Do Brazil Have Gift Card?

Key Takeaways:

  • Yes, Brazil has a thriving gift card market with options from major retailers.
  • Gift cards are popular for retail purchases and corporate incentives.
  • Leading gift card brands in Brazil include Amazon, Walmart, Magazine Luiza, and more.
  • Both physical and digital gift cards are available.
  • Prepaid cards play a major role due to unbanked populations.

Introduction: Why Are Gift Cards Relevant in Brazil?

Gift cards have become an extremely popular payment method across the world, offering convenience and flexibility to consumers. Their prevalence and importance can be seen in the Brazilian market as well. But do Brazilians really use gift cards?

The simple answer is yes. Gift cards are widely available for purchase and use throughout Brazil. Understanding the role these cards play provides insight into Brazilian consumer behavior and the retail landscape.

This comprehensive article will analyze the key factors that have led to the adoption of gift cards in Brazil. It will examine the major brands and types of cards available, while exploring how corporate incentives and unbanked populations influence the market. The reader will gain valuable perspective on how gift cards fit into commerce and culture in Brazil.

Gift cards offer benefits that appeal to Brazilian consumers and businesses alike. Their significance is projected to increase as the prepaid market expands to meet the needs of this large economy.

How Have Gift Cards Been Adopted in the Brazilian Market?

In Brazil, both the retail and corporate sectors have embraced gift cards as a preferred payment tool. Their adoption has been widespread for several reasons:

Wider Availability of Major Gift Card Brands

International card networks like Visa and Mastercard have partnered with major retailers to launch branded gift card programs in Brazil. This includes top brands like:

  • Amazon – The ecommerce giant offers physical and digital gift cards.
  • Walmart – Cards can be used at Walmart and Sam’s Club stores.
  • Magazine Luiza – A top Brazilian retailer selling electronics, appliances, and more.
  • Pão de Açúcar – A grocery store chain part of the Grupo Pão de Açúcar.
  • Lojas Americanas – A department store with locations across Brazil.

The availability of these major brands has driven gift card adoption by offering familiar, convenient payment options.

Gift Cards for Retail Purchases

Gift cards are now commonly used as a payment method at many retailers across Brazil.

According to ABECS, the Brazilian Gift Card Association, gift cards were used for 1 out of every 4 in-store purchases in 2019. This reflects their growing role in retail transactions.

Consumers appreciate the convenience and budgeting gift cards allow for shopping. Gifting cards has also become popular for birthdays, holidays, and other occasions.

Prevalence in Corporate Incentive Programs

Brazilian employers have incorporated gift cards into incentive, reward, and recognition programs:

  • Gift cards are provided as bonuses, perks, or awards to employees.
  • Employers issue cards as part of loyalty, referral, and rebate programs.
  • Retail gift cards are offered through employee wellness initiatives.

This corporate adoption has expanded the gift card market significantly. According to ABECS, over 30% of gift cards in circulation in Brazil are for corporate use.

The convenience and flexibility of cards make them attractive for companies. Issuing cards also allows employers to take advantage of tax benefits.

What Types of Gift Cards Are Available in Brazil?

Gift card shoppers in Brazil can choose between physical and digital options across open-loop and closed-loop offerings:

Open-Loop Gift Cards

Open-loop cards are issued by card networks like Visa or Mastercard and can be used anywhere the brand is accepted:

  • Physical: Traditional plastic gift cards purchased in-store.
  • Digital: Egifts delivered by email to redeem online or via mobile app.

Top universal brands include Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and Mercado Livre.

Closed-Loop Gift Cards

Closed-loop cards are for specific retailers and function like store credit:

  • Physical: Redeemable only at the issuing merchant.
  • Digital: Some retailers offer egifts for online purchases.

As noted earlier, major closed-loop providers include Walmart, Magazine Luiza, Lojas Americanas, and specialty chains.

Both physical and digital options give consumers flexibility in how to purchase and use cards. Digital delivery expands access to gift cards for online shopping and transactions.

How Do Prepaid Cards Factor Into Brazil’s Gift Card Market?

Prepaid cards play a major role in the Brazilian gift card ecosystem due to the sizeable unbanked and underbanked population.

Key factors influencing the prepaid market include:

  • Over 30% of adults in Brazil do not have bank accounts. Prepaid cards give the unbanked access to digital payments.
  • Low credit card penetration. Estimated at under 30%, low usage increases demand for prepaid tools.
  • High mobile phone penetration. Prepaid mobile services drive adoption of refillable prepaid cards.

To meet these needs, Brazilian prepaid card providers include:

  • Mais!: A Visa prepaid card launched by Banco do Brasil.
  • VISA Vale: A reloadable prepaid card solution.
  • Cabal: The largest card issuer and prepaid provider in Brazil.

