How to Get Matador with Mahama in Persona 4 Golden?

Persona 4 Golden is an enhanced port of the PlayStation 2 classic Persona 4. This cult classic JRPG features a mysterious murder case set in the rural town of Inaba that the protagonist and his friends must solve. With its addictive mix of dungeon crawling, relationship building, and slice-of-life activities, Persona 4 Golden remains one of the most beloved RPGs.

A key aspect of the game is collecting and fusing new Personas. With hundreds of Personas to discover, players can create powerful customized Persona builds catered to their playstyle. One notable Persona is Matador with the Mahama skill. This guide will explain multiple methods to obtain Matador with Mahama in Persona 4 Golden.

What Is Matador and Mahama?

Let’s first understand what Matador and Mahama are before diving into how to get them.

What Is Matador?

Matador is a Persona of the Death arcana in Persona 4 Golden. With access to sharp Physical and Gun attacks, Matador excels as a damage dealer. His high Hit Rate and Evade make him hard to take down.

Here are some key details about Matador:

  • Arcana: Death
  • Level: 24
  • Resists: Physical
  • Weakness: None
  • Skills:
    • Evil Smile (inflict Fear)
    • Flash Bomb (medium Gun damage to all foes)
    • Sonic Punch (severe Physical damage to one foe)

What Is Mahama?

Mahama is a Bless-type instant kill skill in Persona 4 Golden. It has a low success rate but can instantly defeat non-boss enemies if it hits.

Mahama makes farming and grinding much easier by instantly clearing random encounters. This allows players to conserve HP and SP for bosses.

Having Matador with Mahama combines high damage offense with a useful instant kill skill. This makes Matador a very versatile Persona.

Now that we understand Matador and Mahama, let’s explore the methods to obtain them.

Method 1: Fuse Anzu into Matador

The simplest way to get Matador with Mahama is to fuse Hierophant Anzu into Matador.

About Hierophant Anzu

  • Arcana: Hierophant
  • Level: 19
  • Resists: Wind
  • Weakness: Electric
  • Skills:
    • Mahama
    • Patra (remove ailments)
    • Dia (small HP restore)

Anzu naturally learns Mahama upon reaching Level 19. So if you already have a Lv 19+ Anzu, you can skip the following steps:

How to Get Hierophant Anzu

  1. Reach Hierophant Rank 3 before 05/15.
  2. Go to the northern shopping district on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday when it is Sunny or Cloudy.
  3. Anzu has a 10% chance of appearing as a special fusion forecast.
  4. If the forecast doesn’t appear, advance 1 day and check again.

Once acquired, level up Anzu to 19 to learn Mahama.

Fuse Anzu into Matador

  1. Level up Anzu to 19 to learn Mahama.
  2. Create any Persona of the Death arcana (besides Matador). Good options are Ghoul, Mokoi, or Legion.
  3. Fuse Hierophant Anzu with the Death Persona to create Matador with Mahama.

And that’s it! This method is straightforward but requires ranking up Hierophant and waiting for the right fusion forecast.

Method 2: Triangle Spread Fusion

Another way to get Matador with Mahama is via triangle spread fusion.

Triangle Spread Fusion Explained

Triangle spreading is a special fusion method that lets you transfer skills between three Personas:

  • The Personas must fall into a triangle on the fusion chart.
  • The base Persona receives skills from the other two.

For Matador, we can form a triangle with:

  • Ghoul (Death)
  • Cu Sith (Sun)
  • Principality (Justice)

Principality naturally learns Mahama upon leveling up, so it will transfer Mahama to Matador.

How to Triangle Spread for Matador with Mahama

  1. Obtain a Ghoul and Cu Sith. Level both to at least Lv 20.
  2. Obtain a Principality and level to 19+ to learn Mahama.
  3. Fuse Ghoul and Cu Sith to form Matador.
  4. Immediately fuse the lvl 20+ Principality into Matador.

This will create a Lv 24 Matador with Mahama inherited from Principality.

The main advantage of this method is not needing to rank up Hierophant. The downside is requiring 3 specific Personas leveled up sufficiently.

Method 3: Fuse Power into Matador

The final method utilizes Power of the Justice arcana.

About Power

  • Arcana: Justice
  • Level: 27
  • Resists: Physical
  • Weakness: Electric
  • Learns Mahama naturally upon reaching Level 27

How to Fuse Power into Matador

  1. Obtain a Power and level to 27 to learn Mahama
  2. Create any Persona of Death besides Matador. Good options are Ghoul, Mokoi, Legion.
  3. Fuse the Lv 27 Power with the Death Persona to form Matador with Mahama.

Power’s high level requirement means more grinding. But if you already have a high level Power, this is an easy fusion.

Why Do You Need Matador with Mahama?

You’re probably wondering why you need to go through the trouble of getting Matador with Mahama. Here are some key reasons:

Complete Margaret’s Request

Having Matador with Mahama is required to complete the 2nd request from Margaret, the Velvet Room attendant. Margaret will ask you to show her Matador with Mahama. Fulfilling requests unlocks useful rewards like skill cards.

Farm Exp and Yen Easily

Mahama makes farming exp and yen much easier. Encounters with weak Shadows can be cleared instantly rather than wasting turns in battle. This saves HP/SP for tougher battles.

Breeze Through New Game+

In New Game+, even common Shadows can be tough early on. Mahama lets you bypass fighting low level Shadows entirely to accelerate progression in NG+.

Satisfy Your Inner Completionist

Many Persona fans want to obtain all possible fusions, especially iconic Personas like Matador. Getting Matador with Mahama also completes the Persona compendium.


And there you have it – a detailed guide on acquiring the mighty Matador with the useful Mahama skill in Persona 4 Golden. With multiple fusion methods available, every player can create this versatile Persona. Matador with Mahama makes combat, farming, and completionist runs more enjoyable and efficient. So don’t hesitate to add this iconic Persona to your roster.


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