What Happened to Hunhow? An In-Depth Look at the Fate of This Mysterious Warframe Character

Key Takeaways

  • Hunhow is a major antagonist presumed dead in Warframe’s backstory
  • He was dredged up by Tyl Regor and revealed to be alive
  • Hunhow joined forces with the Stalker against the Tenno
  • Later updates showed he’s trapped at the bottom of the oceans
  • His exact fate is unclear, but he still plays a role in Warframe’s story


The mysterious character Hunhow plays an intriguing role in the complex lore and ever-evolving narrative of the popular online game Warframe. This sinister enemy who was thought to be long dead has proven to be an unpredictable force acting from the shadows. But what exactly happened to Hunhow leading up to his return? And what is his status now after the latest revelations? This comprehensive article will analyze and illuminate Hunhow’s shadowy fate.

Understanding what happened to Hunhow requires first exploring who he is in the context of Warframe’s sprawling science fiction world. Becoming familiar with his background reveals more about his ties to other characters and factions. With this foundation set, we can then delve into the major story developments that shaped his presumed demise and unexpected re-emergence. Tracing his arc in detail provides insight into his current whereabouts and position as well as his potential future role.

For devoted fans of Warframe invested in its layered narrative tapestry, the twist-filled journey of Hunhow makes for an engrossing case study. His mystique and intrigue lend themselves to thorough examination and discussion. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new player curious about the lore, this comprehensive profile of Hunhow will enhance your appreciation of one of Warframe’s most fascinating figures. Let us begin unraveling the threads of his multifaceted story.

Who is Hunhow?

To start, Hunhow is an ancient Sentient, one of the menacing adversaries that the player-controlled Tenno warriors battle against throughout Warframe. The Sentients are a race of advanced artificial intelligences that turned against their Orokin creators long ago and were then presumed destroyed. Hunhow specifically first appears by name in the Natah quest, described as the legendary father of the Lotus and a leader of the Sentients.

As revealed in background lore, Hunhow commanded the Sentient invasion during the Old War against the Orokin Empire. After being defeated by the Tenno, he and other Sentients were driven back to the Tau system through the Void jump gate. Exposure to the Void’s energies should have destroyed them, but Hunhow and some other Sentients managed to survive.

Believed to be long dead by the present time in Warframe, Hunhow is established as a shadowy background threat tied closely to the Lotus. His eventual return would have major implications. But first, let’s examine key events that led to his presumed demise.

What Led to Hunhow’s Presumed Death?

Based on dialogue and lore materials, Hunhow and his Sentient forces were primarily undone by two key developments in the Old War:

1. Invention of the Warframes

The Orokin created the customizable Warframes, worn and controlled by Tenno operators, specifically to combat the Sentients. These Warframes had the ability to resist and adapt to the Sentients, proving very effective against them. This technology turned the tide of the war in the Orokin’s favor.

2. Creation of the Void Jump Gate

Realizing they were losing with the Sentients advancing, the Orokin Scientists built an enormous Void Jump Gate as a last resort. Luring the Sentients through the gate exposed them to the Void energies anathema to them, rupturing and destabilizing their bodies.

While not explained in detail, it is implied Hunhow was caught off guard and wounded during the conflict with the Tenno. Retreating through the Void Gate presumably neutralized him along with other Sentients, leading them to be presumed dead by the Orokin. But as we’ll see, Hunhow somehow managed to survive.

Hunhow’s Eventual Return

For a long stretch of Warframe’s contemporary phase, Hunhow is not directly seen or heard from. But various clues and events foreshadow his re-emergence:

  • During the Natah quest, Lotus shows hesitation and shock when Hunhow’s name is mentioned, hinting at his unknown status.
  • Tyl Regor’s research into Sentient biology suggests they are active again and he is trying to harness their power.

This builds to the climactic revelation during the Natah quest that Hunhow still lives. How exactly this occurs is not depicted clearly, but the implication is that Tyl Regor’s experiments disturb and reactivate Hunhow deep under the oceans. Hunhow declares, “The grave cannot contain me!” upon his return.

Now cognizant that Hunhow survived, Lotus gravely warns that his resurgence threatens the entire Origin System if he rallies other surviving Sentients. Her fears prove warranted when shortly after, Hunhow makes contact with the Stalker.