Prepaid cards give unbanked Brazilians payment options online and in-store. Their flexibility makes them function similarly to gift cards. The prepaid market also introduces consumers to card usage, potentially increasing adoption of debit, credit, and gift cards.

What are the Most Popular Gift Card Brands in Brazil?

Understanding the top gift card providers in Brazil gives insight into consumer behavior and retailer market share. The most popular gift card brands purchased by Brazilian shoppers are:

1. Amazon

As Brazil’s ecommerce sector grows exponentially, Amazon has emerged as a top retailer. Its gift cards allow users to easily shop online domestically and internationally. Egifts can be shared instantly for convenience.

2. Walmart

Walmart is one of the largest chains with physical stores across Brazil. Its gift cards are popular for in-store grocery and department store purchases.

3. Magazine Luiza

This electronics and appliance retailer offers the largest selection of gift cards of a Brazilian brand. Physical and digital cards can be used online and in its brick-and-mortar locations.

4. iTunes

The iTunes gift card is widely used in Brazil to purchase apps, music, movies, games, and more. Cards are easily accessible online and through retail distributors.

5. Google Play

Similarly, Google Play gift cards provide funds to spend on the app store on apps, books, subscriptions and in-app purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gift Cards in Brazil

What are the benefits of gift cards for Brazilian consumers?

Some key benefits of gift cards for shoppers in Brazil include:

  • Convenience – Easy to purchase, carry, and redeem at major retailers.
  • Budgeting – Allow users to control spending for purchases.
  • Accessibility – Available both online and in-store. Digital options provide expanded access.
  • Functionality – Can be used for various types of transactions from gifts to self-use.
  • Discount opportunities – Special gift card promotions and rewards programs.

How do Brazilian consumers mainly use gift cards for themselves?

Brazilians commonly use gift cards for themselves in the following ways:

  • To control spending on luxury items, entertainment, travel, or electronics. The predetermined value helps consumers stay on budget.
  • To make purchases at international websites or apps otherwise inaccessible or challenging to buy from locally.
  • To buy digital content like music, movies, apps, games, and ebooks. Digital gift cards from iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon expand purchasing power.
  • For online shopping at major retailers that accept egifts like Amazon, Walmart, Magalu, and NuBank.
  • For grocery and department store runs at chains with gift card programs. The cards provide discounts or rewards.

How frequently are gift cards given as gifts in Brazil?

Gift card gifting is quite popular in Brazil for:

  • Birthdays – The #1 gifting occasion. Gift cards allow recipients to pick their own present.
  • Holidays – Cards for Christmas, Dia dos Pais (Father’s Day), and Dia das Mães (Mother’s Day) are common.
  • Weddings – Couples often receive gift cards to furnish their homes.
  • Graduations – Cash gifts are customary, so gift cards let graduates make purchases.
  • Thank you gifts – Cards say thanks for good service or thoughtful gestures.

According to ABECS, over 60% of gift cards are purchased for gifting occasions. They are given year-round for both casual and formal celebrations.

Which corporate gift cards are most popular in Brazil?

Top corporate gift card brands include:

  • Ticket: The leading provider of meal vouchers also offers flexible multi-purpose gift cards.
  • Sodexo: A major player in employee benefits and incentive cards.
  • Alelo: Specializes in meal, fuel, and transportation cards.
  • VR Benefícios: Offers a wide range of reward card options.
  • Cabal: Its corporate card portfolio includes gift, meal, and fuel cards.

These B2B gift card programs allow employers to motivate, compensate, and support employees.

Are gift cards regulated differently than in other countries?

Brazil’s gift card laws share similarities with regulations in the United States and Europe:

  • No expiration dates. Card funds do not expire.
  • No fees. Dormancy, maintenance, or service fees are prohibited.
  • Redemption rights. Consumers can redeem unused balances in cash.
  • Disclosures. Fees, terms, and expiration must be clearly disclosed.

Understanding the regulatory environment helps consumers use cards safely and effectively.

Conclusion: Gift Cards Deliver Key Benefits for Brazilian Shoppers and Retailers

In conclusion, gift cards have absolutely gained popularity andtaken hold in the Brazilian consumer market. Their convenience has led to widespread adoption for self-use, gifting, and corporate programs.

Both major international brands and local retailers offer flexible options accessible online and in-store. Prepaid cards also provide key digital payment solutions for the unbanked.

Gift cards allow Brazilians to shop online and in-store while controlling their budgets. Their adoption is projected to keep growing as the market matures. For consumers and businesses alike, gift cards deliver advantages that will only increase their relevance in commerce and culture


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