fund map lists funds serving Missouri.
  • Planned Parenthood clinics sometimes have private donor funds to help offset costs for low-income patients. You can ask if this assistance is available.
  • National and local abortion funds like the National Abortion Federation provide financial aid and abortion scholarships.
  • Loans through organizations like the National Network of Abortion Funds offer 0% interest loans to help bridge the gap.
  • Non-profit clinics like Hope Clinic offer discounted rates for those meeting low-income criteria.

Talk to your provider for guidance on financial assistance programs you may qualify for. Every situation is unique.

Are There Any Free or Low-Cost Options?

While abortion costs in Missouri are often significant, there are some ways to reduce or eliminate expenses:

  • Apply for full financial assistance through abortion funds if your income is under a certain level. Awards often cover the entire procedure cost.
  • Community health centers like People's Health Centers offer reproductive health services on a sliding fee scale based on income. This can lower out-of-pocket costs.
  • Medicaid may provide coverage in cases of rape, incest, life endangerment or severe health conditions. Talk to your provider about Medicaid eligibility.
  • Emergency Medicaid can potentially retroactively cover costs for qualified women after the abortion. Providers can assist with applying.
  • Medical schools and residency programs sometimes offer lower-cost abortion options provided by doctors-in-training supervised by licensed physicians.

Finding reduced cost or pro bono abortion services takes research, planning and asking the right questions. But resources exist to help make abortion more affordable for many Missouri women.

How Do Missouri Abortion Laws Affect Costs?

Missouri has restrictive abortion policies that can influence costs:

  • 72-hour waiting period is required where patients must have an initial consultation and return for the procedure 72 hours later. This adds additional appointment costs.
  • Two appointments on separate days are mandated for both medication and surgical abortions to administer and then follow-up. This doubles visit fees.
  • In-person state-directed counseling must take place with medically inaccurate information designed to discourage abortion. Patients pay for these extra appointments.
  • No telemedicine for medication abortion means patients must have an in-clinic exam, bloodwork and ultrasound, increasing costs.
  • Parental consent for minors adds fees for involvement of a judge.
  • Bans on public funding and insurance coverage mean most women pay out-of-pocket. There are limited financial resources.

Missouri's abortion restrictions make accessing services more difficult and expensive. However, costs should never prohibit necessary healthcare.

Finding Reliable Cost Information

Since published prices for abortions in Missouri are hard to find, the best approach is contacting local providers directly.

Some steps to find accurate cost details:

  • Call or email Planned Parenthood and independent clinics to ask for specifics on their fees for first and second trimester abortions.
  • Compare costs between different providers in your area, including clinics, hospitals, and physician offices.
  • Explain your financial situation to see if they offer sliding scale discounts, financial assistance programs, or know of any external organizations that provide funding.
  • Ask specifically what is included in the quoted price, such as lab tests, ultrasounds, medications, IUD insertions, or follow-up appointments. Get an itemized breakdown.
  • Calculate total expenses like transportation, childcare, missed work, hotels, etc. on top of the procedure cost. There may be aid to help cover these ancillary costs as well.
  • Seek referrals to free and low-cost resources from abortion funds and reproductive health centers.

Though abortion prices in Missouri are obscured online, there are ways to get transparent answers on expected costs from the providers themselves. This information empowers women to make informed choices.

What Financial Help is Available for Out-of-State Care?

With limited abortion access in Missouri, some women travel to other states for care. This adds significant expenses, but there are some options for financial assistance:

  • National abortion funds like the Brigid AllianceNational Network of Abortion Funds, and National Abortion Federation help fund abortions and travel costs to out-of-state clinics.
  • Regional funds like Midwest Access Coalition and West Virginia's Women's Health Center help nearby residents in need.
  • Practical Support through funds provide assistance booking travel, accommodation, childcare, and rides to the clinic.
  • Advance payment for the procedure may be available once an appointment is set at the out-of-state provider.
  • Loans throughabortion funds can finance the upfront costs that are later repaid on a schedule.
  • Local abortion clinics may know of additional resources and support groups for accessing out-of-state care.

Though abortions out-of-state have additional costs, resources exist to make this care attainable for Missouri residents in need.

Deciphering the True Costs

When looking solely at dollar amounts, the cost of an abortion in Missouri can seem insurmountable. But the true price is even higher when accounting for the mental, emotional and opportunity costs. This includes:

  • Stress from navigating abortion barriers and restrictions
  • Guilt and shame unfairly aimed at those seeking abortion care
  • Stigma propagated by society, communities, and leaders
  • Time spent away from work, school, or family
  • Delays in accessing wanted healthcare
  • Risks from later procedures if unable to afford earlier care
  • Lack of power and autonomy over personal healthcare decisions

The energy expended by Missouri women to access abortion care takes an enormous toll. While financial assistance can offset monetary costs, additional support for the underrecognized mental health burdens is equally important.

How to Get Reliable Information and Support in Missouri

Facing an unwanted pregnancy in Missouri can feel overwhelming. Reliable and judgement-free information and support makes a difference. Some good starting points are:

Leaning on the experience of these non-judgmental resources helps women navigate abortion in Missouri with the understanding and support they deserve.

Key Takeaways on Missouri Abortion Costs

  • Specific abortion costs in Missouri are not published online, so directly contacting providers is needed for accurate pricing.
  • Based on available info, costs appear similar to national averages, ranging from $300 to $950 for first trimester procedures.
  • Second trimester abortions entail higher costs likely starting around $500 to $10,000, based on national estimates.
  • Various financial assistance programs through clinics, abortion funds, and non-profits can help offset the costs for low-income Missouri residents.
  • State-directed abortion restrictions substantially increase procedural and travel requirements, indirectly elevating costs.
  • Missouri women seeking abortions also face underrecognized emotional, mental, and opportunity costs.
  • Connecting with reproductive health organizations provides reliable resources to demystify the true costs.

Understanding the realities around abortion access and costs in Missouri enables women to overcome obstacles in obtaining this healthcare. While uncertainties remain around pricing, helpful information does exist. Shedding light on this challenging subject supports the power of choice.


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