Hunhow Allies with the Stalker

Following his revival, Hunhow seeks out Warframe’s shadowy assassin figure known as the Stalker. He offers an alliance, playing on the Stalker’s hatred of the Tenno by promising to make the Stalker powerful enough to defeat them.

Their union is cemented during the events of The Second Dream quest. Hunhow gifts the Stalker a specially crafted Sentient sword, capable of adapting to Warframes’ powers and disabling them. This marks a dark turn making their crusade against the Tenno much more formidable.

Hunhow leveraging the Stalker as his pawn demonstrates his cunning strategic abilities. The messaging implies he has been weakened by his ages in stasis but is still a brilliant and manipulative adversary – a dangerous mind behind the scenes.

Hunhow’s Current Status

For a period after allying with the Stalker, Hunhow enjoys renewed strength and strikes major blows against the Tenno. But his resurgence is ultimately short-lived when a climactic confrontation leaves him grievously wounded.

Driven back by the Tenno during a battle on Lua, the Lotus uses her powers to repeal Hunhow again, trapping him deep in the oceans of Uranus. This neutralizes Hunhow’s physical form, though it is said his mind remains alive.

As of the most recent Warframe chapters, Hunhow remains stagnant yet sentient, still trapped and contained beneath the waters of Uranus. This aquatic imprisonment recalls mythological figures like Kronos or the Kraken biding their time until they can rise again.

While diminished, Hunhow’s presence is still felt in the system, his influence lingering through traces of Sentient energy and technology. It remains to be seen whether he will free himself or a future update may see him active once more to instigate a new crisis. For now, his fate is left in ambiguity – restrained but hardly defeated.


The saga of Hunhow in Warframe is layered with intriguing paradoxes. His journey from near-death to grand return to renewed confinement spans many phases and raises compelling questions. Is he a tragic figure, sympathetic due to past betrayal? Or irredeemably malicious, an enemy that must be permanently neutralized? Players are left to ponder such nuance themselves.

Ultimately, the epic of Hunhow illustrates the delicate balance of Warframe’s setting. Old threats cannot ever fully be considered gone, only suppressed until the day they rise again. Hunhow’s latent presence despite his setbacks embodies this theme of perpetual vigilance against enemies who endure in ways unseen. That enduring mystique ensures he remains a compelling character destined for more reveals about his enigmatic nature.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hunhow’s Fate

How did Hunhow survive after the Old War?

While not fully explained, it is implied Hunhow’s advanced Sentient abilities allowed him to recover and regenerate slowly over the centuries, damaged but not destroyed by the Void jump gate. His reconstitution was likely gradual, healing his shattered body and mind in the depths of the ocean until he could revive.

Why did the Orokin believe Hunhow was dead?

The destructive passage through the Void gate was thought to completely annihilate the Sentients’ minds and bodies by disrupting their energy forms. So the Orokin assumed no Sentient could recover from exposure to the raw Void, including Hunhow after his disappearance.

What prompted Hunhow’s revival in the current era?

It was the experiments by Tyl Regor seeking to control Sentient technocyte and biomass that disturbed and reactivated Hunhow from his slumber deep underwater on Uranus. Detecting this trespass, Hunhow awoke and declared his return.

How did Hunhow make contact with the Stalker?

Through unexplained but advanced mental methods, Hunhow as a digitized Sentient intelligence projected his voice to reach the Stalker’s mind across space. He likely appealed to the Stalker’s hatred of the Tenno to persuade the Stalker into an alliance against their shared enemy.

Why does Hunhow remain a threat despite his imprisonment?

Though currently trapped, Hunhow still exists as a sentient mind, allowing him to strategize and potentially transmit his influence. Given time, he may find a way to overcome his physical restraints and restore himself again, or call on allies to free him.

In Conclusion

Hunhow remains one of the most significant antagonists within Warframe’s expansive science fiction universe. His mysterious journey from presumed death to temporary return to incarceration in the depths leaves much about his future role unclear. But his complex history of survival against all odds reveals a determined menace who should not be underestimated. Hunhow’s cunning patience suggests he may yet have more machinations and revelations in store given time and opportunity. For devoted fans of Warframe’s ever-changing, intricately designed universe, Hunhow stands out as an enigmatic figure destined for further exploration within the game’s mythos


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