Do My Sephora Points Expire?

Shopping at Sephora can be an addictive and rewarding experience. As a Beauty Insider member, you get access to member-only perks, free samples, and the ability to earn points on every purchase. These points can then be redeemed for deluxe samples or money-saving rewards. But one question often comes up – do my Sephora points expire?

When Do Sephora Points Expire?

According to the Sephora Beauty Insider program’s terms and conditions, all unredeemed points shall expire when a program member has not engaged in point activity associated with that membership account (through purchase or redemption) for 18 months.

However, it is important to note that the points do not automatically expire, and there are ways to keep your account active and prevent your points from expiring.

How to Prevent Sephora Points From Expiring

You can either make a purchase, claim your birthday gift, or redeem your points within an 18-month time period. This point activity will reset the 18-month expiration clock and keep your points alive.

Some easy ways to keep your points active include:

  • Make any purchase at Sephora, whether in-store or online. All purchases earn points as long as you use your Beauty Insider account.
  • Redeem points for a reward, even if it’s a small 100-point deluxe sample.
  • Take advantage of the free birthday gift Sephora offers Beauty Insider members every year. Just make sure your account has an updated birthday.
  • Sign up to receive Sephora emails and open the promotional emails sent by Sephora. Many of these emails contain exclusive offers that count as point activity.

As long as you engage with your Sephora account in one of these ways before 18 months of inactivity passes, your points will remain safe and not expire.

Do Rouge Rewards Expire Faster Than Regular Points?

Yes, Rouge Rewards, which are a type of reward for the highest tier Rouge members, do expire faster than regular Beauty Insider points.

While regular points expire after 18 months of account inactivity, Rouge Rewards expire 90 days from the date of the confirmation email notifying you the Rouge Reward value is in your Beauty Insider account.

So if you achieve Rouge status and receive a Rouge Reward like free shipping or a bonus point offer, be sure to use it within 90 days. Otherwise, the Rouge Reward will disappear from your account.

When Do Bonus Points Expire?

In addition to regular points and Rouge Rewards, Beauty Insiders may also receive promotional bonus points as part of Sephora’s marketing campaigns and incentives. These bonus points typically expire faster than regular points.

For example, if Sephora runs a promotion awarding 500 bonus points for a $25 skincare purchase, those bonus points may expire after 60 or 90 days. Always check the details of any bonus point offers to see the expiration date.

Some tips for making sure bonus points don’t go to waste:

  • Use bonus points first before regular points since they expire faster
  • Combine bonus points with regular points to get bigger rewards
  • Don’t hoard bonus points – use them before they disappear

Check Your Sephora Account for Expiration Dates

The easiest way to keep tabs on your points and any upcoming expirations is to regularly check your Beauty Insider account.

Log into your account on the Sephora website or mobile app and view your points balance. Hover over your total points and it will show a breakdown of how many regular, bonus, and Rouge Reward points you have.

It will also display the expiration date for any points at risk of expiring soon. Make note of any close expiration dates so you can use those points before time runs out.

You can also turn on email notifications for expiring points. Go to your account settings and opt-in to receive reminders when you have points about to expire. This way you won’t lose track and miss out.

What Happens to Expired Points in My Sephora Account?

Once points pass their expiration date unused, they are permanently and irrevocably removed from your Sephora account balance. Sephora will delete any expired points at the end of each calendar month.

For example, if you had 500 regular points expiring on August 15th and did not use them by that date, Sephora would zero out those 500 expired points by August 31st.

You do not receive any kind of credit or refund for expired points. This is why it’s crucial to monitor your account and use points before they disappear. Once they are gone from your balance, there is no way to retrieve or reinstate them.

The bright side is that as long as you remain an active Beauty Insider member and keep making purchases, you can continue building your points back up. Just be vigilant about tracking expiration dates going forward.

Strategies to Use Points Before They Expire

Letting your hard-earned points vanish into thin air can be a frustrating experience. Here are some savvy strategies to start using points well before they expire:

Redeem small rewards frequently – Don’t save up just for the big 1000+ point rewards. Get in the habit of cashing in points for smaller treats like perfume samples to keep your balance actively decreasing.

Stock up on staples when redeeming – When you do splurge on a big redemption, pick an expensive daily skin care or makeup item you always use. That way you get a great deal and won’t have to repurchase it for months.

Donate extra points to charity – If your points are piling up faster than you can use them, you can opt to donate some points to the Sephora Stands social impact programs supporting women’s empowerment.

Combine points with sale purchases – Maximize the value of your points by using them on items that are already discounted in a Sephora sale or promotion.

Following these tips will ensure you savor every last point before expiration comes creeping up.

Can Expired Sephora Points Be Reinstated?

Unfortunately, Sephora maintains a strict no exceptions policy when it comes to reinstating expired points. Once points have been removed from your account after passing their expiration date, they are gone for good.

Some Beauty Insiders have reported trying to call Sephora customer service and ask for their expired points back. But per the loyalty program’s terms and conditions, Sephora will not make any exceptions or re-credit expired points, regardless of the reason.

Even if you claim you never received a warning about upcoming expirations, or had points expire during a vacation, Sephora will politely decline to refund your points. So your best defense against losing points is vigilance in tracking dates and using your points in time.

How to Check the Official Sephora Points Expiration Policy

As a Beauty Insider member, it’s wise to periodically review the official Sephora Beauty Insider terms and conditions. This legal document governs the loyalty program and contains the most up-to-date policies around point expiration rules.

You can easily access the terms and conditions by:

  • Going to and clicking “Beauty Insider Terms” at the very bottom of the website
  • Logging into your Beauty Insider account and clicking “Terms” in the footer of your account dashboard
  • Checking the Sephora app in “Settings” under the “Beauty Insider Terms” section

Reading through the terms provides clarity on expiration timeframes for all points, bonus points, and Rouge Rewards. It also reiterates the no expiration extensions policy.

Knowing the official rules directly from the source makes it easy to strategize and never lose points to expiration again!

Can You Transfer Sephora Points to Someone Else?

Sephora points are directly tied to the individual’s Beauty Insider account, and cannot be transferred or gifted to other people. The points you earn by shopping are for your use only.

Even if you wanted to help out a friend by giving them your unused points before they expire, Sephora does not allow any way to transfer points between accounts.

Here are a few common scenarios where point transfers are prohibited:

  • Gifting your points to a friend or family member
  • Donating points to another Beauty Insider member
  • Selling your points to someone else
  • Transferring points between two accounts of your own

So while it may be a nice idea, regifting your Sephora points is against the program rules. Letting your personal points expire unused is the only legal option, as difficult as that may be!

The Takeaway – Be Proactive About Your Sephora Points

While Sephora points ultimately do have an expiration date, you have the power to prevent losing your hard-earned rewards. By closely monitoring your account activity, understanding loyalty program policies, and proactively using points, you can enjoy the full benefits of being a Beauty Insider.

Per Sephora’s terms, remember these key facts:

  • Regular points expire after 18 months of account inactivity
  • Bonus and Rouge Reward points often expire faster (60-90 days)
  • Expired points cannot be reinstated or transferred
  • Make purchases, claim gifts, and redeem rewards to stay active

Staying on top of your points balance and expiration deadlines is the key. With a careful eye, you can relax and indulge in Sephora goodies without seeing precious points vanish.


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